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Where to Watch Oshi no Ko Right Now: An Easy Guide

Last updated: July 7, 2024 10 min read
Where to Watch Oshi no Ko Right Now An Easy Guide

Oshi no Ko is a thought-provoking anime that’s full of drama, revenge, and family struggles, and it’s sure to keep you glued to your screen. In this article, we’ll show you sites where you can stream it, even in geo-restricted regions. We will also introduce you to the real-life faces behind the show!

The anime adaptation of the Oshi no Ko show that went mainstream in 2023 is a perfect blend of anime drama and emotional depth. This captivating story centers on the life of a Japanese idol whose experience shows us themes like ambition, family, and revenge, all set against the backdrop of show biz.

Let’s get right into where to stream Oshi no Ko online. But before that, we’ll let you in on the release dates of the show’s episodes.

Release Dates of Oshi no Ko Episodes

Release Dates of Oshi no Ko Episodes

There are speculations that the complete Oshi no Ko series would last 24 episodes. Season one aired from April 12 – June 28, 2023. Season two is expected to start on July 3, 2024, with a new episode released every week. While waiting for season two, feel free to catch up on the previous episodes on the platforms we’ll recommend below.

Where Can I Stream Online the Oshi no Ko Anime?

An outstanding quality of the Oshi no Ko anime is its unique animation and narrative style. In fact, it has received prestigious awards like Animation of the Year (Television) at the 2024 Tokyo Anime Award Festival. It also won the award for the Best Anime Song at the 8th Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

That being said, here are some streaming services where you can catch up on all the Oshi no Ko fun.


Our Rating


Offers dubbed and subbed versions

Small library of content


HIDIVE is the official streaming site for Oshi no Ko in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It simulcasts a few hours after a new episode airs in Japan. The platform provides subtitles, and you can find many other anime titles on it because it is a streaming network dedicated mainly to the genre.

2. 9Anime

Our Rating


Provides high-quality anime shows

Has too many ads


This site has a large library of anime across different themes, including adventure, mystery, and romance. All these titles are also properly organized by categories so you can easily navigate your way on the site. After Oshi no Ko season two is officially aired, you’ll find it on 9Anime.

9Anime airs the latest anime shows the moment they are released in Japan. The site also has a powerful search engine that lets you search popular titles based on genre, country, season, language, etc.

3. AnimeLab

Our Rating


Vast content library

Annoying ads redirects

AnimeLab is designed to cater to the viewing needs of only people in Australia and New Zealand. The

site offers simulcasts (airing simultaneously with Japan), and you can download your Oshi no Ko episodes to watch later. It also provides dubbed and subbed versions of the show based on your preference.

4. Anime Planet

Anime Planet
Our Rating


Offers popular and trending anime titles

Limited genre categorization

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a legal home to over 50,000 anime titles, including Oshi no Ko. Some interesting features of this platform include watch lists, progress tracking, and an active online community. Additionally, the site is free for all users worldwide.

One thing that distinguishes this platform from other sites is that it streams content with licensing rights. This means that you don’t have to worry about piracy. The site also offers subbed and dubbed content.

5. Crunchyroll

Our Rating


Extensive library

Has geo-restrictions


Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming sites available today, with over a collection of 1000 anime titles and shows. It is another place where you can stream anime for free alongside extensive subtitles in English, Spanish, and Japanese. The site provides news, forums, and even anime merchandise to spice up your stream fun. Oshi no Ko is available on this site worldwide except in Asia.

The platform is available to download on almost every device, including Android, iOS, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, etc. Moreover, the site’s premium plan lets you enjoy a maximum simultaneous connection of 6 devices and offline downloading.

6. Netflix

Our Rating


High-quality streaming site

Geo-blocked in some regions


Netflix is fairly popular among anime lovers worldwide due to its vast offering of anime and manga titles. The platform has a user-friendly interface and offers high-quality streaming of shows. You can also find Oshi no Ko on Netflix in South and Southeast Asia regions like Japan, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The only catch is that you might have to wait for the whole season of Oshi no Ko to end before you can find it on Netflix. Apart from Oshi no Ko, you can find other popular anime titles on Netflix, such as Aggrestuko, Yasuke, Beastars, and Cannon Busters.

The Real-life Cast of Oshi no Ko Anime


Anyone who has watched Oshi no Ko cannot deny the unmatched energy that the anime characters brought to the show. The potential of this series became even more evident after it impressively became the highest-rated anime of all time in 2023 based on the strength of just its first episode. 

