Grab the Best VPN Server For Kenya in 2024

Facing hurdles in accessing your favorite content from Kenya outside its borders? Worry no more! Grab an ExtremeVPN subscription and enjoy all your desired content from your home country, Kenya, regardless of your location. Apart from unblocking geo-restricted content hassle-free, ExtremeVPN facilitates anonymity and safety online because of its top-notch encryption protocols.

Grab the Best VPN Server For Kenya in 2023

How to Get a Kenyan IP Address – 3 Simple Steps

With ExtremeVPN enabled, securing a Kenya-based VPN server to surf the internet outside its vicinity is now easier than ever! All you need to do is perform these 3 super-easy tasks.

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Step 1

Purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription.

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Step 2

Download and set up its multi-device-supported application on your device.


Step 3

Find Kenya from its significant list of countries and click on it to connect.

Voila, you are now accessing the web as if you are in Kenya!

Why Should You Use a VPN in Kenya?

Global Content Accessibility

With ExtremeVPN in your bucket, you can select the virtual location of your choice among the 78 countries where it has its servers. Henceforth, content restricted to your region but accessible in other areas is now just a few clicks away from you.

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Users Across the Globe

Surf on Public Networks Securely

Browsing the internet using public Wi-Fi can sometimes become risky. Because they are generally more susceptible to illegal break-ins, your personal information could get into the wrong hands.

ExtremeVPN ensures that you don’t have to worry about such mishappenings. Irrespective of your network, ExtremeVPN creates an impenetrable tunnel between your device and the internet, thus making it impossible for cybercriminals or snoops to enter your online sanctum.

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Extensive Server Network

No Bandwidth Restrictions

Unlike its rivals, ExtremeVPN ensures you can surf as long as you want without worrying about any data shortage. To achieve this, it offers its clientele limitless bandwidth to go on the web. Thereby, no one is to stop you from enjoying your entertainment as much as you desire on renowned streaming platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

No Data Tracking

Once you become an ExtremeVPN subscriber, you no longer need to worry about your browsing history falling into the wrong hands, like your ISP or governmental watchdogs. To ensure this, we impose a strict rule of no-data tracking of our clientele. To remain true to our promise, we regularly get audited by different independent auditing agencies. Feel free to check it out on our official webpage.

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Don’t Receive Air-Dropped Files from a Stranger

No Browsing-lag

For those of you who are professional streamers or gamers, you often face irritating lagging online. Get ExtremeVPN and say goodbye to these interruptions once and for all. To create a smooth streaming environment for its customers, ExtremeVPN employs streaming-optimized servers with blazing-fast connection speeds on all its server locations.

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Internet Lags

Configure ExtremeVPN for Kenya on All Your Devices

After buying an ExtremeVPN subscription, you can use it on 10 devices simultaneously. Besides this, to provide its users the ease of downloading the apt application on their devices, ExtremeVPN built an all-device compatible app. Here are a few of the popular operating systems ExtremeVPN provides dedicated apps for:

It doesn’t matter which device you have; get ExtremeVPN’s supported app from your device’s marketplace.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Free VPNs to Access Kenya IP Address?

Even though you can find various free VPN services online to get the Kenyan IP address, we at ExtremeVPN don’t recommend using it. Free VPNs or proxies don’t provide the same level of security and encryption as a paid and reputable VPN provider like ExtremeVPN. If protecting your personal data is your utmost priority, choosing a free VPN could be risky as they employ weak security features, exposing vulnerabilities to a decent cybercriminal to get into your network.

Besides, a free proxy doesn’t provide as many locations as a paid VPN service. There is also no guarantee that all browsing records can fall into the wrong hands, like ad agencies or government authorities because of the services’ unreliability. Moreover, to stay afloat, these free proxies can record and sell your data for their benefit.

To avoid such mishaps, a responsible internet geek must purchase a subscription to a reputable VPN service like ExtremeVPN. ExtremeVPN strictly operates on a no-data-logs policy. Thus, the probability of losing your personal data and information to the hands of shady entities is zero. It employs military-grade encryption protocols to ensure that all its customers have a sense of security online. It also has a wide fleet of 6500+ servers spanning around 78 countries worldwide. This allows you to have a significant option to access whichever countries’ content you desire.

Still undecided? Try out our first 30-day refund offer to see if it is what meets your requirements. If it doesn’t, you can ask for a refund within the initial 30 days through email or live chat on our official web forum. We promise never to ask any questions.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Free VPNs to Access Kenya IP Address

Reasons Why You Should ExtremeVPN over Free VPN in Kenya

FeaturesExtremeVPNFree VPNs
Bandwidth limitZero5-10 GB
Global server locations78 countries10-20 countries
Technical assistance24/7 via Email & Live chatVia Email only
Internet activity recordNeverUntrustworthy promises
Simultaneous usage10 devices1-5 devices
Compatible appsAll versions of PCs, Mobiles, Smart TVs and Gaming SystemsPC and Smartphones

Internet Freedom in Kenya

The Kenyan Government authority, dubbed The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA), regulates the internet regulation inside the country. All internet service providers must comply with the CA rules while providing services to their clientele. According to the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), a global internet censorship observer, there are almost no serious restrictions on internet use for Kenyans. Having said that, all private organizations, schools, and colleges are free to impose particular restrictions on their network to scale their employees’ and students’ performance during working hours.

In such unfavorable situations, ExtremeVPN is certainly what you need. Become an ExtremeVPN user and unblock all the restricted content on the web to re-energize yourself after having a stretch of hard work or studies.

Gain Freedom Online

Frequently Asked Questions

How costly is it to get a Kenyan IP Address? Up
It depends on your preferences. You can get a free VPN or proxy service online, but if you are a data security and privacy enthusiast, you should stay away from such services because of their weak security measures. A globally acclaimed premium VPN provider like ExtremeVPN is what you need to ensure your safety online. Because of its top-notch safety and encryption protocols, streaming optimization, and lightning-fast connection speed on all its servers, it’s worth your investment. To test it out for your needs, you can take advantage of its first 30-day refund offer.
What does a Kenyan IP address mean? Up
When you surf the internet, all the platforms you visit see a set of numbers related to your region, indicating your location. Generally, you are allowed or banned from accessing particular content based on your location. When you connect to a Kenyan server using ExtremeVPN outside its territory, it hides your actual location, providing you with a virtual Kenyan-based IP address. Consequently, every forum you visit will see Kenya as your base point instead of your real location.
Can I use a VPN legally in Kenya? Up
Yes, you can use a VPN service inside Kenya. The Kenyan government won’t hold you in any legal offense.
Why should I use a VPN service in Kenya? Up
Even though there are no major restrictions in accessing the web in Kenya, using a VPN service online is essential if you prioritize your data safety and protection over anything. A reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN not only facilitates you in accessing the geo-locked content after hiding your location but also implements critically renowned encryption protocols on its server network to provide you with an overall sense of protective relief. Thereby, it keeps you safe from all kinds of unwanted shenanigans like getting hacked or being picked up by security agencies for using restrictive content.
How to get a Kenyan IP Address? Up
It’s super easy! Carry out these 3 simple steps to access an IP address from Kenya: 1. Buy an ExtremeVPN package. 2. Download and install its multi-device dedicated application on your device. 3. Select Kenya from its extensive list of countries to connect with servers based in Kenya.
Which VPN is best to access a Kenyan VPN server? Up
Because of its lightning-fast connection speed, military-grade encryption protocols, over 6500 server options from 78 countries worldwide, and no-logs policy, ExtremeVPN is the best option on which you won’t regret your investment. To top it all, its initial 30-day refund offer for testing its features could further influence your decision process.