Anti-malware is a collective term encompassing all software and policies that protect computer systems against malicious programs. They scan computer files to detect malicious programs that could damage or steal data. The anti-malware then quarantines or removes any detected malware.

Anti-malware Types

Real Anti-malware Examples

How Anti-malware Works

Anti-malware programs combine behavioural monitoring, heuristic analysis and signature identification to detect malware. While scanning a file, the anti-malware checks whether the file’s signature and behaviour fit the malware profile. The anti-malware then quarantines or removes all the detected malware and notifies the user.

Difference between Anti-malware and Antivirus

Anti-malware software protects you against various types of malware while an Antivirus mainly focuses on protection against viruses. A virus is just one type of malware, so if you need protection against other types of malware like ransomware and worms, consider using anti-malware.

Benefits of Using Anti-malware Software