At ExtremeVPN, we’re committed to protecting your privacy. We are strongly dedicated to ensuring your private data’s confidentiality and security. Under ExtremeVPN, we’re one. 

Collected Data

We use this information to provide and improve our core services to you, our customers. We do not collect data during signing up but use what has already been stored. 

In addition, we collect the following information for better service delivery and customer support.  

To improve our service delivery via app, we gather the following data:

The key point is that the information we collect above cannot be used to identify users. 

Besides ensuring we do not store or use your identifiable logs to monitor your activity, we do not share any data with other parties, even if forced to. 

Please note that we do not store any of the following information:

In fact, we can’t see your online activities.

Our servers, systems, and processes do not store any identifiable data. We’ve deliberately designed our systems to ensure no data is stored.

Data Usage 

We use the information we collect to improve our service delivery and other reasons, including;

ExtremeVPN connection logs DO NOT collect the following information:

Bandwidth Usage and Consumption

We offer our users unlimited bandwidth regardless of the manner they use it. However, we monitor the user’s total bandwidth consumer to ensure every user gets optimum speeds and the best experience from our service. 

We may contact a user if we notice bandwidth irregularities and service disruption. 

Program Analytics and Statistics

ExtremeVPN collects minimal statistical data, but that doesn’t include IP addresses, internet traffic information, DNS requests, or other identifiable data. We do so to ensure the best service delivery and customer support. 

We conduct diagnostics and crash reports monitoring to:

For reporting purposes, the following different tools are used:

For compatibility reasons, customers are responsible for ensuring their apps are up-to-date. 

However, we notify users about new updates whenever possible.

Data from Feedback Forms, Emails, and Live Chat

Besides users’ information, ExtremeVPN stores user correspondence for improved service delivery and effective customer service. We record all questions, compliments, and complaints submitted using our extensions, apps, or websites. 

Usually, we use the following channels for customer support and correspondence:

When interacting with ExtremeVPN, the third-party platform retains the user’s name and email address.

International Data Transfers

We operate globally, meaning stored data travels across multiple locations regardless of the user’s country of residence. Despite using third parties to deliver our services, we ensure that users’ confidential data is safe. We have a strict privacy policy agreement with our collaborators. Also, we process or share users’ stored data on a need-be basis to ensure we abide by our Terms of Service. 

Data Security 

Except for the stored data listed in section 2, ExtremeVPN does not store, share, sell, or rent user data to third parties. Therefore, we do not keep such information. The stored data is only used to provide products and services and is kept safe from prying eyes. 

Security Measures for Data Protection 

We employ necessary measures to protect user data, including cryptography, from unauthorized access, damage, or disclosure. ExtremeVPN restricts access to user data to contractors, agents, and employees. 

It is key to note that despite our efforts to protect your data, no system is considered 100% immune to possible threats.

Data Retention Policy and Protection Rights

European Economic Area (EEA) residents enjoy the following data protection rights:

ExtremeVPN and Cookies

ExtremeVPN utilizes various types of cookies to store information related to website visitors. We do this to enhance the user experience, provide relevant advertising messages, and deliver offers tailored to our user’s preferences. Please refer to our ‘How ExtremeVPN Uses Cookies’ section for more information about our cookies and data collection type.

We might include links to other websites on our official webpage. However, we do not control how they use your private information, nor can we assume responsibility for their actions. 

Financial and Credit Information 

Like other online businesses, we rely on third parties to process payments. However, in some cases, we are necessitated to process the payment ourselves. In such circumstances, we process real-time payments, transfer them to third parties, and request a chargeback without retaining your data. 

Ensure you review third-party processors’ Privacy Policies to gain insights into how they gather, store, or use your data. 

Since we are committed to privacy and anonymity, we offer a wide range of payment options for our customers. These methods protect your privacy by ensuring that you’re 100% anonymous. 

You agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage by using our apps, website, or extensions.

Our services are meant for persons aged 18 years or older. 

If there is any underage or unauthorized usage of ExtremeVPN’s services, we request legal guardians or parents notify us promptly to take necessary action.

The legal grounds for collecting and utilizing your private information are to offer you the best services and may vary based on the following:

We only collect personal information from users if:


ExtremeVPN reserves the right to revise and modify our existing privacy policy whenever it deems it crucial. In case of any amendments, the revision date is displayed at the top of the page. 

We implore users to check any changes to our privacy policy regularly. 

Users agree that they must regularly check the Privacy Policy and note any changes. Therefore, by using the service, users confirm their acceptance and agreement to the VPN’s Privacy Policy, including all subsequent changes.

Contact information 

For further inquiries on our Privacy Policy, please get in touch with us via [email protected].