Advanced penetration is a cybersecurity test that helps detect and remove vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in IT systems. An ethical hacker performs a simulated attack or breach on front-end and back-end servers to discover any security risks and areas for improvement.

Types of Advanced Penetration Testing

Stages of Penetration Testing

The stages of penetration testing are divided into:

  1. Reconnaissance: Involves uncovering possible vulnerabilities within the target environment. It entails collecting publicly available data regarding the target.
  2. Scanning: It identifies how a system will react to various threats and is carried out using both manual and automated techniques.
  3. Vulnerability assessment: Experts explore the potential weaknesses identified in the first and second stages. The process involves uncovering common vulnerabilities and reviewing the security protocols.
  4. Exploitation: Testers exploit the weak points discovered within the target system. They then probe for sensitive data or exploit previously identified security weaknesses for further access.
  5. Reporting: It involves compiling a report of all findings of penetration testing.