Get the Best New Zealand VPN

Although New Zealand is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and pristine breaches, the country remains guarded regarding internet restrictions. If you’re from New Zealand or wish to access Kiwi TV shows from overseas, we have the perfect solution. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN to unlock the internet and get a new IP address.

Best New Zealand VPN Get a Secure New Zealand IP Address

How to Get a Secure New Zealand IP Address

Here are steps to secure an IP from New Zealand:

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Step 1

Visit ExtremeVPN’s site, subscribe to its premium plan, and download the mobile or desktop app.


Step 2

Select a New Zealand server.

open the websites to stream (Step 3)

Step 3

Once connected, visit your preferred website or platform and enjoy safe browsing.

ExtremeVPN puts your favorite Kiwi content within your grasp!

Why You Should Use a VPN in New Zealand (NZ)

Amidst New Zealand’s cultural vibrance and stunning landscapes, government spying, internet restrictions, and cyber crimes remain an issue. Here are reasons a New Zealand VPN is essential for you:

Overcome Censorship from Any Location

As a streaming fan, you may have come across websites and services that require you to be in a particular country to gain access. Well, you don’t need to go through the hassle of visiting multiple locations to enjoy fantastic content.

ExtremeVPN makes accessing global content possible from the comfort of your couch. The VPN has over 6,500 servers across 78+ locations, including Canada, the US, Australia, France, and New Zealand. Surf the internet without restrictions and unblock local services and websites.

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Protect Your IP

Safeguard All Your Devices

Our gadgets are an extension of our arm. Considering they’re an integral part of our daily lives for communication, information, and entertainment, it’s important to protect them.

ExtremeVPN offers world-class protection on up to 10 devices simultaneously with a single subscription! The VPN works on smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. It lets you stay private on all your devices.

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Safeguard All your devices

Binge Kiwi TV Shows, Movies, and More

Are your favorite Kiwi TV shows taking hours to load? A VPN gives you a quick fix to this issue. ExtremeVPN offers high-performance servers in New Zealand to access popular streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max from anywhere.

Now, you can watch sports, Maori culture shows, movies, news, and any desired content in high quality. Feeling homesick? Select from any of our multiple servers in Auckland to enjoy local content like “Shortland Street,” “What Now,” “Outrageous Fortune,” and “The Almighty Johnsons.”

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Fast streaming

Experience a Seamless Internet Browsing

If you think total internet freedom is an illusion, try ExtremeVPN. All our servers in New Zealand offer unlimited bandwidth. You can upload and download movies, stream HD movies, chat with loved ones, and play games as much as you like. We give you a flexible and worry-free internet experience.

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Digital Freedom

Guard Your Data Against Snoopers

New Zealand platforms are notorious for collecting netizens’ data and sharing it with third parties. In fact, the government can view citizens’ online activities, traffic, location, communications, and IP addresses without permission. The only relief here is that the New Zealand government allows VPN usage.

With ExtremeVPN, you can protect your data from prying third parties. Using 256-bit encryption, it hides your data, making them unreadable to the government, ISPs, and hackers. Even when you access websites that can identify VPNs, ExtremeVPN automatically assigns you an obscure server to ensure online anonymity. Don’t risk your personal information–get ExtremeVPN.

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Defend Yourself Against Hacking Attempts

Protect Your Privacy

We would never sabotage your privacy. ExtremeVPN has a verified no-logs policy, meaning that we don’t share, store, or track your online browsing data when you connect to any of our servers. The VPN covers your digital footprint, letting you access various gaming platforms, social media apps, and dating sites to your heart’s content.

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Protect Your Privacy

Ensure Your Data Security

Subscribing to a VPN transcends beyond hiding your location. It’s no secret that many websites sell your data to third-party advertisers. Since we’re in a digital era, data is a goldmine many individuals are willing to pay thousands of dollars to amass.

Rather than be vulnerable on the internet, use ExtremeVPN to prevent data leaks. With excellent security features like IP/DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch, we keep you safe while surfing the internet.

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Maintain Consistent Security

How to Enjoy Kiwi Content On Any Device

Want to access Kiwi content from your home or while catching flights? ExtremeVPN lets you protect up to 10 devices simultaneously. By subscribing to the VPN, you can protect your mobile phones, desktop devices, and smart TVs.

The VPN has dedicated native apps for popular operating systems like Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. That’s not all. You can also use ExtremeVPN on your non-compatible VPN gadgets, as it offers a router to protect devices like gaming consoles, Apple TVs, and smart TVs. Don’t settle for less when you can safeguard all your devices on ExtremeVPN.

Can’t set up ExtremeVPN on your device? Contact our support team for assistance.


