How to Unblock Tinder with a VPN

Tinder is undoubtedly the most popular dating app globally, with over 75 million active users. With a swipe to the right, you can meet your match made in heaven. Unfortunately, the dating app is unavailable in some countries.

  1. Connect safely to ExtremeVPN’s server.
  2. Bypass restriction in your location.
  3. Access Tinder from your work or school Wi-Fi network.
How to Unblock Tinder with a VPN

Unblock Tinder with ExtremeVPN – 3 Simple Steps

Want to find new lovers and friends outside Tinder’s fixed radius? ExtremeVPN is the solution. Follow these steps to unblock Tinder from anywhere:

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Step 1

Visit ExtremeVPN’s site, subscribe to its premium plan, and download the app.


Step 2

Choose a server in the region where Tinder is accessible. We recommend the US servers.


Step 3

Create a Tinder account and strike a match in seconds.

Regardless of location, take your online dating to the next level.

Access Tinder with ExtremeVPN

If you want to receive potential matches from other countries without upgrading to a Tinder Gold account, you only need to change your location. Although a Tinder Gold account lets you browse profiles worldwide, it’s quite costly.

Hence, a secure VPN like ExtremeVPN is the simplest way to unblock Tinder from the comfort of your home. Once you connect to our VPN server, you can change your IP address and date people in other cities. ExtremeVPN also unlocks Tinder if you live in a country that bans the dating app.

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Access Tinder with ExtremeVPN

Why is Tinder Restricted in Some Countries?

Despite millions of people using Tinder worldwide, you may be unable to access it for multiple reasons. For example, if you find yourself in conservative countries like Oman, Indonesia, or UAE that have banned the dating app entirely, accessing it would be impossible.

Besides, your Tinder account directly connects to your Facebook profile, so if your resident country has blocked Facebook, you may encounter problems with the app. Other reasons the dating app is inaccessible in some places include:

How Does a VPN Unblock Tinder?

ExtremeVPN helps you mask your location and unblock Tinder. The VPN encrypts your data and redirects your traffic through a secure tunnel. It disguises your identity by hiding your IP address, so neither Tinder nor your ISP can access your data.

With thousands of servers in over 78 countries, ExtremeVPN allows you to connect to a VPN server in any preferred country. Besides enabling you to expand your matches in the dating scene without upgrading to a Tinder Gold account, the VPN ensures online anonymity with 256-bit military-grade encryption and a kill switch.

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How Does a VPN Unblock Tinder

Find Perfect Match on Tinder

Let ExtremeVPN be your wingperson in your quest for love. Since you can now access Tinder from anywhere, here are facts that’ll help you change your dating game:

  • 80% of Tinder users want a serious relationship.
  • More people are active on Tinder between 8 and 9 p.m.
  • Tinder is available in over 190 countries and 40 languages.
  • More than 89% of Tinder users are males living in the UK.
  • About 95% of people meet their potential match within a week of swiping right.
  • Tinder users swipe 1.6 million times daily.
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Find Perfect Match on Tinder

Why is a VPN Necessary for Tinder?

Tinder tracks your current location to find potential matches within your radius. When you log into the app, it uses your GPS location to match you with individuals living in the city where you reside. Therefore, if you’re holidaying abroad, you’ll be unable to view the profiles of users back home.

Denying Tinder access to your GPS is not an option, as you’ll be unable to operate the app entirely. Now what? Well, a VPN becomes necessary for Tinder. Besides unblocking the dating app, it protects your privacy by hiding your internet activities.

By connecting to ExtremeVPN, you can get a new IP address to swipe right on Tinder profiles all day! Select any of our superfast servers to trick the dating app into believing you’re actually in a country where it’s available. ExtremeVPN also protects you from the government, hackers, and ISPs spying on you.

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Why is a VPN Necessary for Tinder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use a VPN for Tinder? Up
A VPN is perfectly legal because many countries allow you to access Tinder with it. Millions of people browse the internet with a VPN daily. Even businesses use VPNs to protect sensitive information from cybercriminals, while customers use them to get mouth-watering shopping discounts. As long as you’re not using a VPN for illegal activities like stalking other Tinder users, you’re unlikely to face any penalties. We advise that you stay updated with the VPN laws in your country.
Why is Tinder inaccessible? Up
There are multiple reasons why you can’t access the Tinder app. They include: – Your internet connection is slow. – Your resident country has regional blocks on dating apps. – You’re connected to a restricted WiFi network at the workplace or school.
How do I access Tinder at school? Up
Network administrators at offices and schools see Tinder as a distraction. Hence, they restrict traffic to the service. With ExtremeVPN, you can get around your school’s network restrictions. Select a secure ExtremeVPN server in a country that works best for you and access Tinder in the blink of an eye.
Can I change my location on Tinder with a VPN? Up
A VPN cannot change your phone’s location. In the case of Tinder, ExtremeVPN gives the app the impression you’re accessing its service from a different country. This allows you to swipe right on potential matches from multiple countries without leaving the comfort of your home.
Which countries have banned Tinder? Up
For some reason, Tinder is unavailable in countries like China, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, and Oman. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN to bypass government censorship and reclaim your love life.
Can I unblock Tinder worldwide? Up
Definitely! ExtremeVPN lets you date people from anywhere in the world. Besides, the VPN makes accessing Tinder hassle-free, as it supports multiple devices. Whether you swipe right on your desktop or phone, rest assured your privacy will be a priority. Use ExtremeVPN’s single subscription to secure 10 devices simultaneously. The VPN is compatible with several operating systems, including macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. Download our native apps for your desktop and phone. Or better still, install our router app for gaming consoles and smart TVs!
Does a VPN work with Tinder? Up
Yes. Follow these steps to access Tinder with ExtremeVPN: – Subscribe to ExtremeVPN. – Visit your device’s dedicated app store and download our app. – Connect to a server that supports Tinder. – Download and sign into the Tinder app. – Start swiping!
What other ways can I use a VPN? Up
Using ExtremeVPN, you can improve your streaming experience and surf the internet anonymously. The VPN unblocks many streaming and social media platforms, including Netflix, WhatsApp, HBO Max, Hulu, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon Prime Video. It also secures your daily activities by allowing you to get better shopping deals and bank online safely.
Will a VPN help me unblock Tinder while traveling? Up
If you love to travel, there’s the possibility that you’ll lose out on potential matches due to location. However, with ExtremeVPN’s 6,500 global servers, you can find the “one.” Before you travel, you should subscribe to ExtremeVPN to bypass nationwide blocks or restrictions.
Can I use a free VPN to unblock Tinder? Up
Indeed, you can. However, we don’t recommend using free VPNs to hide your Tinder location. They offer subpar services and are unreliable in terms of security and privacy. If you must, we suggest you use ExtremeVPN risk-free for 30 days. With our exclusive money-back guarantee, you can enjoy top-notch features like 256-bit AES encryption, split tunneling, and a kill switch.