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  • Unrestricted Access: Experience all features
  • Simple Setup: Enjoy 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Get a full refund within 30 days if unsatisfied
Risk-free VPN Trial for 30 Days

Why to Choose ExtremeVPN Over Free VPN

Chrome Extension setup guides Global Access

Immerse yourself in the broader expanse of the unrestricted internet space. Say goodbye to geo-restrictions and slow connections thanks to server locations in over 90 countries.

Blazing-Fast Streaming Speed Super-fast Connectivity

Our servers provide speeds unmatched by any competitor in the paid or free VPN pool. We achieve lightning-fast speeds because our servers are configured for speed and use cutting-edge technology.

security Next Level Security

Keep your sensitive data private with our military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and a standby killswitch.

no logs policy Zero Logs Policy Protection

ExtremeVPN is headquartered in a country with no data retention regulations. We do not store any connection or activity logs to enhance user privacy.

security Secure Access

Access all your services and apps on private and public networks — even untrusted public WiFi. And you get all this without any data caps or bandwidth restrictions.

Customer Support Icon 24-hour Customer Service

Get prompt responses and solutions to your technical issues from our customer care team whenever, wherever. ExtremeVPN provides 24/7 customer support that caters to your concerns about our service.

ExtremeVPN v/s. Free VPNs: A Comparison

Free VPNs can offer you some measure of anonymity, but does it have all the extras you need? And how safe is its promise of privacy? Let’s find out just how secure a free VPN is in comparison to a premium ExtremeVPN:

VPN ServiceFree VPNExtremeVPN
Free VPN trialYes, with lots of catches and adsYes, totally free 7-day trial on Android and iOS
Strong encryptionNoYes
Servers in many countriesNoYes
Replace your I.P.YesYes
24/7 customer supportNoYes
No Bandwidth limitsNoYes
Reliable and fast connectionsNoYes

How to Get in on the Risk-free ExtremeVPN Trial in Three Steps

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Sign up for ExtremeVPN

This is relatively simple, just visit the homepage and click to start your ExtremeVPN trial. Setting up only takes a few seconds, and you’re ready to go.


Enjoy ExtremeVPN

The logical step is to let ExtremeVPN change and improve how you experience the internet. Enjoy lightning speeds and stable connections, and remain safe while doing that.

Refund Policy

Keep ExtremeVPN for 30 days, or get a refund

Your VPN trial is risk-free even if you’re on the 29th day of your sign-up, as you can claim a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExtremeVPN offer free coupon codes? Up
No, there are no free coupons or promo codes for ExtremeVPN; you do not need either. You can access the free VPN trial by visiting the website and signing up; the 30-day money-back guarantee automatically covers you.
How do I get the 30-day free VPN trial? Up
To get the 30-day free trial, just follow these few easy steps to get the risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee: 1. Sign up for ExtremeVPN. 2. Download the app to your device. 3. Connect to ExtremeVPN in one click and start surfing securely!
Can a VPN service reduce my internet speed? Up
Some VPNs can adversely affect your internet connection, but this is not true with ExtremeVPN. With ExtremeVPN, you can experience increased speeds as we can remove any data or bandwidth throttling by your ISP. However, if your internet speeds are unusually slow while connected to ExtremeVPN, connect to a server closer to you.
How is a free trial different from a money-back guarantee? Up
Often, free trials come with too many hoops for you to jump through, and you may not get the whole experience. But with ExtremeVPN’s money-back guarantee, you get the full package with zero throttling and no risk of losing money.
Are there VPNs with free trials? Up
Yes, there are, but as mentioned earlier, they offer bite-size versions of the full service, which limits you significantly regarding protection and privacy. ExtremeVPN, on the other hand, offers you a full experience for a 30-day risk-free period, subject to a refund after 30 days.
Will ExtremeVPN store any logs? Up
ExtremeVPN will not and can not store user logs – connection, or activity. We do not record any identifiable user data either.
I don’t have my credit card: Can I still get a free VPN trial? Up
Well, thanks to the numerous payment channels we have in place, you can get started on the ExtremeVPN free trial even if you don’t have your credit card. We accept other payment options such as UnionPay, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
Can I use ExtremeVPN simultaneously on other devices? Up
Yes, ExtremeVPN lets you connect all your other devices, whether it’s a gaming console, a smart tv, a smartphone, a computer, or a router. You can install ExtremeVPN on up to ten different devices simultaneously.
How do I choose the right VPN? Up
There are a few qualities the best VPNs need to possess to be considered trustworthy and capable of serving you well. These are: 1. Transparent privacy policy 2. Open to independent external audits 3. Designed not to store any personal data 4. Consistency in their commitment to Internet privacy and digital freedom 5. Specific features you require: server locations, device compatibility, and bandwidth.
In how many locations does ExtremeVPN have servers? Up
ExtremeVPN has VPN servers in over 78 countries, including Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and many more.
Why should I get a paid VPN package? Up
Simply put, you will get a better and more robust array of benefits when you subscribe to a paid VPN service. Free VPNs will only offer a portion of their services to pull you in, and you would need to get the paid package anyway because the offerings on the free trial are insufficient. With paid VPNs like ExtremeVPN, you can optimize connections tailored to provide smooth streaming speeds, security, and an impressive collection of servers in 78+ countries worldwide.
Are VPNs legal? Up
VPNs are, in fact, legal and are used by companies and individuals alike to protect their private data and stay safe while using the internet. VPNs even function in countries with strict restrictions. It is impractical for any country to ban VPNs since they tactically utilize their service in the government infrastructure. Note that while VPNs are legal, they can be used for illegal activities and that in doing so, you have breached the legality of the VPN.
Are free trial VPNs safe? Up
Free trial VPNs are often unsafe and cannot keep your connection or data safe. However, no free trial VPN service can offer the same level or even close to what ExtremeVPN offers regarding security, reliability, and speed. Make sure your safety is 100% with ExtremeVPN.