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Enjoy unblocking and streaming at high speed with our 6,500+ blazingly fast VPN servers available in 78+ countries worldwide.

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High Speed VPN Servers Optimized For Your Needs

Enjoy unlimited access to over 6,500+ VPN servers available in 78+ regions worldwide, optimized to offer you blazingly fast downloading and uploading speeds while streaming or simply accessing restricted content worldwide. Choose from our vast network of VPN servers from the list below:

Country/City Streaming Encryption Unblocking P2P Friendly
United States Flag United States
UK Flag United Kingdom
Australia Flag Australia
Germany Flag Germany
Canada Flag Canada
Netherlands Flag Netherlands
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong (SAR)
Belgium Flag Belgium
Sweden Flag Sweden
France France
Singapore Flag Singapore
Japan flag Japan
Ireland Flag Ireland
Italy Flag Italy
India Flag India
Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg
Denmark Flag Denmark
Austria Flag Austria
Norway Flag Norway
Romania Flag Romania
Poland Flag Poland
Russia Flag Russia
Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic
Finland Flag Finland
Spain Flag Spain
Ukraine Flag Ukraine
Switzerland Flag Switzerland
Latvia Flag Latvia
Turkey Flag Turkey
Lithuania Flag Lithuania
Greece Flag Greece
Estonia Flag Estonia
Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria
Slovakia Flag Slovakia
Brazil Flag Brazil
New Zealand Flag New Zealand
South Africa Flag South Africa
Hungary flag Hungary
South Korea Flag South Korea
Nigeria Flag Nigeria
Moldova Flag Moldova
Taiwan Flag Taiwan
Albania Flag Albania
Vietnam Flag Vietnam
Afghanistan Flag Afghanistan
Algeria Flag Algeria
Angola Flag Angola
Argentina Flag Argentina
Aruba Flag Aruba
Bahamas flag Bahamas
Bahrain Flag Bahrain
Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh
Bermuda flag Bermuda
Barbados Flag Barbados
Bolivia Flag Bolivia
British Virgin Islands Flag British Virgin Islands
Brunei Darussalam Flag Brunei Darussalam
Cayman Islands Flag Cayman Islands
Chile Flag Chile
Egypt Flag Egypt
Monaco Flag Monaco
Oman Flag Oman
Panama Flag Panama
Philippines Flag Philippines
Portugal Flag Portugal
Puerto Rico Flag Puerto Rico
United Arab Emirates Flag United Arab Emirates
Serbia Flag Serbia





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Why Millions of People Rely on ExtremeVPN for Their Security

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Get unrestricted access to the internet with end-to-end encryption in a single tap!

Robust Security Robust Security Protocols

Our robust security protocols go to extreme measures to eliminate the newest threats and risks associated with cybercrimes.

switch icon Internet Kill Switch

ExtremeVPN’s internet kill switch feature prevents your data from leaking to the web when the internet connection drops.

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We are always available for your assistance. Reach out to us 24/7 and get your issues solved.

Servers Recommended Server

Let our intelligent algorithm find the correct server for you with our recommended server option.

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Defeat censorship and content restrictions worldwide with ExtremeVPN’s smart IP masking technology.

Unlimited Bandwidth Ultra-fast VPN

Our high-speed VPN servers are ultra-secure and easy-to-connect that provide buffer-free and stutter-free streaming to everyone.

connect locations Connect to Fast VPN locations

Enjoy our fast and widespread network of 6500+ servers in 78+ countries spread worldwide.


Enjoy ExtremeVPN’s Virtual Servers Available Worldwide

Choose from our vast network of virtual servers available worldwide.

Get an anonymous IP address from the region of your choice by choosing a virtual server from our list. This will give you maximum anonymity and privacy everywhere! Enjoy safe and secure web surfing by connecting to our virtual VPN servers.


Why People Love ExtremeVPN

Find out why millions of people are talking about us.

Best VPN I have ever used! No hassles.

It’s so far the best VPN I have come across with. All the features work; I have no reason not to recommend it.

Warren S. Hoover CEO/Founder at Tech Sumalent
Excellent Customer Support!

I was frustrated with not being able to upgrade to the newest version, but Gloria from chat support instructed me and resolved my issue by helping me get to the more recent version. Thank you!

Darla Cole Director at Haoli Associates
It’s getting better every day!

ExtremeVPN has been getting better every day. The newer version of ExtremeVPN has bug fixes and faster connection to the UK and US. The connection rarely drops.

Natalie Valdez Agency Owner
Internet Kill Switch is a Bliss!

The internet kill switch that ExtremeVPN offers is bliss for me! Despite plenty of connection failures, I was not tracked by the streaming service I tried to access with ExtremeVPN.

Verrill Lambert Tech Lead Instructor at Daride
One of the best VPN tools!

I recommend ExtremeVPN to everyone because it offers the best services at affordable prices. The connection is super fast, and my support connection via chat was exceptional.

Sabine Vaillancour Twitter User!
Best VPN at an affordable price.

I did not expect this VPN tool to be effective because of its low price, but to my shock, it turned out to be the best VPN I have ever used, and trust me when I say that I have tried various VPNs.

Lilly Watkins Sr. Associate at Soylent Holdings, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Have something in mind? We’ve got all your queries answered here.

What are VPN Servers? Up
A VPN server helps you to use VPN services globally. It’s a combination of VPN and hardware, either virtual or physical, which establishes an encrypted connection for VPN clients over less secure networks.
How can we pick the best VPN server location? Up
It depends on the user. For example, if you want to browse geo-blocked sites – select a server location where you can access them. Similarly, if you prioritize speed, go for a location that is closest to you.
What is a VPN Server Address? Up
Whenever you connect to a VPN, it replaces your actual IP with a new one from the connected server location. This new IP is called the VPN server address. Many users can share the same server address simultaneously.
How fast can I change a VPN server? Up
ExtremeVPN allows you to change VPN servers instantly. For this, click the World Map icon. It will display a list of servers. Now, pick a location you desire, and it will switch your server immediately.
What is the function of VPN servers? Up
VPN servers act as a bridge between users and their internet connection. There are two roles that they play. Firstly, they encrypt the traffic from users’ devices – securing their internet activities from third-party organizations, hackers, and ISPs. Secondly, they hide your real IP address from the internet by changing it with the new VPN server you select.