The Best VPN to Escape Online Restriction

ExtremeVPN helps you bypass VPN restrictions with its cutting-edge technology and advanced features such as:

  • Obscure servers
  • Domain-fronting technology
  • Multiport system
The Best VPN to Escape Online Restrictions

Enjoy Online Resilience with ExtremeVPN

Are you looking for an ultimate solution to internet and geo-restrictions with your internet service provider? Or are you finding it hard to connect your device to a VPN? Are websites displaying the “domain blocked” notification? Or is your desired port blocked in your region?

Check out ExtremeVPN, which provides outstanding features to help you bypass all internet restrictions. For example, without firewall restrictions, you can freely access the digital space with multiport, domain fronting, and obfuscated servers.

What is Domain Fronting?

Internet users in certain regions cannot access certain internet services because internet service providers (ISPs) block their domains. Because of this domain blockage, they can’t connect to VPNs and explore the internet without restrictions.

ExtremeVPN introduces the domain fronting feature, providing an effective solution to this problem. With this feature, you can connect to a VPN service using a different domain address that the ISP has not blocked.

With domain-fronting technology, you can bypass online restrictions and censorship and gain access to your desired content online.

Domain Fronting

What is Multiport?

Multiport is an advanced feature that identifies blocked ports and automatically switches them to the best available ports. As a result, subscribers can easily access websites and internet services blocked by their internet service providers.

The alternative to this feature is technical and may be stressful to subscribers. It involves manually diagnosing blocked ports and changing them to the best open ones. Sometimes, it may be impossible to implement this change due to network settings. Therefore, ExtremeVPN provides this service to help subscribers’ devices auto-switch to the best free port.

Another related feature that ExtremeVPN offers is port forwarding. Once you configure our port forwarding add-on, you can easily open unavailable sites at home, school, or work and connect to your desired ports worldwide.

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What is Multiport?

What are Obfuscated Servers?

Obfuscated servers are special VPN servers that hide VPN usage. With these servers, VPN subscribers can bypass any online restrictions or limitations. Although your ISP cannot record your activities on the internet when you connect your device to a VPN server, some ISPs have the technology to detect if you’re connected to a VPN. To avoid this, ExtremeVPN adopted this feature.

Obfuscated servers create a tunnel that muddles online data so that it appears as a normal data packet. Since it appears as a regular data packet, it can bypass VPN tools to block traffic without manual inspection. Usually, VPN tools inspect data packets to detect VPN connections.

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Obfuscated Servers

Global VPN Network with Fast Servers

Get resiliant online with our 6,500+ high-speed servers available in over 78 countries worldwide.

North America

1926 VPN Servers

Central America

87 VPN Servers

South America

170 VPN Servers


450 VPN Servers


3116 VPN Servers


658 VPN Servers


161 VPN Servers

78+ Countries
96+ Locations
6,500+ VPN Server

Outstanding Features ExtremeVPN Provides

Here are a few features that are available with ExtremeVPN:

connections Multiple Logins

We allow up to 10 users to log in on an account to ensure that all the devices in the house are protected.

Port Enabler Post Forwarding

With the post-forwarding add-on, subscribers can connect their devices and enjoy internet services from anywhere worldwide.

Dedicated Address Dedicated IP

We provide a unique IP address for each subscriber, guaranteeing maximum online security.

Encryption AES Encryption

We utilize AES-256-bit encryption to ensure the highest-grade data protection.

no logs policy No-log Policy

At ExtremeVPN, we assure 100% data privacy. We don’t keep logs, so your online activity remains secure.

Servers Numerous Servers

We have over 6,500 servers spread worldwide to ensure quality performance.

Kill-Switch Feature Internet Kill Switch

With this feature, VPN connection failure cannot affect online activity and privacy.

split tunneling Split Tunneling

With ExtremeVPN and ISP connection, you can direct your internet traffic.

Hidden VPN Connection App Protection

You can select the specific application you want to secure with ExtremeVPN.

Safe Public Safe Public

Connection You can connect to public WiFi and still enjoy data privacy and security.

Private Connection Private File Sharing

You can privately share and download P2P files with an undisclosed IP address.

Seamless Streaming Zero Lags

You can stream movies and play online games without experiencing lags or connection errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a VPN solve a packet loss issue? Up
Although a VPN server can improve your network connection, it cannot fix packet loss issues. This issue often occurs when the router is overloaded. A viable option is to use a network monitoring tool.
Is it safe to torrent with a VPN? Up
Yes, using a VPN server is your safest option when downloading P2P files and torrenting. VPN servers conceal IP addresses, secure data traffic, and give users anonymous identities online. In addition, while ensuring security and privacy, VPN servers adopt torrent-centric features providing a smooth online experience.
Does torrenting reveal your IP address? Up
Yes, when you torrent, you risk leaking your IP address because your IP address becomes visible to other users on the network when you torrent. Although there are ways to prevent this, they are not entirely foolproof.