Download a Trusted Ireland VPN in 2024

Gain access to your favorite Irish content from any location worldwide with ExtremeVPN. The VPN provides an Irish IP address and lets you perform your online activities with complete security.

  • Browse the internet in complete freedom
  • Protect your online traffic from prying eyes
  • Available for all your devices
Download a Trusted Ireland VPN in 2023

How to Connect to a VPN in Ireland

You don’t need to fret about getting an Irish IP address while away from home. Get one with ExtremeVPN in simple steps:

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Step 1

Visit the ExtremeVPN website and pick a subscription plan.

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Step 2

Download the ExtremeVPN app on your preferred device.


Step 3

Select a server location in Dublin and start streaming!

Why Use ExtremeVPN’s Ireland Servers?

With many VPN providers available today, it can be challenging to identify the one that can grant you an Irish IP while simultaneously protecting your online business. Here’s why you should consider ExtremeVPN as your number 1 choice when searching for the perfect VPN:

Stay Private Online

One thing ExtremeVPN holds at high priority is its users’ privacy. Due to this, we maintain a strict no-logging policy, such that your browsing and connection history will remain a secret to you. In addition to this policy, we encrypt every data you send from your device to the internet. That way, any interested party won’t be able to access your information and use it to threaten your digital life.

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Stay Private Online

Enjoy an Anonymous Browsing

Once you connect to ExtremeVPN, you hide your IP address and get another one linked to your selected location. You can get past online bans and browse freely with your new IP address.

Our high-tech features, which include a kill switch and a DNS/IPV6 leak protection, allow you to hide your identity online even when you experience a network disruption. We also offer stealth servers such that no site or your ISP can detect that you are using a VPN.

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Premium Anonymity

Protect All Your Devices

Protect up to 10 devices with one ExtremeVPN account. We have app versions suitable for your tablet, computer, or phone. You don’t have to choose which device to protect as you can download it on all of them.

You can even connect our VPN to your smart TV and enjoy Irish content on the big screen. Even if your device doesn’t support VPN usage, it’s possible to configure our device on your wireless network and enjoy unlimited protection on every device in your household.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
protect all devices

Stream TV Shows, Documentaries, and More

While streaming sites like Disney+, Netflix, Peacock, and Paramount+ are available in Ireland, others like Hulu can’t be accessed there. This means that if you are in Ireland, you won’t be able to enjoy popular shows like Only Murders in The Building and The Handmaid’s Tale. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to enjoy these shows.

ExtremeVPN offers 6500 high-speed servers in over 78 countries, including the US and Japan. That way, you can enjoy shows unavailable in Ireland without leaving the country. You also enjoy Ireland’s local channels, like Sky Ireland, even abroad.

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Stream TV Shows Documentaries, and More

Bypass Online Censorships

Although Irish laws respect internet users’ freedom, there are still specific platforms and content you may not be able to access in the country. Thanks to our extensive server network, you can connect to any server location where your desired content is available and bypass any censorship.

Our industry-leading AES-256 encryption ensures that no one, including your government and ISP, can block you from browsing on any site you choose. So, you can now unblock restricted sites, access any content, and surf the web freely without caring about online censorship.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Bypass Online Censorship

Browse Freely with Unlimited Bandwidth

Don’t let your ISP interrupt your internet experience by restricting your bandwidth. ExtremeVPN’s unlimited bandwidth allows you to stream, download large files, and play games without slowing you down. Connect to any of our server locations and browse as much as you want with no limitations.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Unlimited Bandwidth

Get an Irish IP Address on All Your Devices

Whether you want to quickly browse an Irish site on your phone or use your laptop to catch up with your favorite show on Sky Ireland, ExtremeVPN has got you covered! Once you subscribe to our premium service, you can download our application on your Android, MacOS, iOS, or Windows devices. We don’t limit our service to just one device – you can get an Irish IP address on up to 10 devices with a single ExtremeVPN account.

If you have devices that don’t work well with VPNs, you can set up our VPN on your router and connect the device to it. That way, any device connected to the router connects to our Ireland servers automatically. You can check out our setup guide to help you when installing our app on your device. Moreover, you can always contact our 24/7 online support for help if you encounter any issues.

Can a Free VPN Get Me an Irish IP Address?

There are many free VPNs available that can get you an Irish IP with no cost attached. But have you ever wondered where some of these free services get their money? To answer this question, some free VPNs monetize their users’ online traffic and sell them to interested parties. This means connecting to one gets you no privacy and interruptions from spam and ads pop-up while browsing.

A premium VPN like ExtremeVPN can guarantee a secure and private internet connection. Once you set up the VPN on your device, you gain access to our extensive server network and robust security protocols that can eliminate any online threats. You can test our VPN service for 30 days, and if you don’t like what you get, your money will be returned to you without any hassle.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Can a Free VPN Get Me an Irish IP Address

Online Censorships in Ireland

The Irish constitution respects users’ freedom when online. However, there are sites that you may not be able to access in the country. Also, institutions, like schools or private companies, can restrict anyone connected to their network from accessing certain content. This can include streaming services, gaming sites, or any platform that requires high data.

Using ExtremeVPN can help you get past these restrictions no matter your location. You can use your school or workplace network and any public WiFi and enjoy online freedom and privacy anytime.

Online Censorships in Ireland

Why ExtremeVPN is the Perfect VPN Choice for Ireland

ExtremeVPNMost VPNs
Server locations78+ countriesFew countries
Data BandwidthUnlimited10GB
Simultaneous connection10 devices1 to 5 devices
Data loggingNeverNot promised
Supported deviceApps for all your devicesDesktop and mobile apps
Connection speedLightening-fastAverage
Online support24/7 live chat, support ticket, and emailEmail and support ticket

Frequently Asked Questions

Are VPNs illegal in Ireland? Up
Absolutely not. No laws in Ireland can ban you from using a VPN while you are there.
Can I change my IP address to an Irish one? Up
Yes! All you have to do is open the ExtremeVPN app and locate Ireland on the country list. You will automatically connect to the fastest Irish server and get an Irish IP.
For how much can I get an Ireland VPN? Up
The price of Ireland VPNs differs depending on the provider. ExtremeVPN offers blazing-fast servers, top-notch security and privacy, and constant online support at an affordable price. For $3.29 monthly for a year, you can experience the internet without any surveillance.
Can I use a free VPN? Up
Free VPNs can only guarantee a change of IP address, but your privacy and data security online are not promised when using one. Besides, it’s almost impossible to find one that can offer you the high service quality that ExtremeVPN offers. You can give our service a trial for 30 days and get a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.
How can I get a VPN for Ireland? Up
You can connect to one easily: 1. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN 2. Download the app version that fits your Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device. 3. Launch the app on your device and select a server in Ireland.
Should I connect to ExtremeVPN even when I’m in Ireland? Up
Cybercrimes never stop, no matter where you are. A VPN is a beneficial security measure that can help protect your data from these crimes. So, even when you connect to public WiFi in Ireland, you can be sure of your online safety with a VPN connection.
Which VPN provider is the best to get an Irish IP address? Up
ExtremeVPN is highly recommended! You can enjoy privacy, security, and freedom at a budget-friendly price once you connect to our Irish servers.