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Stephen Bacon

Faroe Island


Ease of Use
Secure Wi-Fi feature

Do you know how your device notifies you when you are within range of a public or private wireless connection? I had yet to learn that some of those connections were largely unsafe. ExtremeVPN provides a “Secure Wi-Fi” connectivity that helps identify which connections are “unknown” and incidentally less safe and notifies me to turn on the VPN before connecting — if I must.

Kathy J. Green



Ease of Use
Fantastic free trial package

ExtremeVPN offers an amazing free trial package that I knew I had to get in on the deal when it expired. Can you imagine? The privacy and security features I could access on a trial basis are only some of its offers. It’s been months since I got on the premium, and I have not looked back.

Felipe Cunha



Ease of Use
I never have to worry about privacy!

ExtremeVPN has such exceptional privacy protocols that I never have to worry about privacy when I log onto the internet. Thanks to the privacy features, I can now surf the internet without any fear of prying eyes.

Anthony S. Wilson

United States


Ease of Use
Complete access to the port controls

Before I got an ExtremeVPN subscription, I struggled for a long time with identifying open and blocked ports. But with its port-forwarding add-on, I have complete access to the port controls, taking all the hassle out of it altogether.