Autorun worm is a malware type that spreads via hardware or other removable media such as USB flash drives and CDs.

Once the malicious removable media connects to the device, the autorun virus infiltrates the system, automatically executes malicious codes and infects the device.

This virus can do various malicious activities like compromising the system, stealing personal data or launching attacks.

How Autorun Worms Work

  1. Infection stage: Autorun infects your device through removable storage devices and automatically executes a code by exploiting the autorun.inf file.
  2. Replication and spread: Once installed in your device, it replicates itself and extends further to connected devices and network drives, creating multiple copies.
  3. System compromise: After creating multiple copies and spreading to other devices, the autorun worm executes malicious activities like stealing sensitive information, installing spyware or creating backdoors for unauthorized access.

Types of Autorun Worms

Autorun worms have different characteristics. Here are the common types:

Autorun Worm Prevention Tips