Get a Reliable Lithuania VPN for 2024

Explore your favorite online content by connecting to a VPN server in Lithuania. ExtremeVPN can grant you a Lithuania IP address, allowing you to access blocked Lithuania sites from anywhere worldwide. Subscribe to our premium service and browse safely with the help of our VPN encryption.

Get a Reliable Lithuania VPN

How to Get a Lithuania IP Address

ExtremeVPN app has an easy-to-follow guide that anyone can use to get a new IP address in seconds. Here’s the guide:

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Step 1

Visit the ExtremeVPN website, choose a subscription plan, and download the app on your device.


Step 2

Launch the app and locate the country list to connect to a server.

Mark location

Step 3

Select a server in Lithuania, and you will automatically get a Lithuanian IP address.

Why Use ExtremeVPN in Lithuania

Guard Your Online Data

Stop worrying about your online information getting leaked to outsiders. ExtremeVPN helps you convert your data into secret codes that a third party can’t decode. With our industry-leading encryption, we assure you of a secure connection that hackers and any cyber threats can’t intercept.

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Guard Your Online Data

Browse Sites Privately

Your internet time should be a private period for you to browse freely without your activity getting known to the public. That’s why ExtremeVPN follows a strict no-logging policy such that all your browsing and connection history data gets wiped out of our servers.

We also have an internet kill switch that keeps your connection private from outsiders during a network disruption. So, browse on any site you choose, and ExtremeVPN will ensure your browsing remains a secret.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Browse Sites Privately

Gain Freedom Online

Say goodbye to online censorship and geo-restrictions. Online restrictions are mostly location-based, meaning that you may be able to access a blocked site with a change of your location.

You don’t necessarily need to travel abroad to access such sites; ExtremeVPN grants you a virtual passport to explore location-based sites from wherever you are. Access any website of your choice in a few seconds by connecting to any of our servers in the U.S., Canada, or any of our 78+ countries.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Gain Freedom Online

Stream Your Favourite Shows

You don’t have to wait to return to Lithuania to watch episodes of Lithuania’s Got Talent or Bocamoll on TV3. Connect to ExtremeVPN’s Lithuania servers and instantly get an IP address allowing you to watch shows on your local channels as if you are back in the country.

You don’t have to limit yourself to only Lithuania shows. Connect to any of our 6500+ servers spread across various countries worldwide and gain access to any TV show of your choice.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Stream Your Favourite Shows

Protect All Your Devices

ExtremeVPN allows you to protect up to 10 devices with only one account. That means you can simultaneously get a Lithuanian IP address for your smartphone, tablet, computer, and smart TV.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Protect All Your Devices

Explore with No Bandwidth Restriction

You don’t have to pick between security and speed. With ExtremeVPN, you can have it all. Have a limitless browsing experience, as we won’t limit your data or bandwidth. Connect your device to any of our servers and browse as long as you want with our speedy connection.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Explore with No Bandwidth Restriction

Download ExtremeVPN on Any of Your Device

You don’t have to look too far to find a VPN service that can fit all your devices. ExtremeVPN has native apps compatible with your Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices. You can connect our VPN to your gaming consoles, Xbox, Android TV, PlayStation, and more. All you have to do is get a router that supports VPN functions and connect all these devices to the router.

What’s more? ExtremeVPN allows you to share one account on up to 10 devices. You don’t need to subscribe to another plan to protect a new device. Log in using your premium account on that device and enjoy all the security perks our VPN offers.

Check out our setup guide to help install our app on a router, Firestick, Kodi, Linux, and more. If you get confused about any of the steps, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 online support for clarification.

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Can I Get a Lithuanian IP with a Free VPN?

Due to server limitations, you may not find a free VPN service that can connect you to a Lithuanian server. Meaning it’s nearly impossible to get an IP address in that location with free VPNs. Even if you get one, these services put little effort into encrypting their users’ data.

Worse, some can sell your data to advertisers for ads. Aside from the privacy concerns, using a free VPN can limit your bandwidth due to the data cap placed on the service. This can lead to slow network speed, which can be frustrating, especially if you are streaming or gaming.

A better alternative is a premium VPN service, like ExtremeVPN, that promises you a money-back guarantee and provides many servers in Lithuania. With the VPN, you don’t have to worry about your online data and speed as we go to extreme lengths to ensure a secure and fast internet connection.

Can I Get a Lithuanian IP with a Free VPN?

Here’s Why You Should Connect to ExtremeVPN

FeaturesExtremeVPNMost VPNs
Number of servers78+ countriesNot many
Data loggingNeverNot promised
Bandwidth limitUnlimited10GB
Customer support24/7 live chat, support ticket, and emailEmail and support ticket
Network speedLightening-fastAverage
Device compatibilityApps for all your devicesDesktop and mobile apps
Simultaneous connection10 devices1 to 5 devices

Internet Censorship in Lithuania

Fortunately, Lithuania has little to no restrictions regarding accessing sites online. However, there are websites you may not be able to access with a Lithuanian IP address due to certain licensing agreements. Also, content creators on platforms like YouTube and Onlyfans can restrict users from that location from accessing their posts.

Even if you can access such content in Lithuania, connecting to a school or private company network may block you from doing so. This is because these networks don’t want you to perform online activities that require high bandwidth, such as streaming, gaming, and downloading.

Using a VPN allows you to access the internet freely, regardless of location. ExtremeVPN encrypts your online connection so your network provider won’t know what you’re doing online. This way, you can browse any site without considering location restrictions and censorship.

Internet Censorship in Lithuania

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my location be guessed using my IP address? Up
Your IP address reveals the country from which you are visiting a website. It does not provide exact location information, such as your street number or home address. This information gives the site a basic idea of where you connect.
Can I change my online location to Lithuania? Up
Absolutely! You only need to launch the ExtremeVPN app on your device, head over to our server location list, and select Lithuania. By doing this, your online location will instantly change from wherever you are to Lithuania.
How can I connect to a Lithuanian VPN? Up
ExtremeVPN has numerous servers in Lithuania, which you can connect to in seconds. You can do so by following these simple steps: 1. Visit the ExtremeVPN website and choose a subscription plan. 2. Download the app on your device. 3. Connect to a server in Lithuania.
What can I enjoy by connecting to a Lithuania server? Up
Besides getting a Lithuanian IP address that allows you to enjoy exclusive content on local sites, you get other perks. You will able to surf the web freely and keep your data safe from the hands of malicious internet users. ExtremeVPN’s Lithuanian servers can guarantee your security and privacy no matter where you are.
Is it legal to use a VPN in Lithuania? Up
Yes! You can use a VPN to perform any online activity in Lithuania without getting scared of legal consequences. However, if you commit an illegal act online, you can get punished, even if you use a VPN. Ensure any online activity you are performing is legally acceptable in the country.
How much does a Lithuanian VPN cost? Up
ExtremeVPN offers ultra-fast servers in 78+ countries, 24/7 customer support, and top-notch privacy and security at a cheap price. For $3.29 monthly for a year, you can browse our protective shield online. Give our premium service a trial for 30 days, and you can get a full refund without stress if you are unsatisfied.
Which Lithuanian VPN is the best? Up
ExtremeVPN is a reliable VPN service you can trust. Designed with blazing-fast servers in over 78 countries in the world, you can bypass geo-restrictions with ease. We can also guarantee a secure connection with the internet, so you won’t have to worry about your sensitive data getting stolen.