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Anonymous Online With a Stealth VPN

What is a Stealth VPN?

A stealth VPN makes your VPN traffic look like you are not using one. If you’re using a typical VPN, you enjoy privacy and security. However, using a stealth VPN gives you the advantage of letting no one know you are even connected to a VPN. That way, you get to enjoy optimum privacy online.

Stealth VPN

What is Stealth Technology? Where Did it Originate from?

Stealth technology is a unique invention that makes a device or person undetectable. The origin of this amazing technology can be traced back to designing aircraft to ensure that no radar can spot them. Although these stealth aircraft can’t evade radars completely, they remain invisible to high-frequency (HF) radars. Like these aircraft, stealth VPNs also use this technology to stay undetectable.

How Does a Stealth VPN Work?

Usually, a VPN encrypts your internet connection, making it hard for anyone to decipher your data. Yet, your ISP or organization may be able to tell when you’re using a VPN. However, if you go online with a stealth VPN protocol connected, you get to camouflage your internet connection to look like a regular one. Although the process of doing this is a secret, OpenVPN is ExtremeVPN’s stealth protocol.

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Stealth VPN Work

Why Should I Use a Stealth VPN?

If you worry about your online privacy, consider using a Stealth VPN. By connecting to one, you won’t have to worry about anyone finding out about your VPN usage. ExtremeVPN uses every means to ensure you stay invisible whenever you connect to our VPN.

Servers Obfuscated Servers

Our specialized servers ensure no one, such as your ISP, can tell that your traffic is actually VPN protected. That is because it completely disguises your VPN connection as a regular connection.

Military-Grade Encryption Systems Highest Standard of Encryption

ExtremeVPN uses the industry-leading AES-246-GCM encryption to protect all online data that passes through our VPN tunnel. Our encryption package assures you of strong online security and privacy at all times.

Hidden VPN Connection Reliable VPN Protocols

One feature that enhances a stealth VPN’s ability is VPN protocol. ExtremeVPN offers Wireguard, IKEv2/IPsec, and OpenVPN to provide the best security. Combining this with our encryption, you can rest assured your information is safe.

lock within cloud Private Leak & DNS Protection

ExtremeVPN offers DNS protection to grant you the privacy you require. With our stealth VPN, you get a private DNS with every server connection. Also, you’ll get the best leak protection with our IPv4 to assure you of a private and secure online experience.

double tick icon Double VPN Protection with a Dynamic MultiHop

Creating a connection with two VPN servers simultaneously assures you of a more private and secure connection when compared to connecting to just one server. Our Dynamic MultiHop lets you choose the pair of servers you want and enjoy double VPN protection.

Wifi with a lock Strict No-log Policy

All these stealth VPN features can be as good as nothing if your VPN provider still takes your data. Using a trusted VPN like ExtremeVPN, you can ensure your online data is safe.

When is a Stealth VPN Useful?

There are many situations where a stealth VPN is useful. You can use this VPN when:

Content You Want to Unblock Restricted Content

Imagine living in or traveling to a country where you can’t watch the most popular shows due to online censorship. With ExtremeVPN, you don’t have to worry about this.

Protect Your Online Privacy You Care About Your Online Privacy

As a privacy-cautious person, browsing the internet VPN-free risks your data getting into the hands of the government and cybercriminals. Using ExtremeVPN gives you total control over this situation.

VPN for Web Browsers You Want Your Household to Browse Securely

With ExtremeVPN, you can easily make this a reality. You can use just one account to protect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Disclaimer: We do not support you using ExtremeVPN for any illegal acts as that is against our Terms of Service. Please ensure you agree with the practical regulations and laws of streaming service providers.

What are Stealth Protocols?

Stealth protocols employ stealth technology to mask your VPN traffic. These protocols include:

What is HTTPS Traffic?

You can refer to your normal, VPN-free internet traffic as HTTPS Traffic. As the name implies, this traffic gets protected using HTTPS protocol. It uses TLS or SSL encryption to secure your online data. You can quickly identify this encryption on your browser through a tiny padlock icon on your search bar.

You may encounter certain websites that may block you from accessing them because of your VPN connection. This is where using a stealth VPN benefits you. The website won’t be able to tell you are connected to a VPN by using one. You will be able to evade any firewall and unblock any internet restrictions.


Can a Stealth VPN Make Me Untraceable?

If you are using a reliable VPN service, it should be almost impossible for anyone to trace you online. However, a VPN cannot promise 100% privacy, as you still have a big part to play. For example, filling out forms or shopping online exposes some of your information to a third party. Except you avoid doing anything online, your privacy is not 100% guaranteed.

Still, you can enhance your online privacy by:

  • Displaying little information about you on your social media
  • Be careful of the forms you fill online
  • Use a trustworthy VPN
GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
VPN Make Me Untraceable

How To Set Up a VPN in Simple Steps

With these 3 short steps, you can protect your internet life:

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Step 1

Visit the ExtremeVPN website and subscribe to a plan.

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Step 2

Install our app on your device.


Step 3

Connect to a server location in any country of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep Packet Inspection? Up
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a situation where your online traffic gets examined. When your network identifies any abnormal activity in your data packets (like when you use a VPN), it can block or redirect your traffic. DPI also lets third parties discover what you’re doing online.
Will a Stealth VPN protect me from DPI? Up
A stealth VPN can protect you and your data from DPI. That is because stealth VPNs will help make your data packets look like regular online traffic.
What does a Stealth Mode VPN mean? Up
A stealth mode VPN ensures that no online eyes can tell if you use a VPN connection. It does this through a fantastic encryption process that converts your VPN traffic to a regular internet connection.
Can I find a Stealth VPN that is free? Up
You may come across free VPNs claiming to use stealth technology. But you can’t trust their services. It’s always better to look for a premium VPN service that guarantees anonymity online. ExtremeVPN uses a stealth VPN protocol, OpenVPN, ensuring that you stay online privately.
Which one is better between Wireguard and Stealth? Up
While Wireguard is one of the best VPN protocols that guarantees your security, there have been concerns about its privacy abilities. A stealth VPN protocol can promise security, privacy, and efficiency in one package.
Can my ISP know when I’m using a Stealth VPN? Up
Fortunately, with a stealth VPN, your ISP will be unaware that you are using a VPN.