Yak shaving refers to a minor problem, activity or task that is less important but must be completed before solving the main problem. Bigger businesses with many employees and multiple teams are likelier to face yak shaving than small startups and businesses.

Examples of Yak Shaving

  1. A company asks you to change the banner on their website.
  2. You don’t have login details so you request the admin to share the credentials.
  3. You discover a password manager is needed to access the credentials.
  4. To log in, you require a 2FA, so you must download and configure an authentication app.
  5. You manage to log in, but there is a typo in the banner. You seek the designer’s help fixing it.
  6. The designer is on holiday, so you must ask for help from a workmate, but they can’t find the AI file. 
  7. The process continues until the issue is resolved.

How to Avoid Yak Shaving