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ExtremeVPN Network Type

ExtremeVPN Network Type
May 5, 2023
June 8, 2023
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ExtremeVPN always stands tall in providing unparalleled protection to its users with the best security features, large server networks, and fast speeds.

Having the aim to enhance our customers’ experience, we have introduced a new network known as NAT. ExtremeVPN now delivers support for NAT’d and non-NAT’d networks.

From the start, we’ve provided a non-NAT network type for our users. The best thing about it is that there’s no NAT on the server side. This works best for users when they want to play games or do torrenting. This unique feature was the reason why we introduced the latest add-ones like Port Forwarding, which have become extremely popular among users for their stated purposes.

This new network type has a server-side NAT with unique advantages; the best is that many users can now share the same IP over a network, different from the unique public IP where a user can use only for a certain duration. Both network types are secured and implement a strict no-logs privacy policy. Check 👉 our privacy policy here.

To give more information about “ExtremeVPN Network Type,” we’ve listed the best use cases with details here:

Network Type Use Cases Description
Automatic Auto-Decisoning Carefully decided according to the app settings.
NAT’d Security Hosts on one side of a NAT network would be inaccessible to hosts in different networks.
Anonymity No one can trace or monitor users’ activities due to the no-logs policy; Since many users share a single public IP, NAT becomes more anonymous than Non-NAT.
Accessibility Provides unlimited access to content and sites blocked on your network or country.
Entertainment Users can enjoy their favorite movies or shows from anywhere, remove blockage and detection online, and access restricted websites like Hulu or Netflix.
Streaming Enhance the streaming experience by accessing blocked platforms, minimize buffering by speed modifying , and remain anonymous. Stream live sports from any region worldwide.
Social Hide your web activities and keep your traffic encrypted. This ensures users’ privacy from hackers and other third-party organizations.
ISP logging Block ISP from tracking online activities like location, downloads, history, account data, browsing information, etc.
Games Users can use NAT networks for any game type, including Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Simulations, Adventure, Action, Puzzle, Combat, Stealth Shooter, Role-Playing (RPG), First Person Shooters (FPS), Sports, and academic games. But, we don’t recommend using it for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games since they need port forwarding.
ISP throttling NAT network helps prevent ISP throttling since it routes all the information through a secure tunnel. When the data walks through this encrypted channel, it is impossible for ISP to decode it.
Non-NAT’d Business Host on ISP through Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) & protect your business assets through ISPs whitelisting.
Dedicated IP Fixed or Static IP for continuous assistance such as a website or game hosting and to get unrestricted access to any service for enhanced security, like bank transactions, streaming channels etc.
Bypassing NAT Utilize services in NAT, such as workstations, remote access to PC, pictures and videos, local files, game servers, locally hosted sites, etc.


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