VPN and Google: A Perfect Combination

Google and VPNs are the ultimate match for online security. Here’s how.

Google VPN

Using a VPN to Access Blocked Google Sites

Millions of people in the world use Google as their go-to search engine daily. You might have encountered an ‘Acess Denied’ warning if you are one of Google’s users. When you see this warning, you can’t use that Google service because of some security measures or laws made by the school, organization, or even country you are currently in.

If you see the warning and are still intent on accessing that Google service, a VPN is the right tool. With ExtremeVPN, you can freely browse any Google site and unblock Google products and services without facing any form of restriction.

Here is a detailed guide on using ExtremeVPN to unblock Google from anywhere.

Why Unblock Google with a VPN?

Google is a globally accessible platform, but it can be fully or partially blocked by authorities. This could be the governments of certain countries, such as China and North Korea. If you live in these countries, you need a VPN to access Google’s services, including its search, Gmail and YouTube. This VPN requirement also extends to all the websites in Google’s search index.

VPNs help you unblock websites by masking your IP address and providing you with a different one. For example, if you wish to access Google in China, you may register with a VPN and connect to a USA server on the VPN’s list of servers to get a US IP address. This gives the illusion that you’re in the United States and prevents your ISPs from further blocking the site.

High-quality VPNs also use AES 256-bit encryption – the standard many government agencies and military intelligence use. They feature a no-logs policy that clears your internet activities, make it impossible to track you, and contains malware blockers for extra protection against malicious sites on the internet.

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Why Unblock Google with a VPN?

Why Can’t You Access Google?

To control the flow of information in their country, certain governments blocked Google, especially during periods of political and social instability. A few countries, like China, banned using Google within their borders.

These locations restricted the use of Google because it’s frequently held responsible for negatively influencing its citizens. But, these bans are not done without notifying the country’s citizens. Through its Traffic Transparency Report, Google usually lets its users know of any service interruptions caused by network problems or government restrictions.

However, you can still access Google with a ExtremeVPN if you’re one of the millions of frustrated users living where Google products and services are restricted or blocked.

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Why Can’t You Access Google?

How to Unblock Google with a VPN

When trying to access restricted Google sites, it’s advisable to use a reliable VPN service provider. You can follow these simple steps below to use a VPN to unblock Google:

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Download the VPN

Visit the ExtremeVPN site to download the software, or you can also download it from Play Store or App Store.


Launch the Software

After installing the VPN app on your device, you must sign up for an account and select a subscription plan.

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Connect to a Server

Now connect to a country server you’re sure has unrestricted access to the Google sites, and it’s done. You can browse any Google site from the world!

If you travel to a country where you believe a website or Google product may be prohibited, sign up with ExtremeVPN before you leave to ensure you can access all Google products or services anywhere in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are helpful answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding unblocking Google with a VPN;

Does Google work with a VPN? Up
Yes, Google works perfectly with a VPN service. This is especially useful if the application is blocked in your country, but you must use a reliable VPN provider like ExtremeVPN.
Is it OK to use a VPN? Up
Yes! Millions of people use VPNs to access the internet every day. Therefore, using one is legal. Businesses utilize VPN networks to protect important company information, while individuals frequently use VPNs to access blocked sites.
What are the features ExtremeVPN offers? Up
ExtremeVPN offers its users various features, which include threat protection to stop malware, ads, web trackers, online security, ultra-fast connection, global coverage, and a user-friendly interface.
Is it legal to access blocked Google sites? Up
It depends on the legal system of the country you are currently staying. Some countries prohibit accessing some content; therefore, accessing blocked Google sites may result in legal consequences.
Where is Google restricted/blocked? Up
China is the only country that has managed to restrict access to Google. This is due to the laws and technologies that regulate internet content nationwide. According to their local administration, this restriction aims to control the internet and “protect its residents.” Some other countries deny their citizens access to Google and its services, such as YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and Maps. Some countries where access to Google is limited are Crimea, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, etc.
How does a VPN unblock Google? Up
A VPN hides your online data in a safe tunnel so that you can avoid firewalls, filter masks, and government censorship. By hiding your online data, including your IP address, your current location would be hidden from Google. If Google is blocked at your location, connecting to a VPN server will enable Google and grant you private, secure, and unrestricted access to the internet.
Is a Google proxy better than a VPN to unblock Google? Up
A VPN is significantly more secure than a proxy service when protecting your data, even though both can assist you in accessing restricted Google sites. The secure tunnel VPN technology creates between you, and the internet is an important feature. ExtremeVPN is secured with strong 256-bit encryption, allowing you to connect to free or public hotspots without fear of being observed or traced by authorities, businesses, or ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
What other sites can I access with ExtremeVPN? Up
Once you have got ExtremeVPN, you can also gain full access to other sites and services such as Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.