ExtremeVPN – Top Choice in the VPN Market

Are you thinking to go Extreme? Our VPN is the best choice in the market with nearly 6500 servers spread globally in more than 78 countries. Selecting ExtremeVPN is gaining access to your favorite websites at a finger’s snap.

Why Extreme VPN is the best

1. Unwavering Security for Your Virtual Identity

Hidden VPN Connection Top Online Security

Get iron-clad protection from all sorts of cyber attacks.

Distributed Denial-of-Service Shielding Program Breakthrough Data Safety

Go beyond the surface! With the most advanced functionalities, you can further shield your data safety.

Encryption Data-Leak Protection Systems

Enjoy top-notch encryption protocols. Guarantee anonymity while surfing the internet.

2. Untouchable Privacy While Connected to the Internet

Wifi with a lock No Traces of VPN Usage

Change your IP address and circumvent VPN detections globally.

99% Digital Anonymity Next Level Anonymity

Remain invisible and safeguard your anonymity with ExtremeVPN’s next-generation tools.

no logs policy No Involuntary Logs

Enjoy the strict no-log policy in the market and protect your history privacy.

3. Unrivaled leeway on the Internet

Hidden VPN Connection Safest Guaranteed Content Access

Leave restrictions in the past and give way to safe accessing.

Seamless Streaming Assured Streams and Downloads

Embrace swiftness and stability. Our rigid VPN protocols are designed for every device.

Servers World-Class Server Network

Access more than 6500 servers comprising our global network. The best worldwide instant connection.

Blazing-Fast Streaming Speed Blazing-Fast Swiftness VPN

Interact with one-of-a-kind speeds as fast as 20Gbps.

Stream Website Admissions at Liberty

Relish the reliability of a connection with 99% of uptime.

Confidential activity icon Confidential Streaming

Get private streams no matter your location in the globe.

Additional features for a Top VPN

Dedicated Address Fixed IP Address

VPNs overall resolve connectivity problems related to geo-restriction. Yet, some VPN services get banned because of sharing IP addresses among their users. In near future, ExtremeVPN plans to introduce fixed and exclusive IP address to access any website without limitations.

Port Enabler Port Enabler

ISPs use Port Blockage techniques and evade users from accessing certain online services. The ExtremeVPN port-enabler function allows users to bypass port blocks and freely access any website.

Welcome to the Extreme Ecosystem – Further Protection Outwith VPN Care

Our protection goes beyond providing the best VPN quality in the industry. Our vision is to build an entire ecosystem for you to stay safeguarded anywhere, anytime.

VPN for Web Browsers ExtremeVPN

Virtual ID protection for a safe Internet experience.

lock within cloud ExtremeKeep

Manage your passwords with our exceptional password protector and manager. Coming soon.

VPN client ExtremePrivacy

Secure your social media accounts by restricting access to unwanted individuals. Coming soon.

Encryption ExtremeEncrypt

Encrypt files of any size with an effective encryption tool. Coming soon.

Push Your Security to the Next Level with ExtremeVPN

Customer Support Icon 5-star Customer Support

Rely on us! Your protection is a crucial matter to us. Reach us whenever you need 5-star Customer Support. At your disposal 24/7.

30 day money back guarantee Guaranteed 30/Day Refund

You can try our Extreme solutions risk-free. Our 30/day refund policy protects your investment. If after 30 days you’re not sure about the service, we’ll refund 100% of your payment.