Looking for a Quantum-threat Immune VPN?

Privacy is the number one feature ExtremeVPN seeks to provide. But how to guarantee an armor-plating privacy experience for all customers? Easy! By partnering with the world’s most heavy-weight company for quantum computing, Quantinuum.

Quantum-Resistant Encryption

ExtremeVPN Walks in Quantum Steps to Protect Your Privacy as Never Before

As the world moves by gigantic leaps, netizens need to be ready. ExtremeVPN is arranging future-proof privacy and security for all customers. A free-of-threat Internet experience is possible. Thanks to ExtremeVPN’s Quantum-Immune Encryption, the future is here!

The 5G technology has brought ultra-fast connections; ExtremeVPN couldn’t stay behind! With the new servers’ capacity, users enjoy 20Gbps speeds.

Are You Ready for Quantum-Inmune Encryption Keys?

Thanks to ExtremeVPN’s Quantum-Immune System, You Get

Want to Get a Hold on Our Quantum-Immune Encryption Keys?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. The Americas: United States and Canada.
  2. Europe: United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Germany.
  3. Oceania: Australia

Walk the Quantum mile now! It’s just a tiny step toward a noteworthy privacy achievement.

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Encryption-Keys 101 – Quick Guide to Understanding Quantum Immunity

Remain Unscathed Before Quantum Attacks

One of the most predominant features of VPNs is encryption. Unfortunately, thousands of cyber attacks appear on the landscape each day. The latest hackers’ technique is to collect considerable amounts of coded data. Then, they attempt to apply quantum decryption to it. But what can you do against this?

The answer is verified Encryption Keys! With Quantum-Source Encryption Keys, you can block or string your data. Hence, you get to prevent cyber-criminals from interacting with it.

The result? You stay unscathed from hackers’ malicious acts.

Remain Unscathed Before Quantum Attacks

Be Up to Par with the Future

We see one-of-a-kind advancements daily; it’s time to join the future call! Quantum technology breaks through many applications. Some examples include financial, health, security, AI, and more. Yet, to the degree of the positive impact appear as well several risks.

Are you up to par with the future? ExtremeVPN’s Encryption Keys keep you in the game and future-proof your privacy and security.

Be Up to Par with the Future

Protection Beyond the Temporary

The current VPN security protocols are effective, but the passing of time makes them obsolete. The best way to get protection beyond the temporary is to walk the Quantum mile.

Are you ready to survive the Quantum revolution? Get Quantum Immunity with ExtremeVPN’s Encryption Keys.

Protection Beyond the Temporary

ExtremeVPN’s Next Steps After the Adoption of Quantum-Immune Encryption Keys

The Quantum world is an ever-growing field. ExtremeVPN strives to expand parallel to the Quantum momentum. On top of fortifying our Encryption Keys System, we envision tapping into the Quantum Algorithm Scheme.

At the moment, we have undergone an approval process with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Upon approval, our goal is to build a robust Quantum-Immune algorithm. Our eyes are set on the Extreme target to continue providing our customers with Quantum protection.

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World-class VPN Service with Fastest Servers

North America

1926 VPN Servers

Central America

87 VPN Servers

South America

170 VPN Servers


450 VPN Servers


3116 VPN Servers


658 VPN Servers


161 VPN Servers

78+ Countries
96+ Locations
6500+ VPN Server

Top Reasons for 3+ Million Users to Prefer ExtremeVPN’s Service

connections Multiple Devices Per Account

We want users to connect every device they own. Enjoy infinite protection with just one account.

Military-Grade Encryption Systems Top-of-art Encryption Protocol

We value the privacy of your data the most. With your ExtremeVPN account, you get the military-grade protocol AES 256-bit.

Kill-Switch Feature Kill Switch Button

We protect your anonymity at all times. Our Kill Switch button activates before sudden disconnections to keep your identity entirely safe.

Dedicated Address Fixed IP Address Extra Feature

We strive for you to have a smooth experience. Our fixed-IP feature boosts your internet safety and guarantees geo-blocks bypassing.

no logs policy Anti-logs Policy

We envision an environment where your data remains yours. With ExtremeVPN, your history, profile, and interests are safe.

Servers Over 6500 Servers

We aspire to furnish your VPN experience with a vast server catalog. Over 6500 servers across the globe await you.

split tunneling Split Tunneling Function

We want you to decide which apps need a different IP address. With ExtremeVPN, you can split-tunnel your connections between our VPN and the ISP.

port forwarding Port Forwarding

We fancy you to connect from every corner of the world. With ExtremeVPN’s Port-Forward feature, you can safely access your devices wherever you are.