Get the Best Indonesia VPN in 2024

Facing difficulties accessing your local Indonesian content from abroad? Don’t fret anymore! Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber and unblock all your local channels, such as news, TV shows, movies, and all sporting events, wherever you are worldwide.

Get the Best Indonesia VPN in 2023

How to Get Indonesia VPN Server – 3 Easy Steps

Access Indonesian IP address worldwide by following these super easy steps:

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Step 1

Grab an ExtremeVPN subscription by visiting our official webpage.

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Step 2

Download and install its multi-device-supported app solution on your device.


Step 3

Scroll through its wide array of countries list, and tap on Indonesia to connect with our VPN server there.

Why Choose ExtremeVPN to Access Indonesian IP Address?

Defeat Geo-restriction

ExtremeVPN facilitates its consumers with 6500+ servers across 78 countries worldwide. Say goodbye to geo-restrictions worldwide by simply accessing a virtual IP address of a particular region using ExtremeVPN.

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Military-grade Security Protocols

Once you subscribe to ExtremeVPN, you no longer need to worry about any unfavorable scenarios online, like third-party monitoring from your ISPs, or data theft from illegal entities like cybercriminals. ExtremeVPN employs a set of highly impenetrable encryption protocols on its entire server network, allowing its clientele a complete sense of online security.

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security and privacy

Guaranteed Privacy

Understandably, every user wants to keep their privacy and data intact in all cases while on the web. ExtremeVPN enables you to achieve just that by not tracking your online activities and connection records. To remain true to our promise, we get audited by several auditing observers at regular intervals.

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Stay Private Online

No Data-cap

As ExtremeVPN provides unlimited bandwidth to its customers — explore, chat, stream, or watch movies online as much as you want worldwide without experiencing any throttle and bandwidth restrictions.

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Protect Your Data from All Snoopers

Smooth and Seamless Streaming

ExtremeVPN has a self-generating and streaming-optimized server network, which allows you to stream whatever you want smoothly and seamlessly. Watch your favorite content on renowned streaming platforms like Netflix, iFlix, HBO, Amazon, YouTube, or more without facing any interruption or browsing lag.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Smooth Streaming of Your Favorite Content

Get ExtremeVPN to Secure All Your Devices

Once you become an ExtremeVPN subscriber, you can use it on all your devices at home. ExtremeVPN built an easy-to-use app for all kinds of devices you can get your hands on. Furthermore, paying for a single ExtremeVPN subscription lets you simultaneously use all its exciting features on 10 devices. Below is a brief list of operating systems and brands for which the ExtremeVPN’a interactive app is available.

Do Free VPNs Provide Access to an Indonesian VPN Server?

You can find many free VPNs online to access Indonesia-based VPN servers. But it would help if you contemplate whether they are worth risking your personal data and privacy sanctity. We doesn’t endorse connecting to a free VPN, as free VPNs use weak security and encryption protocols, easily breakable for even a decent cybercriminal.

Moreover, these VPNs don’t provide sufficient location options, so the probability of you getting your local IP address if you aren’t among the first-world countries, like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, or Norway, is minimal. Free services are also known for imposing data caps or speed throttle, making your online experience more irritating after a certain time.

On the other hand, a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN invests heavily in providing its clients with a smooth and irritation-free online experience. It puts together a strong set of security and encryption protocols to ensure the safety and privacy of its users online from any third-party intrusion into your network. Because of its wide fleet of servers, 6500+ servers across 78 countries, you can get the IP address of any country you desire to enjoy your time online. Additionally, ExtremeVPN doesn’t record any data and connection logs of its client base.

Still not convinced? Try out ExtremeVPN by using its first 30-day trial period. If it doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you can request a refund within the allowed time.

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Do Free VPNs Provide Access to an Indonesian VPN Server

Reasons Why You Should Choose ExtremeVPN Over Free VPNs

FeaturesExtremeVPNFree VPNs
Customer support assistanceInstant response 24/7 via Email & live chatDelayed response time
Data monitoringNeverCan’t trust
Global server locations78 countries10-15 countries
Bandwidth limitUnlimited8-10 GB
Supported appsSupports all devices PC and mobiles
Simultaneous connections10 devices3 Devices at most

Content Censorship in Indonesia

Kominfo, Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, has imposed several restrictions on internet usage inside its jurisdiction over time. These restrictions primarily involve blocking websites featuring what it perceives as negative content, such as information that is considered immoral, defamatory, or in violation of societal norms. Renowned online forums such as Netflix, Steam, Yahoo, Nintendo Online, Grindr, and PayPal have all experienced suspensions in Indonesia.

Apart from this, various political demonstrations in certain regions of the country also influenced Kominfo to impose limited internet and social media access. To circumvent such restrictions and ensure the privacy and security of your online traffic, we recommend using a paid VPN service like ExtremeVPN.

Internet Censorship

Frequently Asked Questions

For how much can you get an Indonesia VPN? Up
It depends on the kind of service quality you prefer. If your data safety is your top priority, you must go for a reputable paid VPN like ExtremeVPN. You can use ExtremeVPN’s features by paying $10.59 monthly. On the other hand, if you purchase the yearly subscription, you can get it against $3.29 per month, which will cost you $39.48 per annum.
Is VPN legal in Indonesia? Up
Even though you can use a VPN legally inside the country, you must exercise precautions while connected online.
How to set up an Indonesia VPN Server? Up
Follow these 3 simple steps to access the Indonesia VPN server: 1. Purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription. 2. Download and set up its app on your device, like mobile or PC. 3. Tap on Indonesia to connect to its VPN server.
Should we use a VPN inside Indonesia? Up
Using a VPN, you can access sites like Reddit, Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo, etc, in any country, even if they are banned. In other words, VPN is the best tool to get restriction-free internet access worldwide. Moreover, a VPN also hides your real identity by masking your location and providing you with a virtual IP address. This way, nobody knows that you are online, not even your ISP or Govt. but you.
Which VPN is the best for Indonesia? Up
Because of its extensive collection of 6500+ servers across 78 countries and strong implementation of security protocols on all its servers, ExtremeVPN stands as the top VPN in the world. Choose an Indonesia-based server from its country list, or allow ExtremeVPN to connect to the best server on your network automatically.