How Fast is ExtremeVPN? An Explanation On Our Speed Tests

What are the key features of a fast VPN? Which VPN offers the fastest speed? How can you verify it? Let’s dive into the details.

A VPN Connection Hide your Network

How Experts and Reviewers Test VPN Speeds?

There are many apps and programs available for testing internet speed. Apparently, you can do it yourself using an application.

Speaking of reviewers, they test the internet speed using multiple VPN services. These services operate under controlled conditions so that no irrelevant factors can impact the results. These experts use high-speed internet connections for the process, and they analyze the connections in both ways, with and without a VPN. The end result shows speed fluctuations.

The tests are conducted several times, with an average calculated for the final calculations. The experts then rank the services based on their speeds. Many speed tests evaluate upload speed, download speed, and ping time (also called latency).

Experts and Reviewers Test VPN Speeds

Why It’s Hard to Predict the Fastest Service?

There are numerous ways to test VPN speeds, but the results depend on the type of traffic used for the process. Testing speeds with different locations can yield several ‘winners’ as testing for different purposes, such as online gaming and streaming. Moreover, changing VPN servers, the number of users, and the type of bandwidth can also affect the speed results.

Review sites usually average the speed under different conditions and announce a winner accordingly. But this result can’t be accurate if the experts overlook the activities and VPN locations that are best for your needs.

Thus, it’s difficult to say which VPN is the fastest. However, the review sites declare ExtremeVPN among the top VPNs for speed. Take a look yourself.

What Impacts the Internet Speed?

Many factors affect internet speed, which we’re listing below:

Bandwidth Throttling

Throttling happens when your Service Provider (ISP) drops your Internet connection based on your online activity. This could be due to the sites you browse, the gaming servers, or the number of videos you’re watching. ISP does this to manage the traffic on their networks.

To know if your internet connection is being throttled, you can conduct a speed test both with and without a VPN. If you observe a significant reduction in speed without a VPN, there are chances that your traffic is being throttled.

Bandwidth Throttling

Quality of Cable

Internet services depend on various types of cable. It is possible for your internet speed to be affected if your cable connection to your region isn’t exceptional. Moreover, the local cables you use in your homes or offices, such as Ethernet cables, can also impact the connection.

Cable Quality

Router Distance

Although the choice of router doesn’t really affect your internet speed, the distance between your devices and the router does. If your connection is unstable at long distances, you must consider upgrading to a more powerful router.

Router Distance

How to Improve Your Internet Speed?

Numerous factors affect the internet speed, but here are some ways you can try if you’re facing a slow internet connection with a VPN:

Check Your Protocol

Many VPNs use some basic set of standards called Protocols, which are the instructions that explain how your devices connect to the VPN servers. Unlike most VPNs using the traditional pre-existing protocols, ExtremeVPN has state-of-the-art VPN protocols that stand out above all.

Our app automatically selects the optimal protocol for your specific network circumstances. However, if you want, you can pick a protocol according to your choice.

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Check Your Protocol

Select the Closest Servers

A VPN lets you choose a location when using it. Your online traffic will come from that location, and the speed depends on the distance from that location. The shorter the distance, the faster the speed.

On ExtremeVPN, we provide a list of recommended servers allowing you to select a location closest to your location.

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Select the Closest Servers

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is a process that allows you to encrypt some of your device or app traffic while using a VPN. It helps you to improve your internet speed, as you can use online services safely without affecting other online activities.

Spilt Tunneling

Select the Fastest VPN Server Location for Yourself

ExtremeVPN has secure, fast VPN servers in 78+ countries worldwide, including the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

No two VPNs are alike. Even servers from the same country have different speeds. Our Mac app offers a built-in feature that helps you choose the most optimal server location with the fastest speed.

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Decide the Fastest VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

Do VPNs improve internet speed? Up
Yes, they do! If your internet service provider (ISP) is reducing the network traffic, using a VPN can help you to avoid these restrictions and restore your network speed to its original level.
What is the optimal speed for a VPN? Up
A good VPN speed varies for the requirements you need. The following internet speeds provide a general outline: 1 to 5 Mbps: It covers basic web browsing and emailing tasks. 5 to 10 Mbps: Allows standard definition (SD) for downloading and streaming files. 10 to 25 Mbps: Features high definition (HD) streaming, game playing, and downloading. Usually, different devices can connect to the same network at this bandwidth. 25 to 40 Mbps: Unlimited HD streaming, gaming, and downloading. Multiple devices can connect to the same network using this internet speed. 40 and higher Mbps: Offers Ultra HD streaming, gaming, and downloading data. Many devices can connect to a similar network with this internet connection.
Can a VPN impact internet speed? Up
Although many VPNs slow down internet speed, ExtremeVPN is among the world’s fastest VPNs. Our service removes the concerns related to speed fluctuations during online activities.
Which VPN has the fastest speed? Up
Experts and professionals record ExtremeVPN in the list of VPNs having the highest speed levels. Check it out yourself. At any point, if you find that you don’t like our service, cancel the subscription and get a full refund from our side.
How can you resolve issues with your VPN connection? Up
If you’re facing issues connecting to a specific server or if your connection gets unstable frequently, try selecting a server closest to your physical location.
Can a VPN reduce buffering? Up
Yes, ExtremeVPN helps to reduce video buffering if your ISP is throttling your internet connection.