Get the Top French VPN in 2024

If geo-restrictions are hindrances to you, you need a top-notch VPN. With ExtremeVPN, you can securely unblock geo restrictions and browse French content from anywhere in the world.

Get the Top French VPN in 2023

How to Get an IP Address in France

To secure an IP address in France using ExtremeVPN, follow these steps:

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Step 1

Subscribe to ExtremeVPN.

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Step 2

Download and install the ExtremeVPN app.


Step 3

Search for, select, and join a French server.

Select a VPN Server in France

On ExtremeVPN, you can easily connect to a server in France. You only need to visit the website or download and install the app. Then, select France, and there’ll be an automatic connection to a French server closest to you.

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Select a VPN Server in France

Why Should You Use a French VPN?

Watch TV Shows and More Online Content

Geo-restrictions have become very common around the globe, and as expected, there is some content you can only stream if you are in a certain location. In this case, it is France. If there are TV shows, movies, games, and live matches you’d like to access outside France, ExtremeVPN grants you direct access.

With ExtremeVPN, you can bypass throttling and geo-restrictions to catch your favorite content on Hulu, Netflix,, Tubi, and Amazon Prime. You can also access live sports such as rugby and Ligue 1 matches.

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Watch TV Shows and More Online Content

Keep Your Activity on the Internet Private

Whether it is to surf the internet or unblock geo-restrictions, ExtremeVPN grants you access and ensures that your connection is as private as it needs to be. There is zero logging of your information, which means that with an active connection to an ExtremeVPN server, no one can access your browsing history.

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Keep Your Activity on the Internet Private

Explore the Internet with Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlike internet service providers that can access your internet connection and limit access to specific sites or applications, ExtremeVPN allows you to explore the internet with unlimited bandwidth. You can surf, text, visit any site, and use an application for as long as you want without any limitations.

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Explore The Internet with Unlimited Bandwidth

Keep Your Data Safe

Just as your connection logs are private, so is all your data on ExtremeVPN. Using ExtremeVPN guarantees you the protection of your data and privacy even when you connect to private or public WiFi.

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Safe to use

IP Protection

Typically, with an internet connection using a local network, advertisers, hackers, ISPs, the government, and generally, third-party apps or persons can monitor your online activity. ExtremeVPN does otherwise. You can use ExtremeVPN to keep your IP address secure and avoid spying.

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Unrestricted Web Access, Zero Limits

Surf the Internet Freely

There are over 70 servers on ExtremeVPN, including French servers. ExtremeVPN allows you to safely and privately access internet services with ultra-fast speeds, zero logging, and unlimited bandwidth.

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Obsecure Servers

Protect All of Your Devices

The protection on ExtremeVPN covers all devices you own, including smartphones, TV box systems, laptops, gaming consoles, or any device. You can connect multiple devices to ExtremeVPN simultaneously and still have protection on all of them.

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Protect Your devices

Download and Install a French VPN on Each of Your Devices

Subscribing to a single ExtremeVPN plan grants all your devices access to it. What this means is with just a single ExtremeVPN subscription, you can connect your gaming consoles, Xbox, Apple TV, and Android and Apple devices to a French server. ExtremeVPN also offers VPN add-ons for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Vivaldi browsers.

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Can I Get a France IP Address with a Free VPN?

Of course! You can get a France VPN using a free VPN, but the question is if it’s worth it. The primary reason why you need a VPN is to securely and probably privately access content outside of France, and most free VPNs do not help you do that. It might be a sham even if they promise to give you complete security and privacy.

Free VPNs make money from selling user data by logging your information, like your password search history, while browsing and selling to third parties. These third parties need your information for advertisement purposes or to generally snoop.

Hence, we advise purchasing an ExtremeVPN plan. ExtremeVPN does not and will never log your data for any reason. Whatever you do with an active connection to a server on ExtremeVPN remains secure and private. We offer affordable packages for our users, and you can also take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee offer to enjoy all ExtremeVPN features.

Can I Get a France IP Address with a Free VPN

Limitations on the Internet in France

In France, there is no restriction or censorship on content or sites by government officials. However, schools, corporations, and private establishments can limit certain content, sites, and applications. This way, anyone within the confines of that environment has no access to such sites, applications, and content.

Which is why you need ExtremeVPN. With it, you can bypass these restrictions and have full access to any site, application, or content of your choice. The good news is that ExtremeVPN does not log any of your data, and you can browse freely, securely, and privately.

Why ExtremeVPN is the Top French VPN?

ExtremeVPNFree VPNs
Data capUnlimited bandwidth10GB maximum
Customer serviceRound-the-clock service and a live chatInconsistent availability and communication is via email
Connection and activity loggingZero loggingLogs some, if not all, your data
Device compatibilityAvailable on all kinds of devicesAvailable only on mobile and desktop
Number of VPN servers and locationOver 6,500 servers in 78+ countriesAt least over 1,000 servers in 50 countries

Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN is the best to use in France? Up
The best VPN in France is ExtremeVPN, which has over 6,500 robust servers across 78+ countries. When you select a France server, ExtremeVPN will automatically find the best server for your local network and current location.
Where can I get a VPN app? Up
You can get the ExtremeVPN app on Apple or Google Play Store. Open any stores, search for ExtremeVPN, and download the app. Then, install the app and fill in the boxes with all the necessary details. Afterward, search for a server location and gain direct access to any content using ExtremeVPN.
Does a French resident need a VPN? Up
Well, it depends. The French government has no restrictions on content, sites, or applications, but corporations, schools, and private companies can. So, if a French resident restricts certain online activity because of where they work or school, they need not just any VPN but ExtremeVPN.
Is it illegal to use a VPN service in France? Up
No, it is not. It is entirely legal to use VPNs in France. So, you can download and install ExtremeVPN, connect to French servers, and browse with freedom. However, ensure you do not conduct illegal activities while using a VPN.