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ExtremeVPN has earned the trust of millions of users globally. Here’s how we manage to do it.

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Protecting Infrastructure from Cyber Threats

ExtremeVPN provides a secure infrastructure that ensures network traffic confidentiality and sovereignty. Our secure network infrastructure safeguards your data against unauthorized or interrupted access, theft, and loss.

We earn our client’s trust by protecting all data against all types of assaults and malware, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

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Protecting Infrastructure from Cyber Threats
Security Up
VPNs should be particularly secure because they encrypt client data and establish a secure connection over unprotected internet infrastructure. ExtremeVPN protects your data over the internet by utilizing several network security technologies. We’ll go over some of the features of our security architecture and the techniques we employ to ensure the maximum protection of your data.
Vulnerability Management Up
A Vulnerability Management Program is frequently used to discover and mitigate system infrastructure vulnerabilities proactively. Our system engineers carry out this program to prevent potential data security risks and improve the firm’s overall security. We promptly test and rectify any potential risk discovered randomly across the infrastructure. Our engineers regularly use our policy compliance scans to monitor our system’s security baseline configurations.
Endpoint Security Up
Endpoint security is a method of network protection that involves safeguarding the endpoints or entry points of end-user devices. ExtremeVPN provides endpoint security for devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and other internet-connected devices. Endpoint security systems protect these devices against malicious actors and campaigns on a network or in the cloud. ExtremeVPN performs stringent URL checks to ensure that we block even potentially harmful websites. Our system engineers regularly patch ExtremeVPN’s system infrastructure to prevent the spread of malware and attacks on host systems.
Robust Authentication System Up
ExtremeVPN has a very powerful authentication method at every level of its system. To gain access to our infrastructure, you must first send an access request and then receive and approve a one-time password (OTP). A centralized access manager manages ExtremeVPN, and accessed requests will require approval via Multi-Factor Authentication. Furthermore, ExtremeVPN blocks access to its infrastructure to specified IP addresses.
Penetration Testing Up
ExtremeVPN uses open-source tools to test for leaks regularly to verify no traffic leakage from the VPN connection. During engineering streams, we run numerous tests to determine the strength of our security firewall. We contract third parties to test our platforms and attempt to penetrate our infrastructure. We also make it a point to ensure that our personnel understands the importance of cybersecurity measures to protect their data because we work with international clients.
Network Protection and Defense Up
We have installed an advanced monitoring and detection system on our application to help you stay alert to the attacks and ensure security at an early stage. Your traffic passes through an application firewall, which helps to reduce web application attacks, DDoS attacks, cyber-attacks, etc.
Secure Configuration of Assets Up
At ExtremeVPN, the deployment of infrastructure and applications is fully automated, which removes the human element in the process. Also, we enforce international security benchmarks as part of the security baseline configuration. Moreover, we use an automated configuration management tool to deploy hardened images. Our firewalls are configured to block traffic by default, and only intended traffic and authorized protocols are permitted after the change assessment process. We have a dedicated workstation to access production systems hardened for specific tasks. As a result, we can provide the best services to our users with high-quality security assurance. Note that all services and operations function under the least privilege model to prevent attack surface. As part of the configuration baseline, we monitor agents to ensure the integrity of critical files. Our web architecture is segregated, and the website servers do not host data or access databases. We built interactions by applying API gateways to limit access to only intended data views. Also, allowing little consumer interaction with business logic helps to reduce the attack surface further.

Privacy of Our Client

ExtremeVPN protects your privacy by masking your IP address and encrypting your internet activity, making it difficult for anyone to track or read.

We safeguard you from prying eyes, including your internet service provider, by concealing the contents of your web traffic. We will discuss some factors contributing to this level of privacy.

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Online Privacy
No-Logs Policy Up
ExtremeVPN encrypts your internet connections, making it impossible for anyone for others to monitor what you do online. Because of this encryption, even ExtremeVPN cannot see what you do online, let alone save your browser data. Your ISP can only know that you’re using a different IP address from the one it issued you, but it can’t tell you what you’re doing. When you connect to ExtremeVPN, no one can watch or save your data.
GDPR Complaint Up
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compels all organizations to secure their customers’ data using online services and resources. We could face severe consequences if we share your data with a third party without your permission. As a result, by law, your data is secure with us. Although law enforcement authorities can request anyone’s data, we do not maintain any data that can identify anyone.
Privacy-Friendly Jurisdiction Up
ExtremeVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is privacy-friendly. Hence, we are not legally allowed to store your data, as the country’s rules and regulations prohibit it.

ExtremeVPN’s Transparency and Accountability

We dedicate ExtremeVPN to creating a safer and more egalitarian internet for everybody. We are always accountable to individuals and are transparent in our interactions.

Transparency is one of the reasons why our customers trust us and have confidence in our operations.

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Privilege Access Monitoring

Customer privacy is important at ExtremeVPN. Therefore, we ensure that even authorized server access is strictly controlled and monitored. We have established strict controls and technology to restrict privilege access to ExtremeVPN servers. Additionally, privilege use is monitored to ensure administrators perform authorized activities that comply with our privacy policy.

Furthermore, ExtremeVPN implements an access management solution to enforce time-based access, provided after multiple stages of approvals. We also have a dedicated function for continuous monitoring of privileged activities on our servers.

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Privilege Access Monitoring

Transparency Report

As mentioned previously, ExtremeVPN has a strict no-logs policy. So, we assured our users that their data will always be private and secure. Also, our company is based in the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Even if or when we are requested to hand over users’ data, ExtremeVPN does not retain any data, so we won’t have any data to share. Moreover, we periodically releases transparency reports to show our users how we handle their data.

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Transparency Report

Always-on No-logs Audit

We have already completed no-logs policy audits with reputable auditing firms. In fact, we have a pact with some of the big-four IT auditing firms, which allows the company to perform surprise audits.

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Always-on No-logs Audit

Warrant Canary

ExtremeVPN’s no-logs policy is regularly certified and audited by reputable auditing firms. We don’t share any data because we don’t have it. Also, since the company is based in the British Virgin Islands, there aren’t many mandatory data-retention laws that force us to record your data.

As of 24/05/2023:

  • We have not received any court orders.
  • We have not received any emergency disclosure reports
  • We have not received any subpoenas

We are 100% committed to our no-logs policy, and our always-on audit pact with reputable auditors will ensure we keep to our word.

Warrant Canary

ExtremeVPN Prioritizes Your Privacy

Member of i2Coalition’s VPN Trust Initiative

To advance and strengthen users’ trust and confidence in our services, we have enrolled in the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) and its VPN Trust Initiative (VTI).

VTI is an industry-led consortium of VPN leaders to improve consumers’ digital safety. It works by understanding, building, and strengthening trust with users, preventing any risks they might face.

Always-on No-logs Certified

ExtremeVPN has an always-on agreement with reputed security firms, which allows them to perform surprise audits of servers at any time to ensure ExtremeVPN adheres to its privacy policy.

ExtremeVPN Prioritizes Your Privacy