Unblock Facebook with ExtremeVPN

Are you unable to access Facebook in your region? It must be because Facebook isn’t accessible in your area. However, you can still access Facebook and other unavailable services in your country using ExtremeVPN. Learn how to use ExtremeVPN to quickly, simply, and securely access the world’s most popular social media site from any location.

Unblock Facebook

Get a VPN for Facebook – 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Get the ExtremeVPN app and subscribe to its premium plan.


Step 2

Connect to a server where Facebook is accessible.

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Step 3

Launch the Facebook app and enjoy scrolling.

How Does ExtremeVPN Unblock Facebook?

ExtremeVPN is a VPN service that masks your device’s IP and protects your online activities. It uses safe VPN server locations to provide you access to your favorite apps, websites, and others. You can select a secure server from a list of 6500+ servers spread across 78+ countries.

Are you in a country where Facebook isn’t accessible? You can easily access Facebook after connecting to a server in a country where Facebook is accessible. It will allow you to access Facebook from anywhere, providing you with a dedicated virtual IP address from that country. This way, you can use Facebook from your region without getting blocked.

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How Does ExtremeVPN Unblock

Why a VPN is Better than a Free Proxy?

Making clear the difference between utilizing a proxy server and a VPN is crucial. One benefit is that VPNs normally offer substantially faster connections and speeds because proxy servers are frequently overloaded with traffic.

Additionally, random proxy networks, which might be free because they sell your information to third parties, are much less secure than VPNs. With specialized software for each device, ExtremeVPN enables network encryption so you can access Facebook at home and away.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
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How is Facebook Blocked?

Depending on who is enforcing the blockade, Facebook is blocked in different ways:

  • Some countries might apply DNS or IP blockers to restrict access to the Facebook platform.
  • School and work networks often employ firewalls restricting access to social media sites like Facebook.
  • The use of “packet sniffing,” which examines your real information for Facebook content, may be employed by a very committed block.

Whatever the situation, the result will always be that Facebook isn’t accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I access Facebook? Up
There are primarily two causes why you might be unable to access Facebook: 1. Your company or school doesn’t allow users to use Facebook to conserve bandwidth and prevent distractions, and 2. you are accessing it from a region that censors or blocks Facebook.
Is it OK to use a VPN? Up
Millions of people use VPNs to access the internet daily; therefore, using one is legal. Businesses and individuals both use VPN networks. Individuals use them to unblock censored websites and enhance their streaming and gaming experiences, while companies use them to protect sensitive data.
Can I access Facebook from anywhere? Up
You can use Facebook from all around the world using ExtremeVPN. Before you travel to a place where you suspect a website may be prohibited, sign up with ExtremeVPN to ensure you can access all your messaging and social media accounts from anywhere.
Can I unblock Facebook at school? Up
Yes, you can! You can browse Facebook without worrying about regional internet limitations when using ExtremeVPN. You can immediately gain access by making a secure ExtremeVPN server connection in a different country where Facebook is still accessible.
How else does ExtremeVPN help me use Facebook? Up
With ExtremeVPN, you may connect with your friends anonymously and securely while accessing Facebook from all over the globe. Also, Your data is often accessible on public Wi-Fi networks, making it possible for third parties to see what you publish online. But ExtremeVPN protects your device traffic from hackers and snoops by encrypting it.
How do I use ExtremeVPN for Facebook? Up
After downloading the ExtremeVPN app, subscribe to its premium plan and connect to a server based in the country where Facebook is accessible. Now, you can open the Facebook app and start scrolling.
Will ExtremeVPN help me unblock Facebook while traveling abroad? Up
You can access Facebook while traveling across the world with ExtremeVPN! You can bypass restrictions wherever you are with an ExtremeVPN subscription.