The Fastest VPN in the Industry

Immerse yourself in the smoothest internet experience with ExtremeVPN. Enjoy incredible connection speeds and an ever-expansive bandwidth. Surf, binge, and download your favorite content without any hitches.

Fastest VPN

ExtremeVPN: The Fastest VPN in the World

The foremost independent IT security institute, AV-TEST, has confirmed that ExtremeVPN is the fastest VPN in the world. The institute conducted a test, and the results show that we edge out every other popular VPN service in the market.

Below are the speed rates from the major countries:

Countries Average Download Speed
United Kingdom 255.9Mbps
Japan 527.1Mbps
United States 417.0Mbps


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Fastest VPN in the World ExtremeVPN

Why is ExtremeVPN the Fastest?

From the results of independent tests, ExtremeVPN is ultra-fast, the fastest in the world. We have achieved and maintained this status by constantly maintaining a robust infrastructure, upgrading our server network, and investing in software architecture. How have we done this?

Military Grade Advanced Protocols

Thanks to our revolutionary VPN protocol, WireGuard®, you can experience the internet correctly, with zero restrictions and speed limitations.

Military Grade Advanced Protocols

More Servers Worldwide

We offer way more internet liberty and quicker connection. ExtremeVPN operates with over 6500 servers from 78+ countries, meaning you can enjoy a quick and smooth VPN service anywhere. You only need to select your desired server location, and we will recommend the best server for you.

More Servers Worldwide

24/7 Customer Support

Need any help with your internet connection? Well, we have you covered. Our customer service team is the best-equipped in the industry, experienced enough to handle any issues and answer any questions.

Customer Support

Here are the Factors That Can Affect VPN Connection Speed

A few factors can lead to a poor internet experience with lags and interruptions. They include:

  • Proximity to the VPN server
  • VPN server load
  • Connection speed your ISP offers
  • The quality of the encryption
  • The firewalls or antivirus software used
  • The security protocol in use
VPN Connection Speed

Pick the Right Servers

Before picking a VPN service, ensure extensive and reliable server coverage. With ExtremeVPN, the choice is easy; we have more servers, which means less traffic overload and the best speeds. As a result, with so many locations to choose from, we have a server in every location worldwide.

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Pick the Right Servers

Carefully Select Your Desired Location

The worst servers are the ones that are far away; they end up offering slow network connections. So instead, you should pick servers that are physically closer to you, reducing the distance between your traffic and the malicious third parties who might snoop in on it.

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Carefully Select Your Desired Location

Enjoy Zero Crowding

We do not want you to wait in line when you want to connect to servers, and with ExtremeVPN, you never have to wait. All you need to do is select the “Quick Connect” button and the app, and you will get automatically connected to the best possible server option.

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Enjoy Zero Crowding

Speed or Security?

What if you did not have to juggle between the two? With ExtremeVPN, we offer both. Ensure your internet experience is safe, private, and without compromising speed and security. Get ExtremeVPN, the only VPN service assured to give you this and more.

Evade ISP Throttling Protocols

Get out of the nosy interference of your local ISP and enjoy a lag-free binge marathon. Say goodbye to buffering, lagging, and bandwidth throttling.

ISP Throttling Protocols

Enjoy Safe Streaming

Enjoy incredible HD movies and TV shows at home or on the move. And, of course, with formidable security and privacy.

Safe and fast streaming

Maintain Consistent Security

Enjoy incredible HD movies and TV shows at home or on the move. And, of course, with formidable security and privacy.

Maintain Consistent Security

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I test VPN speeds? Up
To check how fast your VPN’s servers are, you can try to check how fast your connection is when you connect to the VPN and then without it. Make sure to note both speeds and compare after. If you want faster speeds with your VPN, connect to a physically closer server location. You can also close any dormant tabs on your browser or close apps that may be acting as extra load.
Can a VPN service increase my Internet connection speed? Up
Well, a VPN greatly influences how your internet connection performs, and with most VPN services, there is a noticeable reduction in the expected speed. But with ExtremeVPN, you can rely on our advanced protocols and over 6500+ servers for guaranteed lightning-fast speeds.
What is a good Internet speed? Up
Good internet speed is usually dependent on the nature of your online activities. For example, are you a gamer, a streamer, or a casual internet user? To either of these options, good internet speed can mean different things. For example, 25-30 Mbps for average users is relatively good, but if you are a heavy online gamer or wish to stream high-quality content, you should aim for 100 Mbps and above. Note that the more routers you have connected, the more speed you need.