ExtremeVPN for Routers

Do you have multiple devices and need advanced technology to connect all of them to a VPN without issues? Then you should purchase our VPN router. A few services VPN routers offer include:

  • Protection for devices that aren’t VPN compatible
  • Connections from up to ten locations simultaneously
  • Smart TV compatibility

Continue reading to discover why you should purchase your VPN router.

Router VPN

What is a VPN Router?

A VPN router is a routing technology that secures an entire network by connecting devices to a single VPN service. The difference between a VPN router and a regular router is the firmware in a VPN router that allows it to manage VPN connections on multiple devices. It enables communication and connection between multiple VPN end devices, often in different locations.

For VPN routers to function efficiently, they require random access memory (RAM). Although, not all VPN routers have RAM, and that’s what distinguishes a good one. Once you configure your router, you can connect multiple devices like consoles, smart TVs, and mobile devices.

What is a router VPN

Why Should You Invest in a VPN Router?

Below are reasons why you should get ExtremeVPN for your router:

All-Day VPN Services

VPN routers offer uninterrupted protection once you configure them. All you have to do is set ExtremeVPN up on your router and connect your devices. It also saves time because it supports a one-time connection for any device. In addition, with our network lock kill switch, your devices still enjoy protection when there’s a VPN connection issue.

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All-Day VPN Services