Easily Overcome ISP Speed Throttling

Don’t let ISP throttling ruin your streaming and gaming experience.

  • Facing slower internet speeds on YouTube?
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What Exactly is ISP Throttling?

ISP throttling occurs when your ISP intentionally reduces your internet speed and bandwidth without notifying you. Most Internet Service Providers utilize this approach to slow the internet speeds of consumers consuming significant amounts of data.

Internet throttling causes slower speeds than what your ISP provides since the fewer data you spend online, the happier your ISP is.

Throttling isn’t always terrible, as it aids ISP in allocating available bandwidth when multiple users use the same cell tower. You may have profited from a throttled internet connection without realizing it.

Reasons Why ISPs Throttle the Internet?

ISPs merely limit your internet traffic to regulate it and clear network congestion. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can restrict their network users if they exceed their data limit within a specific time frame. ISPs sometimes use throttling to regulate internet traffic; this regulation alleviates bandwidth congestion and enforces data limitations. This throttling assists ISPs in keeping their server circumstances in excellent working shape.

Throttling becomes questionable when ISPs use it to influence their customers’ internet behaviors to profit from them. It is also detrimental to users wishing to download or stream anything online.

Slow internet speeds make internet tasks difficult or impossible for consumers. There are numerous reasons your ISP may limit your internet speed; we will discuss the most prevalent ones here.

1. Paid Prioritization

Unfortunately, slowing the internet isn’t always about distributing bandwidth. ISPs can limit specific websites or applications to steer customers away from them and toward other services.

Throttling specific websites encourages businesses to pay more for faster customer loading times. Throttling is acceptable in nations without net neutrality, and consumers bear the increased costs.

2. Managing Network Congestion

Excessive internet usage will reduce the internet speeds of others in the exact location. To address this issue, ISPs may throttle the connection of anyone utilizing a large amount of bandwidth or torrents.

As a result, instead of some customers having full access, while others have none, all consumers can share the network in a particular area.

3. Usage Restrictions

Some ISPs ration the amount of data you can access each week or month, depending on your subscription.

If your internet connection consumes a specific bandwidth, you may suffer data throttling as you approach the data cap. As a result, during times of congestion, your speeds may remain decreased until the next cycle begins.

How Does ExtremeVPN Help to Circumvent ISP Speed Throttling?

There are various alternatives to using a VPN to avoid throttling. A proxy server could be a potential option, but it is unsuccessful for various reasons. Proxies reduce internet speed, defeating the objective of preventing throttling. These downsides of using proxies have made using a VPN the best method to avoid ISP throttling.

A good VPN such as ExtremeVPN ensures your web traffic is entirely anonymous. Your ISP will not be able to modify or slow down your connection speed if you use these unknown features. A VPN efficiently avoids ISP speed restrictions and stays safe from hackers and advertising.

ExtremeVPN provides high-grade encryption technology that masks your traffic from your ISP, making it difficult to access. It securely connects you to the internet while preventing monitoring or throttling. Moreover, ExtremeVPN provides global access to your favorite websites and content at lightning-fast speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it lawful for ISPs to throttle traffic?
Yes! Although internet privacy regulations differ by region, ISP throttling is usually not unlawful. However, it is critical that ISPs adequately explain how throttling works to their customers to prevent shortchanging them.
Is it safe to use a VPN?
Many dangerous VPNs are available, but using the ExtremeVPN network is a secure way to view the internet. ExtremeVPN will shield your IP address and make it difficult for anybody to spy on you.
How will I know if my ISP is throttling my internet connection?
Tools are readily available to assist you in performing a speed test to evaluate your connection speeds. Two websites that can help you determine if your ISP is throttling are internethealthtest.com and fast.com.