C-SCRM is an approach organisations use to identify, assess and mitigate risks related to their supply chain. It aims to protect the organization from threats and vulnerabilities from their interconnected partners, suppliers and vendors.

How C-SCRM Works

C-SCRM first establishes policies and clear security standards across the supply chain network. It also develops a framework for evaluating the chances of a supply chain becoming a cyberattack target.

C-SCRM runs background checks and audits new suppliers to ensure they comply with all the set security standards. It also ensures that the clauses related to compliance, incident reporting, and data security are incorporated into the supplier agreement. Lastly, C-SCRM integrates the suppliers or partners into the organization’s incident response plan.

The remaining tasks of a C-SCRM are continuous monitoring and auditing to assess new vulnerabilities. It also ensures the secure integration of new systems purchased from suppliers and tests parts to ensure they meet standards.