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Password Length: 17

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The password is Weak and it is not recomended to achieve good security.

It will only a Few Seconds for a modern computer to crack this password.

Password is Leaked. It appears 12 times in a databse of leaked passwords.

ExtremeVPN’s Password Generator

Did we just say password generator? Our tool is much more than that, as you can see above. With it, you can check password strength, see if it is in a hacked password database, and generate a strong password.

If you don’t use complex and hard-to-guess passwords, the chances of hacking will be high. This user-intuitive and advanced tool creates the most robust passwords for your precious accounts.

Maintaining robust security for online accounts and sensitive information is paramount in this age of widespread digital connectivity. The first line of defense against unwanted intrusions is a sturdy password. While simple passwords may seem convenient, their simplicity leaves one vulnerable.

Therefore, we present this automated tool for constructing randomized passwords of utmost resilience. By harnessing the power of chance, it generates passwords with the following specifications:

With passwords created through this tool, you may rest assured that your data and privacy are protected. Please do not hesitate to use our service for all your password needs. We only aim to help you protect your digital life against intrusion.

Why You Must Use a Password Generator Tool?

Without strong passwords, there’ll be no security and privacy for any of your accounts. Regardless of who they are, anyone can pry into your profiles, steal your details, and use them for malicious purposes. Due to this and other no-brainers, passwords are essential.

Passwords are, however, not completely foolproof. More than 20 billion passwords were exposed in 2022. 80% of these were stolen, weak, or reused passwords. People use the most obvious passwords because they cannot come up with solid and difficult-to-break passcodes. As a result, they’ve lost valuables like cash, data, and devices.

Problems like this are what ExtremeVPN’s random password generator and strength checker aim to fix. It saves you the stress and hassle of having to form your password.

Built with the best password practices, this tool also creates the strongest passcode for you. You can tweak it to your taste to get the password option that perfectly fits your needs.

Do you also need to know how strong your password is? ExtremeVPN’s robust password generator also contains a strength checker. You can create the most secure passwords without fear of them being guessed or brute-forced.

Importance of Strong Passwords

Importance of Strong Passwords Tool

Come up with a simple password; there’s a high chance that one of your siblings and friends could guess it.

With computers, this chance increases significantly. Nowadays, hackers use various brute-force tools to guess simple passwords quickly.

These tools are, however, the most effective against short, one-way passwords. Even the fastest computers struggle against passwords that meet all the requirements for strong passwords. These requirements include being:

Short passwords that contain just a string of characters take computers a short time to guess, too. Passwords with alphanumeric combinations take longer; hence, they can withstand most bruteforce attempts.

You’ll probably do an excellent job if you need to create a password that meets these requirements for a single account. However, for many accounts, it becomes tricky.

You can trust the ExtremeVPN password generator for all your password needs, whether single or multiple accounts. No two passwords that you create on this tool are the same.

These passwords are also random character combinations that form meaningless phrases, adding another layer of security.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Use ExtremeVPN’s Password Generator Tool

ExtremeVPN’s password generator tool follows a simplified step that anyone can understand. With just a few clicks and taps, you can set the parameters for the password and also generate it.

Here are the six steps to follow to use ExtremeVPN’s random password generator tool:

1. Choose the Password Length

Determine the length of your password by dragging the slider until you get to your desired number. Our generator starts from 8 characters since that is the least a password can be. However, we recommend starting from 12 characters for a strong and secure password.

2. Select the Password Character Types

Having a long password is cool, but you want to boost your password’s privacy even more by blending different characters. For ExtremeVPN’s password generator, there are four different character types that you can add:

Try adding these different characters to your password as much as possible to ensure you get the strongest password.

3. Generate Your Password

Tap the Generate button to get your random and utterly unique password. Not happy with the result? Tap the button one more time to get a new one. You can do this as many times as possible till you get a password that you feel is closer to home.

It’s good to try to generate a password that you can quickly remember. However, you should note that the easier a password is to remember, the higher the chances of guessing it.

4. Check the Strength of Your Generated Password

After getting a suitable password, scroll down to the password strength checker box (and check the score meter on your desktop or the scale if you’re on a mobile) to determine your password’s strength. If the result here says that your password is strong enough, you may go ahead with using it. Otherwise, ensure you return to the generator to get a stronger one.

5. Secure the Password

Find a secure application or tool where you can keep your freshly generated password. There are numerous password manager apps on the internet today, so you may choose one that has your desired features.

6. Share the Password Generator with Friends and Family

Good things are meant to be shared, so why not share the tool with your friends and family? Everyone deserves safe and secure passwords. The good thing is that our tool is much more than a password generator — we’re confident your friends and family will thank you for sharing this tool with them.

