DarkHotel is the name for a cyberespionage group that targets high-profile individuals and organizations. The group has been active since 2007, targeting government officials and business executives staying in luxurious hotels.

They use sophisticated techniques that allow them to send phishing emails, compromise Wi-Fi networks, and install malware on the victim’s DarkHoteldevice. Their main goal is to steal sensitive information like login credentials, credit card numbers, documents, etc.

Characteristics of DarkHotel Organizations

Protecting Against DarkHotel Attacks

What Does DarkHotel Do?

Darkhotel combines various tactics to compromise the security of high-profile individuals living in hotels. These include zero-day vulnerability exploitation, phishing attacks, and malicious software like keyloggers and trojans. It is notorious for using fake login pages and malicious Wi-Fi networks to lure its targets.

Once the attackers compromise a victim’s device, they steal sensitive information and install malware to access the compromised device. With the installed malware, they can then monitor the victims’ activities and steal additional information.

What to Do if You are a Victim of DarkHotel?