Privacy Protection at All Times

As you connect to the Internet, third parties like the government, private companies, and even cybercriminals, wage a silent battle for your information. They seek to use your data to control, profit, or commit cybercrimes, and no matter the case, your goal is only one, protecting your privacy at all times.

Get to experience anonymous browsing anywhere using ExtremeVPN. Cloak your IP address, and encrypt your data to protect your privacy.

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Why Keep Your Online Activity Secret?

  • All internet connections work with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Along with other functions, the ISP monitors and tracks your online behavior, including the websites you visit, your usual downloads, your communications online, etc.
  • Private companies use information about your online activities to label you as a potential customer. All past purchases and browsing patterns will contribute to creating a profile belonging to you that these third parties can use.
  • As the government intends to track most users’ online activities, they are usually looking for security vulnerabilities they can take advantage of to spread spyware software. This enables them to track most internet users.
  • Cyberhackers are usually hunting for internet users connecting to public Wi-Fi networks; this allows them to obtain a copy of your data, including passwords and bank account details.
  • Protecting your privacy is an option you should be able to turn to; you have the right to know the steps to protect your right to privacy.

How Does a VPN Work?

At first, it can be challenging to understand how a VPN works to assist you in your quest to browse the internet anonymously. For a comprehensive explanation of what a VPN is and how it works, visit our detailed page.

Keep Your Browsing Confidential With ExtremeVPN

Browsing History icon No Browsing History

Your internet actions are not stored while using ExtremeVPN

Confidential activity icon Confidential Internet Identity

You can keep your physical identification confidential and unknown every time

Encryption Traffic Encryption

The top-notch AES 256-bit protocol encryption will protect your online activity

Kill-Switch Feature Kill Switch Button

ExtremeVPN will automatically protect your privacy if you lose your internet connection

split tunneling Split Tunneling

You may divide your internet traffic between your ISP and the VPN

Hidden VPN Connection DNS Leak Protection

You get protection against actual IP leakage at websites and online services using WebRTC leak protection

How to Browse Anonymously in 3 Easy Steps

You can begin browsing anonymously so effortlessly. The cutting-edge and easy-to-use ExtremeVPN will facilitate you to start anonymous connections and protect you from hackers, spies, and ads. Follow the steps below to start browsing anonymously:

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Step 1

Subscribe to one of the ExtremeVPN plans.


Step 2

Download and install the easy-to-use ExtremeVPN app.

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Step 3

See the server list and connect to one.

ExtremeVPN Extensions

Google Chrome VPN Extension

With the Chrome VPN extension from ExtremeVPN, viewing the web with anonymity will be simple. Once you have our Chrome extension, you may stop using incognito mode. With our Chrome browser plugin, you may quickly stream content. The extension will hide your IP address while blocking ISP tracking. You will enjoy immediate connectivity while streaming. Visit the most popular websites, select your preferred channel, and enjoy the experience.

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Google Chrome VPN Extension

Mozilla VPN Extension (Coming Soon)

With our Firefox VPN extension, hiding your IP address will be simple. Take advantage of unmatched internet privacy, security, and content accessibility. You may also conceal your IP address from viewing any material. For ultimate anonymity, you may mask your surfing patterns from your ISP. To protect your data, you can encrypt all of your internet traffic. You may accomplish it even more efficiently if you don’t use any incognito mode. The most superior aspect of the extension is that it will be easy to access and will stay linked until you log out.

Mozilla VPN Extension

Use ExtremeVPN to Browse the Web Secretly

Access any content, avoid government restrictions, and browse the internet anonymously. Activate ISP blocking. The latest encryption techniques will prevent your ISP from following you. No matter where you are in the world, you can quickly connect to the server of your choice with a blazing-fast connection. Use the virtual IP ExtremeVPN provides to prevent online identity theft and dissuade unauthorized access to your real IP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the goal when browsing anonymously? Up
Despite being a priceless and irreplaceable tool, the Internet compromises your privacy. ISPs, governments, hackers, and other third parties observe and analyze your behavior. You may use a VPN to browse the Internet anonymously; this will avoid disclosing your real IP. Consequently, your data is less likely to be compromised or released to outside parties.
Is there a way of searching the web without being traced? Up
Yes! That would be choosing a more privacy-focused search engine like DuckDuckGo since it neither collects nor shares your data. In contrast, Google and Bing track every search you conduct and sell that information to private companies. Additionally, you can search with complete anonymity if you use it along with ExtremeVPN.
Is the Incognito mode on Chrome or other browsers anonymous? Up
No. Using Chrome’s Incognito Mode does not guarantee privacy and anonymity. It can, at most, stop websites from storing cookies. However, websites would still be able to see your online actions (such as the ads you saw and interacted with, the searches you conducted, etc.)
Can I keep my anonymity using a VPN? Up
Absolutely! ExtremeVPN creates an encrypted tunnel when you connect to it. Your whole traffic flows through this tunnel. Consequently, no one can intercept and/or change your data. Also, one of our vast IP options gets substituted for your original IP; because of this, your online actions get an additional degree of anonymity.
Is my history being tracked by the ISP? Up
They can. Your ISP knows what websites and services you use since they handle all your online requests. ISPs have permission to gather and sell your surfing history in some countries, such as the US. They can do this without your approval. Nevertheless, ISPs cannot see or monitor your web history when using ExtremeVPN to access the Internet.
Can I browse the internet anonymously with a proxy server? Up
Unfortunately no. A proxy server will mask your IP address, but it does not provide any sort of encryption. Therefore, your requests transmit in plain text. That makes it possible for anybody with the correct equipment and knowledge to gather private information. Along with obscuring your IP address, ExtremeVPN encrypts the entirety of your data. Correspondingly, you gain security in addition to the pleasure of online anonymity.
What is an anonymous IP? Up
Your IP address, which can identify your location, is assigned to you whenever you browse online. You receive a private IP address when you first connect to ExtremeVPN. Many other individuals utilize and share this new IP. Because of this, it’s simple to conceal your location and stop your online activity. You can access region-specific material thanks to the anonymous IP a VPN offers.
What is an anonymous website? Up
People refer to an anonymous Internet connection as an “anonymous website”; when your Internet connection works with 256-bit encryption, you may effectively browse the Internet and websites anonymously.