How this Password Generator, Strength Tester, and Leak Checker Works

How ExtremeVPN password generator and checker works

Before using this tool, you should know it’s a simple computer program that helps generate passwords, test existing ones, and tell if your password is in any list of hacked passwords.

We don’t log any details or information you input and also don’t save any password you generate.

We, the developers, have created this app with the public welfare in our view. For assurance, we have developed the tool to only run on the client and not on the server side. That means your details aren’t stored on any server at our end, and the program doesn’t transmit any data back to us.

To further ensure privacy, transparency, and security, we have built this app with Javascript and made it open-source code. The program uses the Math.random() function to select numbers and symbols to constitute passwords. If it detects a lower presence of these elements, it replaces an existing non-numeral character with another symbol. This way, the program can generate a shuffled, random combination of characters.

We also scan hacked password databases revealed on the dark web and surface web to tell you exactly how many times a password appeared in leaks.

Valuable Tips for Securing Your Accounts

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your accounts safe and secure online:

1. Meet all the Strong Password Requirements

 Create strong and unique passwords by incorporating uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Ensure also to keep your password length above 12 characters. This should take any hacker many years to crack.

2. Use Different Passwords for Different Accounts

To an extent, many people are guilty of using the same password for different accounts because it means their password is easier to remember. However, the compromise is account security.

Now, you have to decide which is more important to you – remembering your password or protecting your personal and private information. If your answer is account security (which we believe it should be), then refrain from using the same password for different accounts. This also applies to usernames.

3. Organize Your Passwords with a Password Manager

In this present age, you no longer have to keep passwords in your memory. The number of password managers available online means you can find one with exceptional features.

Use our tool to create your passwords and a password manager to save and keep them organized. Password managers sync with all your apps and websites, which means you can call them on demand.

4. Do not Share Your Passwords with Other People

Avoid sharing your password with others, no matter how close they are to you. Passwords are confidential and private data, so ensure to keep them that way.

5. Set Up Two-factor Authentication on Your Accounts

Numerous apps and websites now feature multi-factor authentication. This is very important as it provides a high level of account safety and security. If you enable this feature and your password gets hacked, the hacker will still need your device to authorize the login.