Can I Access New Zealand Content with a Free VPN?

Freebies often come with hidden expenses. This also applies to free VPNs. It’s understandable that you want to save coins while ensuring your online security and privacy. However, it’s unlikely to find a free VPN that can assign a New Zealand IP address. Many free services usually have servers in major countries like the US or UK.

Even if you find a free New Zealand VPN, they have a small server network, outdated technology, no streaming capabilities, and limited bandwidth. Not to mention, these services claim to secure your personal information, but in the background, they collect it and sell it to third parties. There’s also the issue of annoying ads that can infect your gadget without malware.

If you want to try a VPN for free, we recommend you try ExtremeVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee. With it, you can enjoy flawless streaming without overspending. If you’re unsatisfied with our service, we’ll refund your money.

Can I Get a Free VPN

Why ExtremeVPN is the Best New Zealand VPN?

FeaturesExtremeVPNOther VPN Providers
Number of Servers6,500 servers in 78+ countries2,000 servers in 15 to 55 countries
Simultaneous Connections10 2
Data BandwidthUnlimited10 GB
Compatible DevicesApps for every device and operating systemMobile and desktop apps
Customer Support24/7 phone, live chat, and emailEmail
VPN ProtocolOpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSec/IKEv2OpenVPN
Activity LogsAudited no-logs policyLogs users’ activities
Data Encryption256-bit AES encryption128-bit encryption
Network ConnectionsLighting-fast speedsRegular speed

Media Regulations in New Zealand

New Zealand’s internet is riddled with several filters, preventing people from accessing particular websites and platforms. Due to The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act of 1993 (FVPC Act), the government can restrict content it deems objectionable.

For example, it instantly blocks or takes down content that is offensive, distasteful, or exploitative. This kind of filter has encouraged mass surveillance in New Zealand. Besides, the FVPC Act’s lack of interpretation begs the question, ‘What type of content is regarded as distasteful or exploitative?”

This has raised concern for New Zealanders, as it gives the government more autonomy to dictate the types of media they can share and view online, including social media, entertainment, health resources, and news.

Not to mention, New Zealand is a member of the 5 Eyes Alliance, which is a group of countries that cooperate closely and share information. In other words, the government can share your data with other member states on request.

This excessive monitoring is exactly why ExtremeVPN is the best pick for individuals in New Zealand. Our superfast servers let you access websites and platforms anonymously and without restrictions in New Zealand.

Keep Your Browsing Private

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a VPN legal in New Zealand? Up
Yes. The New Zealand government gives citizens the legal right to ensure online privacy and access local content overseas.
How can I use ExtremeVPN in Finland? Up
Here are the steps to connect to ExtremeVPN in New Zealand: 1. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN. 2. Download and install our app from a dedicated app store. 3. Sign in to the ExtremeVPN app using your credentials. 4. Join a Finland server. Start enjoying exciting Kiwi TV shows and movies.
What’s the price of a New Zealand VPN? Up
You don’t need to break the bank to use ExtremeVPN. We provide users with three subscription plans. With $3.29, you can enjoy our service for 12 months. Meanwhile, a monthly subscription costs $ 10.59/month, and a 6-month plan costs $5.15/month.
Can I hide my online activities with a New Zealand IP address? Up
Sadly, no. A New Zealand IP address lets you bypass geo-restrictions by tricking websites and streaming services into thinking you’re in New Zealand. This way, you get access to a comprehensive Kiwi content library. You need a VPN to encrypt your data to hide your online activities from the government or your ISP. ExtremeVPN offers 256-bit AES encryption for complete peace of mind.
Is it necessary to use a VPN if I live in New Zealand? Up
Despite having a New Zealand IP address, you still need a VPN. Here are some reasons: 1. ExtremeVPN lets you avoid internet surveillance and make your data unreadable to the government. 2. The VPN helps you evade ISP throttling to browse the internet from dusk to dawn. 3. ExtremeVPN routes your internet traffic through a secure tunnel, hiding it from hackers while using public WiFi at work or school. 4. It offers you 6,500 servers spread across 78+ locations, so you can unblock any streaming service of your choice, no matter where you are.
How can I use ExtremeVPN to change my IP address? Up
It’s easy! Download ExtremeVPN, install the app, and select a New Zealand server. The VPN will immediately assign you a new IP address. Now, you can watch your favorite local shows and access online banking services anywhere worldwide.
What’s the best New Zealand VPN? Up
The best New Zealand VPN usually offers multiple superfast servers worldwide. It provides users with world-class features like IP/DNS leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, split tunneling, and a kill switch to enjoy total internet freedom. ExtremeVPN offers all these features and more for a seamless online experience. Connect to ExtremeVPn for better protection!