Privacy Protection at All Times

As you connect to the Internet, third parties like the government, private companies, and even cybercriminals, wage a silent battle for your information. They seek to use your data to control, profit, or commit cybercrimes, and no matter the case, your goal is only one, protecting your privacy at all times.

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Why Keep Your Online Activity Secret?

  • All internet connections work with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Along with other functions, the ISP monitors and tracks your online behavior, including the websites you visit, your usual downloads, your communications online, etc.
  • Private companies use information about your online activities to label you as a potential customer. All past purchases and browsing patterns will contribute to creating a profile belonging to you that these third parties can use.
  • As the government intends to track most users’ online activities, they are usually looking for security vulnerabilities they can take advantage of to spread spyware software. This enables them to track most internet users.
  • Cyberhackers are usually hunting for internet users connecting to public Wi-Fi networks; this allows them to obtain a copy of your data, including passwords and bank account details.