Grab the Best VPN to Access LINE Worldwide

With over 800 million active users globally, the instant messaging app LINE enjoys the most popularity among Asian countries. However, due to some government censorship, LINE is inaccessible in some countries, such as China, North Korea, UAE, and Pakistan.

If you are traveling to these countries or any other region where LINE is blocked, grab an ExtremeVPN subscription and indulge in communicating with your friends regardless of your actual location.

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Best VPN to Access LINE Worldwide

Access LINE with ExtremeVPN – 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber and configure its user-friendly app on your device.


Step 2

Select a country of your residence or where LINE is accessible from ExtremeVPN’s servers list.


Step 3

Open your LINE app and start communicating with your friends and family right away!

What is LINE?

Launched in June 2011 by Naver Corporation, a South Korean internet conglomerate, LINE is an instant messaging application. LINE allows users to communicate with their friends and family with other captivating features such as file sharing, appealing stickers, emojis, a digital wallet like Line Pay, a news streaming platform like LINE Today, and more.

Initially built to facilitate Japanese consumers making free smartphone calls and text, it soon became one of the go-to messaging apps in other Asian countries, like South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. According to some estimates, about 80% of the Japanese population now use LINE to communicate online with friends, with 180 million monthly active users worldwide.

What is LINE

Why is LINE Blocked in Many Countries?

To facilitate their consumer with a sense of strong privacy and security, LINE employs strong end-to-end encryption protocols dubbed Letter Sealing. This makes it harder for many countries’ enforcement agencies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America to spy on their people. Certain countries in these regions don’t want their residents to have full privacy and often use such banning tactics on applications they aren’t comfortable with. As LINE security is almost impenetrable, many governments, like Iran, North Korea, China, Pakistan, and the UAE, banned its accessibility in their territory.

If you plan to visit these countries for business or vacation purposes and want to use the LINE messaging app, subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN.

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Why is LINE Blocked in Many Countries

How Does a VPN Work?

For everything you do online, a VPN ensures data privacy and security from third parties like ISPs, government agencies, or cybercriminals. ExtremeVPN plays an intermediary role between your device and the desired webpage and creates an encrypted tunnel that transits your traffic through a secure server. Once enabled, you can select a VPN location in a country where LINE is accessible and enjoy sharing your favorite content with them while texting.

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How Does a VPN Work

Why Should You Use a VPN for LINE Messenger?

Access Anywhere

As mentioned above, LINE enjoys worldwide popularity despite restrictions in a few countries. Using a VPN service, you can effortlessly go around these geo-restrictions and enjoy communicating with your loved ones, regardless of location. Furthermore, by relocating your IP address to an unrestricted country, VPN lets you enjoy all of LINE’s exciting features, like sharing your files, reels, pictures, stickers, and emojis.

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Access Anywhere

Increased Security

Even though LINE incorporates state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption protocol, Letter Sealing, to protect your conversation between you and the receiver, still the vulnerabilities remain. For example, intelligence agencies and cybercriminals can get into your communication if they are specifically looking for it due to any security breach.

A VPN doesn’t just facilitate changing your location to access the restricted websites in your area; it also enhances your security by employing military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. With the addition of VPN security on top of LINE default end-to-end encryption, it is almost impossible for any ill-intended parties to read into your conversations.

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security and privacy

Risks of Using a Free VPN to Access LINE

Even though numerous free VPNs exist online, they aren’t safe. If you value your data safety and privacy, caution is imperative, as many free VPNs monitor your online sessions and sell your information. Remember, these free services need to earn revenue somehow. Besides selling your data, free VPNs typically offer slower internet speeds, limited security features, and fewer server options. If you want a better online experience with stronger protection, a premium VPN service like ExtremeVPN is worth considering.

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Risks of Using a Free VPN to Access LINE

Use LINE and its Features on Various Devices

ExtremeVPN lets users access LINE on multiple devices like PCs(Windows, MacOS, Linux), hand-held devices(Android, iOS), and more. Once you enable ExtremeVPN, you can share files, make calls and texts on smartphones, or access LINE web on your laptop.

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Use LINE and its Features on Various Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it against the law to use a VPN? Up
Not at all! Using a VPN is completely legal. Millions of people worldwide use VPNs daily while surfing online. Companies use VPNs to protect sensitive data, while individuals use them to access blocked websites like Facebook and improve their online gaming.
Can I unblock LINE with a VPN while traveling? Up
Absolutely! A VPN enables you to use LINE no matter where you are globally. If you’re heading to a country where it might be censored, consider signing up for ExtremeVPN before your trip. It guarantees access to your social media and messaging apps from any location.
Is LINE accessible with a free VPN? Up
While a free VPN may help you access LINE(some don’t), it’s important to note that none can match the speed, security, and quality of a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN.
Should I enable my VPN while on a LINE call? Up
Yes, we recommend you turn on your VPN whatever you do online, whether making a call or texting on LINE, as it will encrypt your network, making it harder for anyone to spy on your session.
Can I sign up for LINE using an international phone number? Up
Yes, you can register with an overseas number. However, if you switch to a non-Japanese number, you may not access its features built particularly for Japanese, like LINE Pay.
Does using a VPN affect internet speed? Up
VPNs can sometimes slow down your internet, but with ExtremeVPN’s top-tier speeds, facing such problems is a rarity. In fact, it could enhance your connection speed, particularly if your ISP is throttling your traffic. If you experience a slowdown, consider choosing a server location closer to your physical location for faster performance.
What else can I unblock using ExtremeVPN? Up
After you purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription, you can always have the luxury of accessing websites and services inaccessible to your area.