Fastest USA VPN Servers

Have no doubt, ExtremeVPN is the best VPN service in the United States of America, offering top-notch online security and privacy. In addition, our 30-day money-back policy assures unrestricted access to content within and outside the United States.

  • Browse Safely on USA servers
  • Stay anonymous both in and outside the US
  • Switch your IP address to the US in seconds
Best VPN for USA

How to Connect to Our US Servers

Connect to a Region Within the US

To access the blazing-fast internet speed and online privacy that ExtremeVPN offers, you can head to the menu bar and click the triple dot beside the USA option (with the flag). Once you open the new menu, you can select a city from the available options. Examine the cities and states you may find in the menu below:

Cities: Chicago, Houston, Washington, Phoenix, New Jersey, Atlanta, Ashburn, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle

States: Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, California, Florida, Utah, Washington DC

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Connect to a Region Within the US

Select Any of Our Servers

You can change your IP address to one in the United States by tapping the USA pin when you open the map. An alternative is scrolling through the list of available servers to select your preferred location.

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Select Any of Our Servers

Pick a Specialty Server

Finally, ExtremeVPN understands subscribers may require VPN services for specific online activities. Hence, we created the specialty servers option. Select the specialty servers on the menu to select Onion Over VPN, Double VPN, and other premium services.

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Pick a Specialty Server

Which VPN Server Should You Select in the United States?

Here are a few things you must examine when choosing a VPN service in the United States of America:

Servers Server Proximity

It’s advisable to choose a server in a city that’s closest to you. Here’s why–distance matters in server connection. Hence, if you want to experience a blazing-fast internet connection without hassle, you should go for servers nearby.

Dedicated Address No of Locations

Select an IP address in the United States or any other location you choose. Since this IP address is unique, you don’t have to share the identity with other subscribers.

Protect Your Online Privacy Online Privacy and Security

ExtremeVPN enables all-around protection and privacy once you tap the Quick Connect button. With this single click, you can enjoy the best VPN service hassle-free.

Private Connection Advanced Security

ExtremeVPN offers subscribers an extra layer of encryption with the Double VPN feature. This security feature makes it harder for cyber criminals to breach your privacy and spy on your internet activity and traffic.

99% Digital Anonymity 99% Digital Anonymity

ExtremeVPN combines the security features that a VPN and the Onion network provide. Instead of downloading The Onion Router (Tor) browser, subscribers can experience ultimate privacy with the Onion Over VPN feature.

Hidden VPN Connection Hidden VPN Connection

With our obfuscated servers, your ISP would find it hard to detect that you’re using a VPN. Hence, you can use ExtremeVPN without hassle, even in countries with restrictive legislation.

Why Should You Use ExtremeVPN in the United States?

Examine the benefits you can enjoy from using ExtremeVPN in the United States below:

IP Address Protection

VPN offers encryption services, so you can perform your activities online without worrying about third parties monitoring. With ExtremeVPN, ISPs, government institutions, and companies cannot access your browsing data.

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IP Address Protection

Data Security

VPNs are not supposed to store, collect, or track your personal and browsing data. As a result, ExtremeVPN adheres to a no-log policy, which prevents us from monitoring your browsing activities.

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Data Security

Malware Obstruction

ExtremeVPN offers optimum security services, ensuring you don’t become a victim of malicious websites, malware, intrusive ads, and trackers. Furthermore, our advanced Threat Protection feature shields you from any possible online mistake that may make your device susceptible to threats.

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Malware Obstruction

WiFi Connection Security

Even when you’re connected to public WiFi, you can enjoy the wide-ranged protection VPN offers. ExtremeVPN maintains the standard encryption services when you connect to the airport, church, hotel room, or restaurant WiFi.

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Connect to the internet freely

Ultra-fast Internet Connection

ExtremeVPN offers the best of both worlds– security, and speed. We don’t need to compromise on one to offer quality services for the other. With our upgraded server network and VPN protocols, you can stream without any hitch and browse without any malware attack.

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Fast Internet Connection

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can remain online as long as you desire without worrying about restrictions or limitations. ExtremeVPN promises the best online experience in the United States of America, whether you’re streaming movies, researching, sending messages, or downloading P2P files.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Beneficial Financial Information

Connecting your device to a VPN before using the internet allows you to access various deals and sales you can hop on. Ordinarily, these deals are only available to specific locations, but ExtremeVPN grants you access. So you can get amazing offers and deals for your favorite item or service without traveling worldwide.

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Beneficial Financial Information

Steps to Get a United States IP Address

You can follow these steps to get a United States IP address using ExtremeVPN:

extremevpn logo

Download ExtremeVPN

Head over to your Play Store, App Store, or any other application store on your device, and download ExtremeVPN. Once you locate the application, you can download and install it on your device.


Sign Up

You can open a new account by typing your details in the space provided. However, if you’re not a first-time subscriber, you can enter your details and tap the log-in button to open your account.

connect world icon


Once a new menu displaying your dashboard opens, you can proceed to find the United States on the country’s list or USA’s pin on the map.

Top Server Locations Available to US Subscribers

Here’s a list of countries with servers offering premium VPN services to subscribers in the United States:

Why ExtremeVPN Is the Best for US Subscribers

Here’s why ExtremeVPN is the best VPN service for users in the United States:

FeatureExtremeVPNOther VPNs
Blazing-fast and stable connection
24/7 customer service
Unlimited bandwidth
1900+ United States servers
6500+ global servers
No-log policy
Advanced data encryption
Up to five simultaneous connection
Hides IP address

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to use VPNs in the United States? Up
No! There are no laws prohibiting the use of a VPN service in the United States. However, it is illegal in other countries. Hence, it’s advisable to download ExtremeVPN in the United States before you travel to any other country. This way, you can enjoy VPN services wherever you go.
What’s the best VPN to use in the United States? Up
There are several factors that you must consider before choosing a VPN service. Some of these factors include internet speed, security, and privacy policies. You must note that free VPN services are not advisable as they lack the security features to grant your online freedom and security. One VPN that ticks all the boxes is ExtremeVPN, providing ultra-fast internet speed, top-notch data privacy, and unfettered online security.
Can I get a United States IP address? Up
Definitely! Especially if you’re using ExtremeVPN. You can connect to one of our numerous servers in the United States. If you want a specific city, scroll through the country’s list or select a location using the pin.