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Rules are meant to be broken, be rebellious (staying in legal limits), and use our high-speed proxy servers to access worldwide content while staying anonymous and private.

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Welcome to the most advanced proxy available worldwide. We offer a free proxy to let you bypass the geo-restrictions and access blocked websites within seconds without spending a cent. Our free VPN proxy only requires you to type the website’s address, and you can unblock websites quickly.

Wait. Proxy is good but a VPN is ideal! A must-have in this age.

Using a VPN not only gives you internet freedom but it also keeps your privacy and security online. So, VPN and proxy. What’s the difference? We have put together a handy table to help you out.

Wait Proxy is good but a VPN is ideal A must-have in this age
VPN allows browsing privately through all your apps and browser tabs
In one tab only
Across all your apps and tabs
A VPN changes your IP across all browser tabs and apps in use
In one tab only
In all your apps and browsers
With VPN, you can unblock a wide range of websites and platforms online
Limited websites
Virtually all sites online
Your online activities are kept private with a VPN, even from your ISP.
You can use a VPN to stream American and other region TV channels without restrictions.
A VPN makes online banking safer.
A VPN ensures smooth online gaming performance.
A VPN reroutes all of your traffic through a VPN server, while a proxy reroutes only a particular tab.

Experience Multiple Stealth Features with the ExtremeVPN’s App

Download the top-notch ExtremeVPN app and enjoy the internet anonymously with our military-grade encryption and fast speed.

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Experience Multiple Stealth Features with the ExtremeVPN’s App

No Logs Policy

ExtremeVPN offers high-quality VPN servers that meet our standards of security and privacy. Unlike other proxy servers, no one controls them except us. We ensure users that ExtremeVPN’s proxy servers don’t store their information, including IP addresses, online activity, credentials, and more.

They support almost all the famous protocols, including WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, etc. All our proxy servers offer fast speed and multiple locations that help users enjoy geo-restricted content.

no log policy

First Choice of Thousands of Users Across the Globe

Many office workers, tech experts, privacy geeks, adults, and children use ExtremeVPN daily. Its high-end security and privacy measures, user-friendly interface, compatibility with multiple operating systems & devices, and pocket-friendly plans are the reasons behind its success.

Users Across the Globe

Easy to Setup

BitTorrent clients support all of our VPN and proxy servers, which makes them easy to use; even a non-technical person can use them easily. However, if you still need help using our VPN, please feel free to contact us via our 24/7 live chat. We want everyone to enjoy the internet freely.

easy to setup

VPN Vs. Proxy

Many people often relate VPNs with proxies. However, both are different and perform various tasks, and it is vital to understand the differences between both tools. Although there are some similarities, the main difference is “Encryption.”

Even the fastest free proxy such as the one we offer, acts as a bridge between the user and the internet. It hides your IP and gives the impression that you’re browsing from a different location. However, it is not secure and can expose your sensitive information. VPNs, on the contrary, create an encrypted connection between the VPN server and the device. They not only hide your IP address but protect your data from ISPs and surveillance entities.

With a VPN, you can bypass geographical restrictions and stream your favorite channels, no matter where you are, with complete security. VPNs keep you secure even on Public Wi-Fi. To learn more about VPN v/s Proxy, visit our detailed guide here.

VPN Vs. Proxy

Key Features of Proxy

ExtremeVPN’s proxy offers a one-in-all solution for having a safer internet experience. Unlike the rest, it removes your concerns about common proxy problems. The main features of our proxy include:

Compatibility Compatibility

Access our proxy on all major operating systems without any inconvenience.

Robust Security Advanced Security and Protection

ExtremeVPN’s proxy offers robust built-in encryption so that you can access the websites with complete security.

Powerful Servers Powerful Servers

Our proxy offers fast and secure servers for its users.

No setup required No Setup Required

There is no configuration needed. Just type in the website you want to access, and you’re good to go.

free Completely Free of Cost

Our proxy doesn’t cost a penny and is absolutely free to use.

Shareable proxy links Shareable Proxy Links

Users can share pages with their friends and colleagues using a permalink.

Seamless Streaming Unlimited Video Streaming

Bypass firewalls and access your favourite content on popular platforms like Netflix, YouTube, etc., within seconds.

Unlimited Downloads Unlimited Downloads

You can download as much content as you like without any limitations.

Supports all Modern Web Standards Supports All Modern Web Standards

Web standards represent the popular practices of the overall aspects of the web page. Our proxy is designed according to these major web standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ExtremeVPN Proxy server? Up
ExtremeVPN proxy is an intermediate server that helps users unblock their favorite websites quickly. A proxy can help you bypass geo-restriction and access the website you want.
Does ExtremeVPN proxy offer an extra layer of encryption? Up
Our proxy is a free service. Therefore, being a free proxy online, it doesn’t provide an additional data encryption layer. You can access any geo-blocked website with our free proxy by typing the site address. To get additional security, get an ExtremeVPN subscription today.
Does the ExtremeVPN proxy block access to a few website pages? Up
No, our proxy doesn’t restrict access to any site. However, if you still face the issue, contact the website owner because they might be blocking your IP addresses.
Is ExtremeVPN proxy safe and fast? Up
Our proxy servers are fast and provide several safety measures that let users enjoy geo-restricted websites freely. However, they don’t provide robust encryption and security features like a VPN. Therefore, we recommend using a VPN to keep your data safe every time.
Is it simple to use an ExtremeVPN proxy? Up
Yes, ExtremeVPN proxy is easy to use and doesn’t require any app installation. The feature is free, and you can use it by simply typing the website address and accessing the geo-blocked site.
What are the major differences between a proxy and a VPN? Up
A proxy only masks the user’s IP and doesn’t provide data encryption to keep it safe from third parties. However, a top-quality VPN like ExtremeVPN provides robust data encryption and other security features like split tunneling and automatic kill switch to keep you safe from prying eyes.
Which countries are accessible via ExtremeVPN proxy? Up
Our proxy allows you to mask your IP address with IP addresses of countries, including Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore. However, using ExtremeVPN, you can spoof your IP address with the IP addresses of over 78 countries worldwide.