Get ExtremeVPN on Your Android TV

Did you know you can stream your favorite show on a big screen using ExtremeVPN? All you have to do is download the ExtremeVPN Android TV application and have unrestricted access to any content worldwide.

Connect to ExtremeVPN and sit back to enjoy a seamless and unrestricted experience on your TV!

Andorid TV ExtremeVPN

Why You Should Download ExtremeVPN on Your Android TV

Below are the unique features you enjoy when you use ExtremeVPN for your Android TV:

Unhindered Universal Access

With ExtremeVPN on your Android TV, you can access streaming services virtually anywhere. In addition, our state-of-the-art technologies help subscribers bypass geographical restrictions, making your Android TV an endless resource of rich entertainment content.

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Unhindered Universal Access

Ultra-fast Connections

ExtremeVPN provides blazing-fast connection speed, utilizing advanced technologies like WireGuard and Proxy protocol. These protocols offer up to 20 Gbps, assuring five times the regular internet speed. But there’s more– ExtremeVPN does not compromise on user security while offering ultra-fast connections.

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Ultra-fast Connections

Lag-free Streaming Experience

You can stream movies on your Android TV without experiencing any hassle, glitches, buffers, or connection issues when you download ExtremeVPN. We make a world of secure, consistent, blazing-fast, and reliable streaming possible.

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Lag Free Streaming

One Click Connection

We have made ExtremeVPN easy to use by every category of subscribers. All you need to do to access your desired content and get around geo-restrictions is to enable our services with a single tap.

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One Click Connection

How to Configure ExtremeVPN on Your Android TV

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Launch the Application

Head to the Main Menu on your Android TV to see My Apps. Select ExtremeVPN from the menu to launch the application.


Login to Your Account

Tap log in once the application opens. Enter your username and password in the space provided and click the login button.

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Connect to a Server

After a successful login, proceed by tapping the connect button– and that’s all you need to access any streaming site and enjoy quality streaming services.

Global Network of Fast VPN Servers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to install a VPN on my Android TV? Up
Yes! Downloading a VPN application on your Android TV is safe. However, you need to ensure that you’re installing a reputable and reliable VPN provider. You must consider several factors when choosing a VPN provider to download on your smart TV. These factors include logging policies, encryption protocols, cost, consumer support, and server locations. Ensure that these factors align with your needs before downloading a VPN provider.
Where can I download ExtremeVPN on my Android TV? Up
You can find the ExtremeVPN application on your Android TV by checking Google Play Store. All you need to do is open the Play Store and type ExtremeVPN in the search bar. Then, click on “Install” when you find the application. You can begin to enjoy VPN services once you complete the installation.
Does ExtremeVPN work on all kinds of Android TVs? Up
Yes, ExtremeVPN is compatible with all brands and kinds of Android TVs. However, you need an active ExtremeVPN subscription to enjoy the VPN features.
Why do you need ExtremeVPN on your Android TV? Up
Using a VPN is the ticket to accessing geo-restricted media content. When you set up ExtremeVPN on your Android TV, you can stream content you cannot ordinarily access from your location and enjoy optimum privacy while using the internet on your smart TV.