Everything here, though, is just the beginning. You can learn more about internet safety and security as a whole by visiting our privacy and security blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use ExtremeVPN’s Password Generator tool?
Certainly! ExtremeVPN’s Random Password Generator employs mathematical entropy to craft a password that contains alphabetic symbols, characters, and digits. The characters this automated password tool develops are unpredictable and won’t be sent over the internet. This ensures the utmost security throughout the password-generation procedure. Your private and personal password remains invisible to everyone, including ExtremeVPN.
Why should I utilize a password generator?
Computers possess the ability to rapidly and effortlessly predict passwords. A conventional personal computer in the hands of a hacker could attempt billions of passwords within a few seconds. In response, we’ve developed an internet-based password generator to safeguard your confidential data. Our no-cost password generator employs mathematical unpredictability through an algorithm to produce genuinely secure and haphazard passwords. Most individuals struggle with selecting random passwords and rely on familiar names, numbers, and symbols. Regardless of one’s perceived cleverness, many computers can readily predict passwords that humans generate. It’s best to use a password generator that assembles a combination of alphanumeric characters and special symbols to enhance security. Steer clear of jeopardizing your personal information using the ExtremeVPN password generator. Our tool renders a blend of keys to enhance your safety when accessing various accounts. We neither create nor keep any data. Instead, your device utilizes local mathematical entropy to finalize the password-generation process.
Is it required to have a unique password for each account?
Indeed, it’s essential to maintain a unique password for each of your online accounts. Hackers frequently retain access to passwords when compromised and kept in breached databases. To prevent the disclosure of your confidential data on the dark web, consider utilizing a Random Password Generator like ExtremeVPN. This tool will eliminate the need to reuse passwords by generating unique passwords for each account.
What are the 10 common passwords?
These are the ten most common passwords for the year. The prevalence of easily guessable passwords highlights human’s lack of skill in creating random character combinations. Utilizing an algorithmic generator, such as the one mentioned above, is recommended. 1- Football 2- 12345678 3- iloveyou 4- 12345 5- 123456789 6- 123456 7- Qwerty 8- Letmein 9- Password 10- 1234567. Keep in mind that passwords generated by humans tend to be vulnerable. The human intellect can’t match a server’s capability to rapidly attempt billions of permutations each second. Hacked passwords often involve ordinary phrases and words. You can thwart a dictionary attack by creating a robust password. Save this webpage for consistently generating random characters whenever needed.
What is the best password generator?
The most effective password generator employs cryptographic entropy to create random passwords for online usage. Nonetheless, we’ve developed the ExtremeVPN password generator to remove that annoyance while functioning as a no-cost password generator for everyone. The automated password generator renders randomized passwords, ensuring you have secure and reliable passwords for both online and offline purposes. We’ve assembled a genuine and robust password generator that never generates fake passwords or stores your information online. Consequently, no data is sent online, enhancing the safety of the process. Thus, employ our trustworthy password generator within your browser to generate an exclusive password. Our company is renowned for prioritizing safety and security, further solidifying our credibility.
What are the ways to get a random password?
To stop advanced cyber intruders from accessing your accounts, it’s essential to employ a random password generator to ensure the security of your accounts. This tool will produce numerous passwords comprising letters, numbers, and symbols, which are virtually impossible for even the most adept hackers to predict. Trustworthy password generators rely on cryptographic entropy or random tools to achieve this. Evade typical security queries to strengthen your password. Refrain from reusing passwords across essential accounts. Random password generators generate passwords with a minimum of 16 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Many commonly used password details like phone numbers, social security numbers, and birthdays are easily guessable. When using a free password generator, don’t allow web browsers to save passwords due to frequent breaches. Also, avoid accessing financial accounts on public computers or using free VPNs, web proxies, or public Wi-Fi, which are often unsecured. Hackers can intercept these connections in airports, hotels, and cafes. Refer to ExtremeVPN’s general Wi-Fi security guide to protect your data. The random password generator simplifies the process of safeguarding your details. You can instantly create robust, random passwords using this webpage. Here’s how it operates: 1- It offers the ability to select the length of your password and provides a list of character choices for generating highly secure and unpredictable passwords. You can use ExtremeVPN’s preset criteria or customize your preferences to generate a random password. Once generated, you can easily copy the password to your clipboard, enhancing the security of your various online accounts. 2- The automatic password generator can produce highly unpredictable and random passwords due to its wide range of lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, and special characters in its repertoire. 3- ExtremeVPN’s exceptional random password generator stands out by swiftly producing random passwords for various purposes, such as gaming, social media profiles, personal emails, and banking, thanks to its user-friendly interface and efficient design. 4- Each rendered password employs powerful cryptographic algorithms that serve within your browser. It utilizes your computer’s processor and without any internet transmission.
Is it possible to hack password generators?
Using unfamiliar online tools to generate passwords can jeopardize your security. Employing a free online password generator could expose you to decryption, compromised data, and potential hacker access to confidential information. The effectiveness of an impregnable random password generator hinges on various elements like cryptographic methods, updates, secure web-to-server communication protocols, and algorithms. To minimize risk, we advise you to opt for a reputable random password generator like this webpage developed by ExtremeVPN. ExtremeVPN’s password generator employs up-to-date security algorithms and receives regular updates to outpace evolving hacking methods. The tool generates random passwords directly on users’ local devices, eliminating any internet transmission and storage of passwords. Therefore, employing a random password generator like ExtremeVPN carries no hacking risk. The characters rendered by your computer within your browser remain solely visible to you.
What are the best ways to store passwords?
Creating random passwords differs from memorizing them. With unique passwords for each account, recalling them becomes challenging due to the combination of random characters. So, you might consider secure methods to store passwords from a reliable password generator. Modern tech allows convenient password storage alongside trustworthy password managers for privacy. However, caution against fraudulent websites and password sharing remains essential. Most individuals possess multiple digital accounts, from banking apps to gaming platforms. Memorizing numerous passwords is challenging, and using similar passwords poses significant security risks. Is there a reliable method for safeguarding unique passwords? The conventional method of storing them on a biometric USB device. However, this method carries the potential vulnerability of coercion to unlock the USB. Alternatively, a secure password manager offers encrypted storage to protect sensitive data. The cryptography these managers employ ensures that passwords remain inaccessible to potential hackers.
What makes a password safe?
Creating a robust password presents a challenge, especially when the requirement is for robust passwords across multiple platforms. Memorizing passwords rich in cryptographic entropy, incorporating various and special symbols, can swiftly become challenging. This key factor leads many individuals to use the same password across different sites despite being aware of its inherent insecurity. In the event of a password breach, your confidential data becomes susceptible to public exposure. Similarly, manually inputting passwords is strongly prevented due to the heightened potential for security breaches. The reliable password generator creates passwords with a minimum length of 16 characters, incorporating numbers, symbols, and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Avoid storing these randomly generated passwords within web browsers, as they can be easily accessed. In the modern age of technology, it’s essential to craft distinct passwords for each website to safeguard your confidential data. Aspects such as uniqueness, length, a combination of symbols, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers are pivotal in ensuring a secure password. While this might appear problematic, ExtremeVPN’s password generator tool provides a solution. The tool creates some of the most robust passwords, and its user-friendly auto password generator enables customization of password length and character combinations. It functions directly on users’ devices, generating password possibilities for websites without storing passwords on external servers.