An Excellent VPN for Multiple Connections

  • Protect your entire family with a single subscription
  • Secure unlimited devices using ExtremeVPN by a router
  • ExtremeVPN allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously
VPN for Multiple Connections

Use One Account to Protect 10 Devices

One ExtremeVPN account provides ten times normal security. Whether you use Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, or any other operating system, our VPN will secure your online traffic and IP address.

Furthermore, once you run the ExtremeVPN app on your modem, it protects every device on the network using one of the 10 slots available.

Hence, if you ask how many devices you can secure on a single account, the answer is “as many as you like to,” which is truly impressive.

Protect 10 Devices

Why is it Necessary to Have a VPN for Multiple Devices?

To Share VPN with Your Friends and Family

Many people expose themselves to potential threats while surfing the web using social media or bank accounts. The same can happen to your family or friends if they lack strong defensive programs. Luckily, ExtremeVPN solves all of these problems.

You can share your ten slots with the people you care about so they can benefit from the subscription as well. Or secure your entire network by simply connecting the router to ExtremeVPN. This will let you use a single network while enjoying unlimited connections.

Share VPN with Your Friends and Family

To Keep Your Office and Home Safe

It doesn’t matter if it’s your work phone or home tablet; if it lacks a VPN, it’s insecure. Plus, there are much greater risks, such as data leaks, business espionage, and hacking. These risks can have a devastating impact on your personal and financial security. However, ExtremeVPN allows you to completely protect your home or work security. You can protect both by using your ten device slots.

Office and Home Safe