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Why Unblock Instagram with ExtremeVPN?

Websites and online social media companies sometimes block their platforms to deny certain users access based on IP addresses. Anytime you connect to the internet, your device and the ISP give you a general IP address to access the network.

Instagram communicates with your device through your IP address which gives the social media platform enough information to block you based on location. So, if you are blocked from accessing Instagram, you will not access the website or mobile application features.

Some web services even redirect all DNS traffic through specific ports requiring users to follow a predefined set of requirements and settings, increasing the restrictions.

But when you use ExtremeVPN to unblock Instagram, the private network will hide all your online traffic, including your IP address and DNS data. Apart from encrypting your data and traffic, the VPN will also give you a new IP address with which you can access the website by appearing to connect from another geographic location.

The VPN for Instagram bypasses network restrictions and brings you the joy of experiencing all the social media platform’s features. In addition, ExtremeVPN encrypts your data and keeps you safe from spying and hacking. ExtremeVPN guarantees your online privacy and security, and you can unblock any geo-restricted online service anywhere in the world!

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Places that Block Instagram

Instagram is blocked in most schools, Workplaces, and universities in America and worldwide. These institutions implement strict restrictions on social media apps, including Twitter and Facebook, to enable people to focus on their tasks.

But while these organizations block Instagram to remove distractions and increase focus, they also inconvenience users with seamless communication.

Some countries, such as Iran, Russia, China, Uganda, Turkmenistan, and North Korea, ban Instagram for religious, cultural, and political reasons. While some governments ban social media platforms based on religious or cultural values. Others do it on political grounds, especially to contain dissent, protests, and uprisings.

How to Unblock Instagram with ExtremeVPN

Follow these three simple steps to get uninterrupted access to Instagram.

Step 1

Download ExtremeVPN and install it onto your device.

Step 2

Now, launch the installed VPN and connect to an ideal server location.

Step 3

Go to Instagram and enjoy browsing anonymously!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unblock Instagram ExtremeVPN?
Yes, you can use ExtremeVPN to browse Instagram anonymously and unblock all features with unlimited access.
Should I be concerned about privacy when accessing Instagram?
Yes, social media platforms, including Instagram, access your personal information and sometimes give it away to unwanted audiences without control. Your followers can access your Instagram data anytime. The Meta company that owns Instagram uses your data to run ads and may grant access to your data to third parties and advertisers.
How can I use ExtremeVPN with Instagram?
You can use the VPN for Instagram by connecting to a server every time before you log on to your Instagram account. If your school country or workplace blocks access to Instagram, you can pick a server location from a different country with free social media access.
Which is the best VPN to unblock Instagram?
ExtremeVPN is the world’s best network with which you can unblock Instagram and any other online service. It is safe and efficient, with over 6500 RAM-based servers across 78 countries. The military-grade next level in encryption will keep all spies and snoop’s away from your online activities.
Does Instagram block ExtremeVPN?
While Instagram has no VPN restrictions, you should use a powerful privacy tool like ExtremeVPN, which will not encounter server problems or slow down your internet connection.