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Why Do You Need Port Forwarding?

Why Do You Need Port Forwarding?
May 15, 2023
June 4, 2023
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What is Port Forwarding

Port forwarding works like a filter restricting unwanted inbound traffic from reaching your PC or system while connected to ExtremeVPN.

Why You Need Port Forwarding with ExtremeVPN

Many operating systems (OS), like Windows, come with a built-in Firewall. However, a VPN establishes a tunnel between your device and the server. This tunnel routes from the OS’s built-in firewall, which decreases the control over privacy – as it cannot decode encrypted data. This opens the gate for hostile data packets to breach your system through your public IP assigned by your VPN provider.

To overcome this situation, ExtremeVPN provides an excellent Port Forwarding add-on. When you enable it, the VPN adds an extra protective layer over your traffic, which keeps it secure from criminals or attackers.

Advantages Of Using ExtremeVPN’s Port Forwarding Add-On

ExtremeVPN’s port forwarding add-on works similarly to a router’s Firewall. Following are the benefits you get from this feature:

  • It safeguards your system from malicious Inbound Traffic.
  • It protects you from hackers who exploit vulnerabilities in your device.
  • It hides your IP address from criminals.
  • It allows you to enjoy a safe internet experience on 10 devices simultaneously with a single ExtremeVPN account.

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