Get the Best VPN for Estonia in 2024

Looking for ways to get the Estonian IP address outside its border to access its local content wherever you are in the world? Dread no more! Grab an ExtremeVPN subscription and enjoy all Estonian content, such as local news, entertainment, documentaries, sporting events, or geo-locked content, freely and securely using our top-rated Estonia-based VPN servers.

Get the Best VPN for Estonia in 2023

How to Get an IP Address for Estonia

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Step 1

Buy an ExtremeVPN subscription by visiting our official webpage.

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Step 2

Download and set up its dedicated app for your device.


Step 3

Select Estonia from the extensive list of VPN servers and you will instantly get an IP address from Estonia.

Why ExtremeVPN is Best to Access Estonian IP Address

Stream Everything You Desire

With ExtremeVPN enabled, you can stream all the content you want on renowned streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or Amazon without worrying about geo-restriction anymore. It also helps you remain anonymous from your ISP, enabling you to enjoy streaming without worrying about throttling or bandwidth shortage.

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Uninterrupted Streaming

Access Geo-restricted Content

ExtremeVPN has more than 6500 servers in 78 countries worldwide. No matter where you are, access any server to the country of your desire and access all of its geo-locked content conveniently without getting tracked.

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Browse with No Bandwidth-limit

ExtremeVPN puts no limitation on your internet bandwidth usage. In other words, stream, chat, and work as much as you desire at your preferred time. We don’t care how much you surf the internet with your single subscription.

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Responsive Customer Support

Zero-logs Policy

At ExtremeVPN, protecting user privacy is at the core of our business objectives. To achieve this, we ensure to never get into the business of user activity or connection tracking. This means you need not worry about anyone getting to know about your online sessions and preferences.

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Zero Logs Policy

Top-notch Encryption Protocols

In order to protect your security from unwanted mishaps like data theft, spoofing, or ISP monitoring, ExtremeVPN employs military-grade encryption protocols. It does this by masking your IP address after establishing a secure tunnel between your device and the web so that no one can comprehend what you do online, even on open Wi-Fi networks like markets, schools, or restaurants.

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Stay Secure with the Best Encryption

Get ExtremeVPN on All Your Devices

Once you buy an ExtremeVPN subscription, you can use all its exciting features on at least 10 devices concurrently. Besides this, it provides compatible apps for all kinds of devices globally, like smartphones, smart TVs, gaming systems, or PCs. For instance, you can get the ExtremeVPN app for your Smart TV, whether you have an Android TV, Samsung TV, Amazon TV, or Apple TV at home. It also facilitates supported apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems for your PC or laptop. If you are a gaming enthusiast, the ExtermeVPN app directory covers compatible solutions for gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation as well.

Can You Access the Estonia IP Address Using Free Proxies?

Simply put, you can use the services of free VPN providers to access Estonian VPN servers. If you want to use a free proxy provider, there are multiple options on the web. But if you believe your data is much more valuable than a few bucks, you must opt for a reliable VPN service like ExtremeVPN. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t prefer a free VPN over paid VPNs, as follows:

  • Limited global server options
  • Weak security and encryption protocols
  • Untrustworthy promises over logging and data tracking
  • Security watchdogs and third-party can purchase your data activities to leverage you
  • Browsing lag in between your streaming sessions

ExtremeVPN vows to ensure that you need not worry about all of the above concerns. It employs state-of-the-art security protocols to protect your data while providing a smooth internet experience. Its dedicated team of developers and designers works 24/7 to improve its servers’ network proficiency so that once enabled, you forget about data-cap or browsing lag.

Besides this, if you still have apprehensions about the service quality, ExtremeVPN also gives you a 30-day free allowance to test it out yourself. That means, If, in any case, it doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days via email or live chat through our official webpage.

Can You Access the Estonia IP Address Using Free Proxies?

Reasons Why ExtremeVPN is the Best to Access Estonia IP

FeaturesExtremeVPNUnpaid VPNs
Customer Support 24/7 via live chat & email Via email only
Data MonitoringNeverCan’t trust
Global Server Locations78 countriesFewer options
Bandwidth CapLimitless10-15 Gb
Device CompatibilityDedicated Apps for All DevicesPC and mobiles
Simultaneous Connectivity10 Devices5-8 Devices at most

Internet Censorship in Estonia

The Estonian residents enjoy almost complete internet freedom as the authorities have put little to no restrictions on its usability. It goes without saying that private organizations or educational institutions are free to place certain restrictions on their networks to increase the proficiency of their employee and students.

In such cases, a premium VPN enables you to access all your desired content despite being prohibited by your authorities. Moreover, due to ExtremeVPN’s impenetrable encryption protocols, you can always feel safe accessing the internet on public hotspots, like shopping malls, restaurants, airports, etc.

Internet Censorship

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get an Estonian IP address? Up
The cost to get an Estonian VPN depends mainly on your preferred service quality. An exclusively paid VPN like ExtremeVPN provides blazing-fast speed on all its 6500+ servers integrated with strong security and encryption protocols. With as little as $3.29 per month, you can get an ExtremeVPN subscription for 12 months.
Is it legal to use a VPN inside Estonia? Up
You won’t have any legal consequences if you use a VPN as an Estonian resident.
Can I get an Estonian IP address using a free VPN? Up
There is a slight chance that you will get an Estonian IP address easily using a free VPN, as most free proxies provide servers in first-world countries like the US, UK, UAE, Australia, or Canada. Even if you find a free Estonian IP address, there is a higher chance that you’ll still experience lag while streaming. The best remedy to enjoy your streaming is to get a reputable and paid VPN provider like ExtremeVPN. Thanks to its state-of-the-art security protocols, you have a smooth internet session and a worry-free experience from third-party interventions like your ISP, advertisement outlets, or cybercriminals.
How do you get an Estonian IP address? Up
To get an Estonia IP address using ExtremeVPN, please carry out the following steps: 1. Purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription. 2. Download and configure its supported app on your device. 3. Tap on Estonia from its significant list of countries to connect with the server residing there.
Why should I use a VPN service inside Estonia? Up
Premium VPN service provider like ExtremeVPN facilitates their clients with a safer and smoother browsing experience over the web. It helps you unblock geo-restricted content irrespective of your real location while protecting you from all unwanted monitoring parties, like your ISP or authorities’ cyber agencies.
Which VPN is the best VPN to get Estonia’s IP Address? Up
If you put your data safety and smooth internet experience at first over a few bucks, then ExtremeVPN is the best option. With ultra-fast speed on all its 6500+ servers scattered around 78 countries, there is nothing more you can expect from a reputed VPN. To get Estonia’s IP address, you only need to tap on Estonia from its extensive list of countries or let ExtremeVPN’s built-in Smart Locator automatically select the optimum server for you.