Get a South African IP Address with ExtremeVPN

Access geo-blocked content or maintain online privacy while browsing from the beautiful landscapes of South Africa using ExtremeVPN – a trusted and reliable VPN service for streaming, gaming, or accessing local content. With its military-grade encryption protocols and super high-speed server network, you can access South African IP addresses with a single click.

Get a South African IP Address with ExtremeVPN

How to Set Up a South African IP Address?

To gain access to a private and reliable South African VPN server from any region worldwide, perform these 3 easy steps:

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Step 1

Purchase a subscription to ExtremeVPN.

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Step 2

Download and set up its app on your device.


Step 3

Scroll down its expanded list of countries and tap on South Africa to connect with a VPN server inside its borders.

Why Use ExtremeVPN to Access South African IP

Fast and Smooth Streaming

ExtremeVPN facilitates 6500+ self-generated and streaming-optimized servers located in 78 countries globally. Connect to any of its high-speed servers and watch your favorite content like movies, shows on popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime, DStv, YouTube, or Netflix, and sporting events, like cricket, soccer, or rugby, regardless of your actual location.

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[[Fast and Smooth]] Streaming

Remain Anonymous

ExtremeVPN assigns you a virtual IP address and routes your online activities through an encrypted tunnel, which makes you anonymous even if someone tries to monitor your session intentionally, like your ISP, govt watchdogs, or cyber criminals. This feature is golden, especially when connected to a public Wi-Fi network, like your school, college, workplace, or shopping mall.

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Premium Anonymity

No-logs Policy

ExtremeVPN follows a strict no-log policy to ensure that your online sessions remain your business and can never be taken advantage of. It does not record any activity and connection entries and carries out independent audits on its promise at regular intervals to remain upright to its promises.

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no log policy

Unlimited Bandwidth

ExtremeVPN does not put data caps or restrictions to ensure you have the best and smooth online experience. Once enabled, surf the internet as much as you want, whenever you want, on any device.

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Browse with Unlimited Bandwidth

Access Geo-restricted Content

With an ExtremeVPN subscription, you can access anything you want over the internet. Connect to any of its servers scattered around 78 countries and enjoy your favorite content securely from anywhere.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee

Why Consider a Paid VPN to Acquire a South African VPN Instead of a Free VPN?

To access restricted content confined within South African borders, we recommend you always employ the services of a reliable paid VPN like ExtremeVPN. Even though many free VPNs can meet your specific demands of providing you with a desired country’s IP address, it can be risky if you value your privacy. As free VPNs also need to earn revenue to stay afloat, who is to say they won’t record your online activities and sell them to interested parties like your ISP, advertisement agencies, or any ill-intended parties?

Having an ExtremeVPN in your armory, you won’t have to worry about such caveats. We have a strict policy of not recording our client’s logging activities, and we conduct independent audits on it at regular intervals to stay true to our users. Moreover, ExtremeVPN provides a secure, private, and self-scalable server network spanning over 78 countries worldwide to ensure a smooth and protected online experience. It also allows you to test it to see whether it fits your liking for an initial 30 days of subscribing and guarantees you a refund should you request it. To know more about why ExtremeVPN is a suitable choice over using free VPNs online, read on:

ExtremeVPNAlmost All Free VPNs
Data Bandwidth LimitNo Limit10 GB
Global Servers78 Countries10-50 Countries
Customer Support Team24/7 Available through Email and ChatEmail
Log PolicyStrictly NoNot Trustworthy 
Multiple Connections101-5
Device SupportSupports Almost All DevicesSmartphone and PC

Set Up ExtremeVPN on All Your Devices to Access South African VPN

ExtremeVPN has dedicated applications for all kinds of devices you can have at home. With a single subscription, you can set it up on 10 devices concurrently. So, if you want to browse the internet on your home’s PC, laptop, smartphone, Smart TV, or gaming console, we’ve got it all covered. You can get a supported app from your device’s marketplace if you have Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux versions or gaming devices like PlayStation or Xbox.

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Set Up ExtremeVPN on All Your Devices to Access South African VPN

Internet Regulations in South Africa

In March 2022, South Africa passed the FPA Act (Films and Publications Amendment Act), significantly expanding the authority of its censor board, Film and Publications Board. This action was taken to oversee a wide spectrum of online content within South African borders, extending beyond traditional movies and television.

Because of this new regulatory act, online gaming giants like Fortnite and Destiny 2 must seek reclassification when introducing new content patches. Furthermore, the FPA Act now mandates your ISP to register with the FPB to ensure their hosting and distribution services are within the FPB allowance.

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Internet Lags

Frequently Asked Questions

How costly is it to access a South African IP address? Up
It depends on the service’s quality. You might even get a free VPN to access a South African IP address, but it will be risky. Free VPN servers are mostly unreliable, penetrable, and untrue to their words. They can earn revenue from your online sessions by recording and selling them to third parties like ad advertisements. Moreover, your personal is never safe as most free VPNs are easy targets for cybercriminals who can easily access your network. If you want to be free from all the worries mentioned above, grab a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN subscription and enjoy your internet safely and securely. It may cost you a little, but it is still worth it if you value your privacy and data. Besides this, you can also enjoy it for free for the initial 30 days and ask for a refund if it is not what you wanted.
Why ExtremeVPN is best to access a South African IP address? Up
Before you select a particular VPN, you must do comprehensive research to ensure it has what you require. ExtremeVPN has vast worldwide server coverage and top security and privacy features to provide online anonymity. It has a network of over 6500 high-speed servers spanning 78 countries and employs the necessary security and privacy protocols to ensure your online privacy.
What happens when I connect to the South African VPN Server? Up
When you connect with a South African VPN server, it hides your real location and assigns you a virtual IP address. With this new IP address, every website you surf on the internet will perceive you as a South African resident. No matter which country you are from, if you want to access content restricted to the South African borders, purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription and get a South African IP address within a few clicks.
Am I legally allowed to use a South African VPN server? Up
Yes. South African authorities do not prohibit you from using VPNs inside the country.
Can I use a South African VPN for free? Up
Yes, you can, but getting hold of a VPN that matches ExtremeVPN’s service quality and speed can be an uphill task. To enjoy a risk-free trial of ExtremeVPN, purchase its subscription and enjoy its features for the first 30 days. It offers you a 30-day refund guarantee without asking any questions.
How can I access a South African IP address? Up
You can get a South African IP address in 3 super-easy steps: 1. Buy an ExtremeVPN subscription. 2. Configure its app on your device, whether a PC with Windows, Mac, or Linux OS or a smartphone with Android or iOS versions. 3. Launch the ExtremeVPN App and tap on South Africa from its list of countries to connect with its VPN server.
Can I utilize a VPN service living in South Africa? Up
You can use a VPN for your internet sessions while living in South Africa. It is certainly the optimum choice to protect your identity while accessing the internet.