Split Tunneling with ExtremeVPN

Own your privacy, and don’t let ISPs and the government spy on your data while browsing the internet. Shield your connection with ExtremeVPN’s split tunneling technology that lets you send data through secure servers or without a VPN tunnel.

Split Tunneling with ExtremeVPN

What is VPN Split Tunneling?

Some websites require VPN protection, while others can connect directly to the internet. Split tunneling is an advanced VPN feature that allows you to choose which connections go through a VPN. The concept allows users to select which IP addresses should have faster speeds and local services.

Why Do You Need Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling is a specialized feature you must decide whether or not you require. Although you may not need to use it daily, it still serves a purpose. For example, Wikipedia does not permit editors to edit pages while connected to a VPN. You can also not purchase tickets to concerts or sporting events through Ticketmaster’s website if you use a VPN.