How to Setup ExtremeVPN on the OpenWRT 21.02/18.06 Router
June 14, 2023
June 24, 2023
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Using ExtremeVPN on your OpenWRT router will help protect all your internet activities performed on any device connected to the router. With this, you are assured of a secure and private browsing experience while accessing unlimited content from anywhere worldwide.

Also, ExtremeVPN offers a limited number of simultaneous connections. Still, using our VPN on your OpenWRT router, you can protect as many devices as possible while using only one of your available connections.

This article highlights the steps for you to take to set up ExtremeVPN on your OpenWRT router. The steps in this guide were tested on the OpenWRT 21.02 and 18.06 versions installed on the Linksey E900 router with the Luci app ExtremeVPN plugin ready.

Things to consider

  1. Here are a few things to note before you start your setup. Ensure that you have a;
    reliable internet connection.
  2. VPN-supported router.
  3. Premium ExtremeVPN account. (If you don’t have one yet, you can click here to buy).

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