The Finest VPN for Streaming Netflix in 2024

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Netflix VPN

What Makes ExtremeVPN the Best Choice for Watching Netflix?

Netflix is a global streaming site covering more than 190 countries, including Australia, Japan, the UK, the U.S., India, Germany, France, etc. Although it offers exclusive content worldwide, the number of movies or shows available for each country varies according to Netflix’s libraries.

Hence, It’s better to use a VPN – it gives you buffer-free Netflix streaming, especially in locations where your internet provider or network restricts the streaming services. With ExtremeVPN, you can have secure, reliable, and convenient access to any Netflix library you desire. Try it yourself.

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ExtremeVPN the Best Choice for Watching Netflix

3 Basic Steps to Stream Netflix with ExtremeVPN

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Step 1

Subscribe and sign up for ExtremeVPN

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Step 2

Choose and connect to a fast server location

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Step 3

Sit back and enjoy unlimited Netflix shows and movies

ExtremeVPN Offers Secure, HD Streaming for Netflix Movies and Shows

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Why to Choose ExtremeVPN for Netflix

Many factors go into finding the best Netflix VPN, from strong security measures to optimal streaming speeds. We’re outlining some of them here:

Blazing-fast Connectivity

Everyone hates buffering, right? Get a super fast VPN with cutting-edge technology, like ours.

Blazing-Fast Connectivity

Netflix Benefits of ExtremeVPN

FeaturesOther VPNsExtremeVPN
High VPN speeds
User-friendly app for all devices
Round-the-clock customer support
Safe server locations from 78+ countries
Unlimited Bandwidth
Advanced Encryption Standards

Why do Netflix Libraries Vary for Each Country?

If you log in to your Netflix account after moving to a new country, you may notice a different collection of content. This is because every country has a unique library, some having more offerings than others. For example, the US has a larger content catalog than the rest of the world. This content library depends on the territorial licensing and the rules and regulations that every county has.

The basic Netflix originals are available everywhere in the world, but licensed movies have a different case. It’s because many TV or film studios hold the rights to these licensed shows, and they allow Netflix to stream them only in certain parts of the world.

Why do Netflix Libraries Vary for Each Country?

Select the Ideal Location for Your Netflix Library

Having our global network with over 78 server countries – you’ll likely find an ExtremeVPN server near your location – it doesn’t matter if you’re in Canada, Mexico, Japan, the U.S., Germany, or anywhere else.






VPN Servers

Download the Best Netflix VPN

To enjoy effortless, fast, and smooth Netflix streaming, there’s no better option than ExtremeVPN. Just download our app and connect up to 10 devices simultaneously – just with a single subscription. This is for all devices, including mobiles (both Android and iOS), laptops, smart TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, etc.

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Download the Best Netflix VPN

Get the VPN on Multiple Devices

Download the right VPN to stay secure and protected anytime, anywhere in the world.

Download ExtremeVPN App on Your Device

Stay secure from malware and threats while doing anything online using ExtremeVPN’s application. Our app runs smoothly in the background and ensures uninterrupted security and privacy for your online activities.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Ghost-mode browsing
  • A strict no-logging policy
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Is ExtremeVPN Compatible with Netflix?

Absolutely, it is! Our VPN provides quick and unrestricted access to Netflix’s complete library. Moreover, we offer a 7-day free trial with a complete money-back guarantee.

If your Netflix isn’t working with ExtremeVPN, we have a customer support team that can guide you.

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Is ExtremeVPN Compatible with Netflix

Why do I Require a Netflix VPN?

A VPN can significantly improve your Netflix streaming experience, particularly if you have concerns related to your privacy, want to overcome traffic throttling by the ISP, or want to keep your Netflix activity private.

Prevent ISPs from Netflix Throttling

As streaming services are becoming popular each day, some ISPs slow down the internet speed for Netflix’s users due to data packet inspection.

To solve this, you need a VPN; it protects your traffic in an encrypted tunnel. Moreover, it hides your traffic from ISPs, ultimately protecting you against discrimination. As a result, you get buffer-free streaming with a fast downloading speed.

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Prevent ISPs from Netflix Throttling

Secure Yourself While Watching Netflix

You’ve to be careful whenever you’re doing something online. Once you set up a VPN on your device, it masks your IP address so no one can trace you.

ExtremeVPN never records its users’ activity or connection logs. You can do unlimited streaming with complete satisfaction.

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Secure Yourself While Watching Netflix

How does a VPN Work with Netflix?

Anytime you connect to a VPN server, it runs your online traffic through a protected tunnel, making it impossible for your ISP, government, and hackers to access it. It’s that simple. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN right now and get unmatched online security just with a single click!

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How does a VPN Work with Netflix?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Netflix free to access with ExtremeVPN? Up
No, ExtremeVPN doesn’t provide a Netflix account. We only offer a safe gateway to stream unlimited shows or movies on Netflix. You’ll need an account if you don’t already have one.
How can I stream Netflix using ExtremeVPN? Up
It’s quite simple! Just run the ExtremeVPN app on your browser and connect to a server location. You’re ready to do streaming on Netflix.
Which is the best VPN server location for Netflix? Up
The best server location will be the one that’s closest to you. Let’s say you’re a German native; just find the closest German server to stream seamlessly on Netflix.
Does Netflix offer a subscription with ads? Up
Netflix has recently launched a basic subscription plan with ads. It’s $7 per month (compared to a $10 ad-free plan) and supports only one device at a time. However, this feature doesn’t offer downloads and only has a limited content library.
Can a VPN impact the speed of my Netflix streaming? Up
Every VPN slows down your internet connection, but not ExtremeVPN, it’s fast, and you’ll rarely observe a speed difference using it. Moreover, ExtremeVPN enhances your speed even if your ISP is throttling Netflix traffic.
On which devices can I watch Netflix? Up
You can stream Netflix on all devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming box systems, SmartTVs, etc.
Is it possible to face a ban from Netflix for using a VPN? Up
No, certainly not! Although Netflix sometimes restricts you from accessing certain content (if it catches you using a VPN). Yet, it never bans you.
Why Isn’t Netflix working with my VPN? Up
Don’t worry. Just follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue: 1. Reconnect to a different VPN server. 2. Clear the app’s cache and cookies. 3. Turn off the device’s GPS. 4. Try using Netflix on a different browser. 5. Reboot your Wi-Fi router. 6. Make sure to update the app or browser where you’re streaming Netflix. If the problem exists, try reaching out to our contact support.
Can you use a free VPN on Netflix? Up
Although there are many free VPNs available, you can never find similar security protocols and encryption strategies as ExtremeVPN offer. We provide a 7-day free trial with a 100% money-back guarantee.
What else does ExtremeVPN offer? Up
ExtremeVPN allows you to overcome censorship in countries where YouTube, Twitter, and Google are blocked. Plus, you can do private browsing, improve your gaming experience, and access all streaming platforms such as Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max/Go, and Amazon Prime Video.

Streaming with ExtremeVPN is an absolute delight. Stick to our app to enjoy a smooth, throttle-free streaming experience.

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Safe Worldwide Access

Stream unlimited movies or shows on multiple streaming platforms anywhere, anytime – irrespective of your location. Bid farewell to restrictions and get unrestricted streaming with ExtremeVPN today.

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Safe Worldwide Access