Get the Best VPN for Singapore in 2024

Experience top-notch online privacy and security in Singapore with ExtremeVPN. Our cutting-edge VPN service ensures your data stays safe and your online activities remain anonymous in 2024 and beyond. Join thousands of satisfied users and make ExtremeVPN your trusted companion for secure, unrestricted internet access in Singapore.

Get the Best VPN for Singapore in 2023

How to Get a Singapore IP Address

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Step 1

Download the ExtremeVPN app.

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Step 2

Subscribe to ExtremeVPN’s premium plan.

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Step 3

Connect to a server based in Spain and enjoy browsing from Spain.

Choose a Singapore Server Location

Fast Servers in Singapore

With ExtremeVPN, you can access blazing-fast servers in Singapore, giving you the power to secure a Singaporean IP address and reclaim your online privacy. We’ve strategically positioned multiple high-speed servers in Singapore for uninterrupted browsing and streaming. Choose “Singapore” for automatic server selection, or handpick your preferred Singapore VPN server.

If you ever require assistance selecting the optimal VPN location for specific websites or services, our dedicated ExtremeVPN support team is just a message away.

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Why Use ExtremeVPN in Singapore?

Access from Anywhere

Unlock unrestricted access to websites and services from any corner of the globe with ExtremeVPN. Whether you need a Singaporean, U.S., UK, or any of our 78+ worldwide IP addresses, our service ensures seamless browsing, unblocking websites, and accessing previously restricted content. Experience the true freedom of the internet, no matter where you are.

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Unblock Sites and Services

Stay Secure with the Best Encryption

Elevate your security on public Wi-Fi networks with ExtremeVPN’s military-grade 256-AES encryption. We shield you from potential hackers and prying eyes by masking your IP address. Your internet traffic is enveloped within a secure, encrypted tunnel, safeguarding your data from any would-be data thieves ensuring your online safety and peace of mind.

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Safeguarding Your Privacy

Protect Your Online Privacy

Safeguard your online privacy with ExtremeVPN. We prioritize your security by strictly avoiding the retention of any activity logs or connection logs. Our no-logs feature guarantees that personal information is never stored on our servers, giving you complete peace of mind when protecting your digital privacy.

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Online Privacy

Enjoy Fast Streaming and Gaming

Experience seamless gaming and high-speed streaming in Singapore with ExtremeVPN. Our lightning-fast network ensures flawless compatibility with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Enjoy secure streaming without bandwidth restrictions, throttling, or data limits to immerse yourself in your favorite content without interruption.

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Fast streaming

Mask Your Identity

By sending your traffic through distant VPN servers and giving you an alternative IP address, ExtremeVPN masks your identity. By making it look like you are in a different nation, you can get around censorship restrictions and stop internet eavesdropping. Take advantage of the freedom to browse the internet anonymously.

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Online Anonymity

Explore with Unlimited Bandwidth

At ExtremeVPN, browse the web with no bandwidth restrictions. Our service guarantees an unrestricted, optimal internet experience whether working, talking, or just surfing. We never restrict your exploration; feel free to do so whenever possible.

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Browse with Unlimited Bandwidth

Secure File-sharing

With its wide selection of fast, P2P-friendly servers, ExtremeVPN guarantees secure file sharing. Sharing confidential files has never been safer because of our use of top-notch AES 256-bit encryption, widely regarded as the most sophisticated encryption technology and IP address concealment from your ISP. You can be sure that when sharing with ExtremeVPN, your data will stay private and safe.

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Can You Use a Free VPN to Get a Singaporean IP Address?

Using a free VPN for a Singaporean IP address might seem tempting, but it comes with significant risks. Many free VPNs resort to monetizing your online activity by logging and selling your browsing data, injecting ads and spam, or compromising your personal information.

At ExtremeVPN, we prioritize your online security by investing in a high-performance server network across 78 countries. Our team of experts continually fine-tunes our apps and integrates advanced protection features. If you seek a risk-free VPN experience, remember our 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind and reliable online privacy.

FeaturesExtremeVPNFree VPN
Multi-device SupportFor every deviceJust mobile and desktop
Customer Support24/7 through live chat, email, and social mediaEmail
Data LimitUnlimitedMostly 7 – 10 GB
Activity LoggingNeverCollect user data
Server Locations6500+ servers in 78+ countries300 – 400 servers in 10 – 15 countries
Simultaneous ConnectionsUp to 10Only 1

Internet Restrictions in Singapore

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore regulates the Internet and sets limitations by requiring regional ISPs to adhere to the Internet Code of Practice. It causes access limitations to some “mass impact websites.”

A VPN is a great way to ensure your online activities are private, secure, and fully encrypted in a setting with stricter internet rules, even though the IMDA claims not to monitor specific online content access.

Internet Restrictions in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Singapore VPN cost? Up
ExtremeVPN has three premium subscription plans ranging from 1 month to 12 months for $3.29 to $10.59 monthly.
How do I get a Singapore VPN? Up
Getting a Singapore VPN is simple with ExtremeVPN. Sign up, download our app, and connect to our Singapore server for instant access to a Singaporean IP address.
What is a Singaporean IP address? Up
A Singaporean IP is a server address you get when connected to a Singapore server. Apps and websites will then identify Singapore as the source of your internet traffic.
Should I use a VPN if I live in Singapore? Up
Free VPNs cannot offer lightning-fast bandwidth, round-the-clock customer service, or the same level of privacy protection as ExtremeVPN. With ExtremeVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test the service risk-free while receiving the fully featured version.
Are VPNs legal in Singapore? Up
Yes, VPNs are legal in Singapore.
Should I use a free VPN in Singapore? Up
Free VPNs frequently don’t offer lightning-fast bandwidth or round-the-clock customer assistance, and they might not prioritize your privacy as well as a more expensive service like ExtremeVPN. Take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee to comfortably test a fully featured VPN. This way, you can use our service risk-free while still having access to fast speeds, effective privacy protection, and attentive customer care.
What is the best VPN for Singapore? Up
The top VPN choice for Singapore is ExtremeVPN. Featuring lightning-fast servers and robust encryption, we offer a solution to bypass censorship while ensuring your online privacy and anonymity. Give it a try with our risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and experience the best VPN service in Singapore.