Grab the Best VPN for Moldova

If you want to access Moldova’s local content outside the country, you need its IP address. But how to do it? Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber and connect to any of our scalable, secure, and streaming-optimized servers in Moldova. ExtremeVPN lets you access your favorite content from Moldova, like movies, TV shows, news, or sporting events, anywhere globally without hassle.

Grab the Best VPN for Moldova

How to Access Moldova IP Address?

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Step 1

Buy an ExtremeVPN monthly or yearly subscription.

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Step 2

Download and configure its all-device-compatible application on your device.


Step 3

Connect to our Moldovan server and enjoy watching your favorite content in HD!

Why is ExtremeVPN the Best to Access Moldova’s IP Address?

Stream Unrestricted Content in HD

With ExtremeVPN in your armory, you can stream the whole loads of content you desire, even the ones prohibited by your authorities. Its streaming-eligible servers allow you to access data-intensive streaming sites such as Netflix, HBO Max, DAZN, Amazon Prime, or YouTube in the comfort of your home.

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Stream Unrestricted Content in HD

Browse Online with Limitless Data-bandwidth

ExtremeVPN doesn’t hold its users from enjoying the entire flexibility of internet freedom whenever they desire. It doesn’t put bandwidth limitations on its clientele when it engages in data-intensive activities, such as gaming, streaming, or downloading significantly large files.

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Browse Online with Limitless Data-bandwidth

Surf Securely on Public Networks

ExtremeVPN put together a bevy of state-of-the-art encryption protocols to make its servers impenetrable. So, once you are an ExtremeVPN subscriber, you no longer need to worry about sensitive data leakage like your bank account details, email credentials, or photo gallery. Have peace of mind even when you surf online while connected to a public network like an airport, shopping mall, college, or restaurant.

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Surf Securely on Public Networks

Access the Internet Anonymously

When you enable the ExtremeVPN app, whatever you do online will remain unknown to us and whoever wishes to monitor your online traffic. We at ExtremeVPN have a clear policy of not recording our clientele’s web activity and history logs. And to remain true to our promise, we get independently audited on our no-log policy regularly.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee

Avoid Your ISP Throttling

ExtremeVPN allows you to access whichever region’s IP address you want out of 78 countries with safe and reliable connection speed. It facilitates you to enjoy prohibited content in your region. On top of that, with ExtremeVPN enabled, you can even trick your ISP and enjoy the data-intensive web forums securely without worrying about throttling.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Avoid Your ISP Throttling

Set Up ExtremeVPN on All Your Devices

Once you purchase a single ExtremeVPN account subscription, you can enjoy its facilities on all your devices at home. It even allows you to access the internet on 10 devices concurrently. ExtremeVPN provides supported apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, or all brands of Smart TV. In other words, it doesn’t matter which kind of device you have at home, whether a Smart TV, PC, laptop, mobile, or gaming system; you can get a compatible ExtremeVPN app from your device’s app marketplace.

Reasons Why You Should Choose ExtremeVPN Over Free Proxies?

FeaturesExtremeVPNUnpaid VPNs
Customer Support Team24/7 via email & live chatOnly via Email
Data TrackingStrictly NoUnreliable promises
Device CompatibilityDedicated Apps for All DevicesPC and Smartphones
Bandwidth LimitUnlimited10 gb
Simultaneous Connections10 Devices1-5
Device CompatibilityDedicated Apps for All DevicesPC and Smartphones
Server Locations78 countriesLimited options

Can I Get a Moldovan IP Address Using a Free VPN?

Using a free­ VPN may appear to be a money-saving option, but it has drawbacks and risks. Fre­e VPN services generally lack the strong security and privacy me­asures provided by premium alte­rnatives such as ExtremeVPN. Fre­e VPN providers may compromise use­r privacy by logging and selling browsing data to external e­ntities, which undermines the­ purpose of using a VPN for increased se­curity. Moreover, free­ VPNs may have limited serve­r choices, slower connection spe­eds, and data caps that impact your online experience.

On the othe­r hand, if you value your privacy, it’s important to choose a paid and reputable VPN provide­r like ExtremeVPN. With a paid VPN, you can be­ confident in the advanced e­ncryption protocols, extensive se­rver network, and strong commitment to use­r privacy. By investing in a premium VPN service­, you can ensure the se­curity of your sensitive information, protect your online­ activities, and have the peace of mind of reliable customer support. Prioritizing online privacy and a seamless browsing e­xperience is why opting for a paid VPN is a wise­ decision.

Can I Get a Moldovan IP Address Using a Free VPN

Internet Censorship in Moldova

The government in Moldova sometimes ce­nsors the internet for political or moral reasons. This censorship makes certain we­bpages, apps, and services slow, unre­liable, or completely inacce­ssible. In such situations, employing a VPN service becomes vital as it allows users to access the Internet freely, no matter where they are.

One option for a trustworthy VPN is Extre­meVPN. This VPN takes privacy seriously and has strict policies against storing user logs. With ExtremeVPN, individuals can browse­ the internet without worrying about be­ing monitored by ISPs or other entitie­s. This VPN is especially useful in Moldova, where it allows users to free­ly access information while protecting their privacy from potential internet re­strictions or censorship.

Internet Censorship in Moldova

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Moldova IP address? Up
Getting an IP address in Moldova is easy with ExtremeVPN: 1. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN. 2. Download the all-device dedicated app for your device. 3. Open ExtremeVPN and connect to a Moldovan VPN server at your location.
Can I use a VPN while living in Moldova? Up
Yes, all internet users in Moldova should use a VPN for a safer online experience. VPNs help you access content globally while keeping your online activity private.
What’s the price for a Moldova VPN? Up
The cost of a Moldova VPN completely depends on your requirement for service quality. A premium option like ExtremeVPN, with ultra-fast servers, a 24/7 support team, and top-notch privacy, might be a bit more expensive, but it’s still a better deal than risking being unprotected online. If you’re after a free Moldova VPN, you can also benefit from our 30-day money-back guarantee offer. You get all the premium ExtremeVPN features, and you can get your money back within 30 days if you are unsatisfied. It’s like enjoying a paid VPN service without paying anything.
Are VPNs allowed in Moldova? Up
Yes, using VPNs is completely legal in Moldova. You won’t get into any legal trouble if you employ a VPN for your online activities.
Which VPN is best for Moldova? Up
ExtremeVPN is the top choice for a Moldova VPN, offering an advanced server network in 78 countries. You can manually choose a Moldova server or let ExtremeVPN’s Smart Location feature pick the best server for you.