However, behind this show’s characters were talented voice actors and professionals. So, let’s meet the real-life actors behind the Oshi no Ko magic and fun.

Cast NameCharacter in Oshi no Ko
Ano (Shimizu Ayano)Memcho
Asuka SaitoAi Hoshino
Kaito SakuraiAqua Hoshino
Mizuki KayashimaAkane Kurokawa
Nagisa SaitoRuby Hoshino
Nanoka HaraKana Arima

How Many Episodes are there in Oshi no Ko Season 1?

There are 11 episodes in season one of Oshi no Ko, and they were all officially released on HIDIVE on Wednesdays at 8 AM PT/ 10 AM CT/ 11 AM ET. Here is a quick rundown of the title of each episode:

  • Episode One: Mother and Children
  • Episode Two: Third Option
  • Episode Three: Manga-Based TV Drama
  • Episode Four: Actors
  • Episode Five: Reality Dating Show
  • Episode Six: Egosurfing
  • Episode Seven: Buzz
  • Episode Eight: First Time
  • Episode Nine: B-Komachi
  • Episode Ten: Pressure
  • Episode Eleven: Idol

Using ExtremeVPN to Watch Oshi no Ko


Oshi no Ko is generally available to watch online, but access largely depends on where you live. If you stay in a country where you’re geographically restricted from using some of the platforms we’ve mentioned earlier or from viewing certain content, you can use a VPN.

A VPN masks your original IP address and makes it seem like you’re browsing from another country without such limitations.

Thankfully, ExtremeVPN is a trusted (and tested) VPN that can serve this purpose. With over 6500 lightning-fast VPN servers across 78 countries, you are not short of options. Also, the impressive thing is that access to these large numbers of servers doesn’t compromise your network speed while watching shows like Oshi no Ko.

Alongside these benefits, other unique features of ExtremeVPN include:

  • Split tunneling: Split tunneling implies that ExtremeVPN allows you to select apps you want to access using the VPN and the ones you’d like to use without VPN coverage. As such, you’ll be able to use the internet both on your server and in your real-time locations.
  • Multiple Connections: If you have one ExtremeVPN subscription, you can add up to 10 devices, irrespective of their operation systems. So, if you’ve bypassed geo-restriction on your mobile phone to stream Oshi no Ko yesterday, nothing stops you from using your PC today. 
  • Advanced security: Apart from hiding your IP address, ExtremeVPN provides other security services like the detection of viruses, malware, and pop-ups that might be unsafe for your device.
  • Kill switch: ExtremeVPN automatically disconnects your device from the internet when your connection stops. This is to ensure that malicious actors cannot access your personal details if the VPN suddenly disconnects.
  • Trusted no-logs policy: With ExtremeVPN, there is strict protection of your privacy such that there is no circumstance under which your data can be shared with a third party.

How to Get ExtremeVPN 

  1. Visit the ExtremeVPN official website.
  2. Purchase a subscription and download the application.
  3. Choose a server in a country where Oshi no Ko is not geo-restricted.
  4. Click to connect to the server.
  5. Start streaming.


While you can stream Oshi no Ko online, the series’ availability might vary from country to country. This is where a VPN can come in handy. Rather than being disappointed that the show is unavailable in your region, a user-friendly VPN like ExtremeVPN is the solution. It gives you unrestricted access to start watching the award-winning anime in a few minutes.

Even after watching Oshi no Ko on the sites we’ve recommended in this article, you can take your entertainment a step further by exploring other anime in their catalogs.


Is Oshi no Ko available on streaming platforms? Up
Yes, it is. You can stream season one of the anime on streaming sites like 9Anime, Netflix, and HIDIVE.
Is Oshi no Ko available to watch online? Up
Yes, it is. The show is available online on sites like Anime Planet, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.
Is there a Blu-ray version of Oshi no Ko I can watch? Up
No. While a Blu-ray version of the anime may become available over time, you can find it on streaming platforms like HIDIVE, AnimeLab, and Crunchyroll.
Can I find Oshi no Ko on Netflix? Up
Yes, you can, but your access to it depends on your country. People in the U.S. or U.K. can’t stream Oshi no Ko on Netflix, but those in Asian countries like the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, and India have access to it.
Is Oshi no Ko available on Disney Plus? Up
Absolutely! However, you can only access it on Disney Plus, Japan.
Does Prime Video have Oshi no Ko for streaming? Up
Yes. However, it is only available in Japan. Oshi no Ko is geo-restricted from Prime Video users in the U.S. or U.K.

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