IPv6 Leak Protection

Ensure safety and security while accessing the internet with ExtremeVPN’s IPv6 leak protection feature. This feature automatically disconnects your IPv6 traffic while connected to the VPN. This ensures no IPv6 traffic leaks occur while connected to our high-speed VPN servers spread across the world.

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What is IPv6 Leak Protection?

Prevent your data from leaking to the web with our IPv6 Leak Protection feature.

ExtremeVPN protects against IPv6 leaks by suppressing IPv6 traffic when connected to our VPN. An IPv6 leak reduces your online anonymity and allows third parties to monitor your web activities. Hence, it is highly recommended to use the IPv6 leak protection. This feature turns on automatically whenever you initiate your VPN connection and ensures that no Internet traffic leaks from your regular connection while connected to ExtremeVPN.

IPv6 leak prevention is a handy feature offered only by the best VPNs, like ExtremeVPN. This feature safeguards your IPv6 address and the devices you use to connect to an IPv6 website. It ensures IPv6 traffic is tunneled over the VPN or blocked entirely.

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How Does IPv6 Work?

IPv6 is the latest addressing protocol intended to encompass all of the potential needs of the future internet, known as the Internet version 2. Like its predecessor, IPv4, this protocol operates on the Network Layer of the OSI model. This protocol offers impressive features that address the faults of IPv4 in addition to providing a vast quantity of logical address space.

IPv6 replaces the 32-bit IPv4 address with a 128-bit address, resulting in many addresses. IPv6 addresses are expressed as eight groups of four hexadecimal digitals separated by colons. IPv6 is as well-known as IPv4, but because it was just recently introduced, it is still relatively new to the system, causing difficulties that must be fixed as soon as possible for it to function well.

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How does IPv6 Work?

Is IPv6 Secure?

IPv6 was designed with security in mind; thus, when properly deployed, it is more secure than IPv4. IP Security (IPSec) is a set of IETF security protocols incorporated into IPv6 to support authentication, security, and data integrity.

Some of the security issues encountered in IPv4 networks have been addressed by the IPv6 protocol, which gives it an edge over its predecessor.

ExtremeVPN’s Role in Defeating IPv6 Leaks

VPN users go through the struggle of IPv6 address leaks throughout the world. This IPv6 leak threatens your system and can expose your real identity while browsing online. This happens suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving your confidential data at risk even while using a VPN.

Fortunately, ExtremeVPN ensures complete protection against IPv4 and IPv6 address leaks. We provide the best security features for your IPv6 and IPv4 connections. This includes preventing IPv6 from leaking to the web and ensuring your online presence is secure at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have something in mind? We’ve got all your queries answered here.

Can IPv6 leaks happen on all devices? Up
IPv6 leaks can occur on any device that contains an IPv6 protocol, including smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.
Can I turn off IPv6 from my device instead of using IPv6 leak protection? Up
Yes, you can disable IPv6 from your device through the control panel. However, not all users can do it since some systems or devices need IPv6 connectivity, as the Windows functions may not work properly if turn it off. ExtremeVPN is a one-in-all solution for protecting you against IPv6 data leaks.
How can I prevent IPv6 leaks? Up
To get exceptional IPv6 leak protection, choose a top-notch VPN provider. ExtremeVPN reroutes IPv6 traffic through a VPN tunnel, ultimately protecting users’ devices against potential IPv6 leaks.