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Linux VPN

Step-by-Step Guide for Using the Linux ExtremeVPN GUI App

As with any other GUI app, the user interacts with the system thanks to graphic elements facilitating the synergy. These are the steps to start using the ExtremeVPN’s GUI application for Linux.

  • Complete the ExtremeVPN GUI app installation process: Open the executable ExtremeVPN app. Then, follow the installation instructions and complete and complete it.
  • Select the best server for your needs: Click on the “Server locations” button and select the country or region that works best for your needs. Alternatively, you can click directly the “Connect” button for the algorithm to choose a server automatically.
  • Start enjoying the ExtremeVPN experience: By completing the process, you’re ready. Unblock geo-restrictions and browse the internet freely, safely, and anonymously.
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Step-by-step Guide for Using the Linux ExtremeVPN CLI App

Do you want to use the Command Line Interface? The following are the steps for using the ExtremeVPN’s CLI application smoothly.

  • Complete the ExtremeVPN CLI app (Beta) installation process: Go to the commands terminal. Then, use the following command to complete the CLI App installation process. “(Insert command here)” After completing the installation process, bear in mind you’ll get a command to run the app; use it in the next step.
  • Sign in to the ExtremeVPN CLI application (Beta): Using the command displayed in the terminal at the end of the installation process, sign in to your ExtremeVPN account.
  • Select a server location: To select a server location, run the command “(insert command here).” Be mindful that the last part of the command is the country code you want to connect to. On the other hand, if you’re unsure of the best location, run the command “(insert command here)” for the algorithm to pick one for you.
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Using the Linux ExtremeVPN CLI App

Reasons for Using a Linux OS VPN

1. To Gain Safety and Privacy Online

Cyberattacks are the order of the day! You can stay protected from hacker threats by using ExtremeVPN. We value our users privacy and provide advanced protection standards for their security.

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Safe to use

2. To Avoid Throttling and Relish Blazing-Fast Swiftness

Having connection issues is a vintage custom! Use ExtremeVPN to enjoy ultra-swift connections of up to 20 GBPS. Correspondingly, you can avoid the bandwidth limits of your ISP.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
To Avoid Throttling and Relish Blazing-Fast Swiftness

3. To Circumvent Blockages and Geo-Restrictions

Having connection issues is a vintage custom! Use ExtremeVPN to enjoy ultra-swift connections of up to 20 GBPS. Correspondingly, you can avoid the bandwidth limits of your ISP.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Circumvent Blockages and Geo-Restrictions

The VPN Characteristics Your Linux System Deserves

Having a distinctive Operating System like Linux requires only the best features a VPN can offer. This is how ExtremeVPN complements your Linux device.

Military-Grade Encryption Systems Military-Grade Encryption Systems

Rest assured with the most potent encryption system! ExtremeVPN integrates the rigid AES 256-bit protocol for further protecting your privacy.

Fast speed Swiftness and Security

ExtremeVPN protocols are built to foster the most secure online experience while having blazing-fast connections.

Kill-Switch Feature Kill-Switch Feature

Worry no more about sudden disconnections! Our Kill Switch function activates to protect your privacy if the connection sinks.

Access DNS Leak Defense

No more involuntary IP revealing! ExtremeVPN makes sure your IP address stays hidden to keep your anonymity.

Servers Automatic Server Selection

Forget about difficulties selecting the proper server! ExtremeVPN’s algorithm selects the best server according to your location.

Residential Servers Residential Servers

Looking for a P2P community? You can connect to any of the ExtremeVPN residential servers. Stream and download safely, thanks to the support of the ExtremeVPN P2P community.

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Breakthrough Additional Features

Distributed Denial-of-Service Shielding Program Distributed Denial-of-Service Shielding Program

Protect yourself from DDoS attacks with our DDoS shielding program.

Dedicated Address Fixed IP Address

With ExtremeVPN, you get a fixed and exclusive IP address to access any website without limitations.

Port Enabler Port Enabler

Get ready to bypass port blocks and freely access any website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to use a VPN with my Linux system? Up
It’s not a mandatory thing! Nevertheless, VPNs are the best solution to remain private and secure using the internet. Additionally, you can enjoy blazing-fast connections to stream or download hassle-free. ExtremeVPN offers what you need in terms of privacy and swiftness.
Can I use a free VPN with my Linux device? Up
There are many free VPN options on the internet. Some of these VPNs help you unblock websites. It’s not recommended to use free VPNs as they don’t provide a secure and private experience. With free VPNs, users are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and privacy is at stake. On the contrary, top-notch VPNs for Linux, like ExtremeVPN, offer a safe and private Internet interaction.
What is a Linux VPN? Up
A VPN that enables your Linux device to surf the internet securely and privately. With a Linux VPN, your IP remains confidential, meaning you can bypass geo-restrictions. At the same time, you’re not subject to privacy violations. ExtremeVPN offers the best quality experience for Linux users. Enjoy blazing-fast speeds of up to 20Gbps, over 6500 servers spread globally in more than 78 countries, and more.
Do all VPNs work with Linux? Up
Not all VPNs support Linux Operating Systems. ExtremeVPN is the best Linux VPN in the market. Install the GUI or CLI app, and enjoy secure and private connections.
Do Linux VPNs work only with CLI apps? Up
No! VPNs like ExtremeVPN offer both GUI and CLI applications. If you’re into introducing commands in your terminal, you can use the ExtremeVPN CLI app (Beta); nevertheless, if you want to interact with graphic elements, download and start using the ExtremeVPN GUI application for Linux.