Get Additional Security With Internet Kill Switch

Keep your connection protected at all times with our exceptional internet kill switch feature that immediately terminates your internet connection when your VPN connection drops to prevent your location from being exposed. Bid farewell to your security concerns and always stay protected with ExtremeVPN.

Internet kill switch

What is an Internet Kill Switch?

The Internet Kill Switch automatically disconnects your phone, computer, or tablet from cybercriminals when your VPN connection drops.

This feature provides leak-proof encryption and security to its users. So, suppose your connection terminates while accessing a geo-blocked website. In that case, your VPN connection will be terminated to prevent your real IP from being exposed.

It is an essential feature that ensures your anonymity and security remain intact, as there is always room for error.

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How Can a VPN Kill Switch Help You Browse Securely?

A VPN kill switch monitors your VPN connection and terminates your internet connection if it detects any anomalies. This ensures that your data stays safe from prying eyes even if it halts unexpectedly.

  • Get the ultimate security at your fingertips.
  • Ensure the security of your confidential data.
  • Keep yourself protected from prying eyes.
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Browse Securely with a VPN Kill Switch

How Does an Internet Kill Switch Work?

An internet kill switch prevents your location, identity, and IP address from being exposed. Here’s how an Internet Kill Switch works:

vpn-tunel Monitoring VPN integrity

Your VPN will monitor your integrity, ensuring the connection is working perfectly.

block Blocking network traffic

An Internet Kill Switch will immediately block your network traffic when your internet connection is weak.

Reconnecting network traffic Reconnecting network traffic

When your connection is restored, the Internet Kill Switch feature will reconnect network traffic on your VPN connection.

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ExtremeVPN’s internet kill switch feature prevents your data from leaking to the web when the internet connection drops.

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Go an Extra Mile to Protect Your Data with ExtremeVPN

It’s time to step ahead to protect your connection from prying eyes. Enjoy ExtremeVPN’s internet kill switch to stay safe and protected from prying eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have something in mind? We’ve got all your queries answered here.

How does the kill switch feature work? Up
The kill switch turns off your internet connection whenever your VPN connection drops.
How can I disable the kill switch function? Up
When you get a VPN, the kill switch function automatically installs with it. However, to disable it, go to the application’s menu, click “settings,” select the “kill switch,” and then toggle to turn it off. Note that disconnecting the Kill Switch feature can compromise your online privacy and security.
Can I keep my VPN active all the time? Up
Yes, you can. It will give you enhanced privacy and security at all times. However, it’s important to select a reliable VPN service provider. ExtremeVPN values its users’ privacy with over 6500 secure server locations in 78+ countries, which you can select according to your choice.