How ExtremeVPN Uses Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files automatically stored on your device whenever you visit a website. 

How Does ExtremeVPN Use Cookies?

This is how we use cookies:

We give you the freedom to choose whether or not to store cookies. However, if you reject cookies, some website features might not function properly, such as logging into member’s area. 

Types of Cookies We Use

We want you to have the best experience, and therefore, our cookies are categorized into four groups to help you make a more informed decision:

  1. Performance cookies
  2. Analytical cookies
  3. Essential cookies
  4. Functional cookies

Performance Cookies

We don’t host ads on our website. However, we use performance cookies to present relevant information about our products and services. We also partner with other third-party players to show you ads for our products and similar products. 

We’ve allowed cookies from our partners since we’re confident of their reputation and practices, which are guided by their privacy policies. Examples of performance cookies include:

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies track visitor interactions on websites, providing information like visitor numbers, bounce rates, and traffic sources. 

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are mandatory as they help properly function a website, including load time speed, website navigation, and website features. Without them, our website wouldn’t function properly. They include:

Functional Cookies

This category of cookies gives you a more personalized experience for your future visits to our website. They also ensure that your experience is smoother and faster. Examples of functional cookies include GA audience, Hotjar, tag manager by Google, etc.